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Second Volume Of The Magnet

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tty.-it.i íu ui: . t:;,iirilliU lij Uu muil I hl.iiology, cjTibrqcing Cépftology, Phrcnohgy, Pathèlologp, Physiognomy, Psychplogy, Neurology, Kccfricitu. G'alranism, Mag. iietism, Light, Calorie,' Life. IÍY LA ROY SUxNDERLAND. The Design of this popular and intcrestini; wprk, s the invcstigatioa of all tlielaws which npperfain tö Human Life, and which are concerned in the production of those states of the Mind, callcd SÖMNAMBULISM, I.NSANITY, DREAMIXG, Sl'XÜND-SlGHT S0MN1PATHY, tlltiC, CLAUtVOvl A.CE, and variousother Mental Phenomcna, which have, luthcrto, reinained ehrouded in mysiery. J:s pflgesare cnfiched with Essays nnd Communications, deiailihg FACTS," ülnstr; t ix' the Science of CEPJIOI.OGY which tcachèl the ivf tieners .-md tiBCèpiUiiliêuRot the MUMAN ERAIN. and the mo.iliodof controlüng fts seprnate prgans by PATHETJtSM: u, gether with sueh ir.fonnntion os rnny afsist in the mostsuccessfui application o'fthia wonder: lul ageflt to Diagnosis- the Dclineatinn of Chnrnctcr - and the relief nf Human Sijfibring. The Second Voluino Wijl be coinmcnced in June, 1843, in lare octavo fonn, and issued monthly, on the foJlöwiogTERMS: I. Two Dollars, in adiutvcc, wil! pny for onc cojiy fur the year, or sixtetfn copies of any onc num!er. II. For Six Dollars, fifty copies of any one nuniber; or four copies for onc yeur. III. For Ten Dollars, ninoty copies of any onn number; or seven copies fórofie y car. IV. Kor Fifteen Dollars, onp liundred-and fifly copies of any one nuinber; or twelve copes for one year. V. To the trarlc, tJiey wiUbe put nt Nine Dollars, per huiuiret], when one hunrlred cdp. es are ordcred at onc time, with the cash in advanct-, ÜJ' Agents must stnlc, 'iistincily, -vvhat tlie money sent is designed to pay or, whether lor n entire volume, or for so many single copfea of onc number. As these ternis are Iow, the Publisher canjiot loubt'but Agents willsec the Justiceof giving pecial attention to what follows.-O Al! pnymcnts must bd reccWed by tlic Publislier cbrc each number is sent out oi ihc Ollïee. ET All paymenls must he remitted frez of posage, and in Safetyfund money, or its equivalent, in this city. IET Agenfs muei gweyn.rliúilarinstrurt'wní; to tho rnnnner ín which theymay wish each uniber forwarrJec!. [CTEvcry editor who símil pive tliis Trosectu6 (including ibis paraLrtijÍ?) six inserons. sliall receive Trrr; Macnet forone year, )in June, Ií?M3, provided tnc p'é'ers cóntáfng ihisnoticebe forwnrdedmatked, to ífThe New York Card," New York Ci;y. nnd provided, nlso, that tliese condiüons be complied with before Janamy, 1844.


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