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Excessive Legislation

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We are happy to hear the presa speaking out on this subject, ulthotigh we cannot subscribe to al! the views advanced concerning he proper scope ofxlegislation. We intend o Fay something on this when wecanfind ime. The following from the Albany Argus contains miich truth : "Excessive Legi.slation, is one of the jrealcst political evils of our nation: from lus source bas arisen more real evil, and lastng injnry to (ho body polific, than from any other. The Representativos shonld be deep y convinced of the grent trut!), thnt the best covernment is that which govems the least, and net in accordance with such a conviction. Phe legitímate onj-rcts of legis'aüon lic witbtn a very narrow compass. The wants of the jcople v hich legislative actiën can snpply, are very' limiied. For the purposes of legisja.on. mankind should be regurdod ns natural, and not as artificiul beings - tlieirwan's and necessities as originating ín nature, and as beller supplied by natural, than artificial restilts. The cnrrent of trade always rnns the freest when unobstructeü by. legislo tion. The channels of commerce olways widen and leepen in proportion as they are uninterrnpted y legal restraints; agricullure and manufacures always succeed the best when fostered by individual enterprise, untrammeled by Ie gal enaefment''. Excessive legisiation has often oriiiinated 'rom a mistaken opinión, too cotnmonly chershed, that mankind were made for laws, instrad of the great cardinal trnth, that laws were tirade for man. The tendency of truc democratie principies, ;s to check the evils of excessive legislation, to restrict by the foraof principie, legislutive act ion, to leave the business of the country unfettercd by legal re8traints, uninfluenced by fictitions, artificial means, which always, in the -end, embarrass the commerce of the country, ruin manufactures, lessen the produc'ions and reduce the great staple commodities of the agriculturi'st."


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