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Poetry: Infinite Wisdom

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Stanzas excerpted from John Quincy Adams, Dermot MacMorrogh, or the Conquest of Ireland, an Historical Tale of the Twelfth Century, in Four Cantos, Boston: Carter, Hendee, and Co., 1832.

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Whoevjr studies tlie historie pngc, And reads the record ofdeparted time, Shall find in every realm. in every age, The snme return of error, vicc and crimeThe same dramatic persons on the stage;. Or varied only by the name or clime; Shall still bfliold the fjir and candid race, Dupes ol the artful, viciims of lbo base. And yet, man, coming Trom fiis Maker 8 hand, Cannot exchange his nature if hc would; The darl; and cuiining ihus must ever stand; Prone to all evil, and aver3e to good. The villain's heart can never loóse its brand; The honest heait can never take a hood; Oh! must it prove uritil the jiidgement d.iy, That half mankind was born the other's prey? Yct let not henee, picsumption dire to scan The scojie and compass of Almighty mind; Orscrutinize witii impious doubt tlie plnn Of wisdom nnd of goodness still combined; Boni from the chul pfearth, immortal man To ih'ifl poor wretchod world is not confined; Though but in part.this system bounds his view, There ia an eye that Iook6 crcation through. And if there be a ru!er of the skies. Justice, cternüi jusiice is his law - And whutso'cr of justice eaith denies, Angelie hands in heaven shall niend ihe ilaw. RÍ53 then. on Hope's seraphic piniuns rise! - From woilds beyond the grave thy comfort draw And deern the wrongs that virtue here sus tai ns, Proofs (bat on high a God of justice reigns.