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Hon. Liither Rpvrance ha beon electeri to Coneress in the Ld Dislrn-t, (Me.) by 400 tnajorky, over locofocoism, charcoa!, and evorv - j thmg.' Tl. e above psriijrraph is frnm Air. Clny's ibief orfran in M:f=sacin).eltfi - liie Bus'op Atls. We suppose wo ure (o i.ike it as c specimen of Whijjcóurtesy towaido lliuse aboliiionists ,vho ore not preparad to repudíate I 'heir principies and brinr contempt upon tlp nüli-siaverv cause, by votiiijr for a -ïaveholiier ind bis ibettór?. Ttc lWw ííáven Coürier. n aüudinnr lotlie npplical n of the coniemptious terrn 'clutcoirP to fhe Liberty party, sa}'?, 'we only wííih their conriisct wasving of nol Inng1 moro harsh.' So the pishei is virinally endofsed bv one of the iendmr Whivr papers in Connecticut. Very well, gentlemen. Opp'robrions as you miy dcrm the term at presen', in the end you may find that you Iiavc hurned your fingera in hwidling tlis 'charcoal.' j.nd tliat its iietrt hns boen i snfficient to consume ynyr c!uy. The Wïiigs li.-ive tred co;ixnr p'retty thoroufifhlv, 'ö jct iië inl) the ranks of the slave !io!der and duelist - novv théy resórt lo cule. Thé event will show them tl.nt thoy Ijnve tnifséd a vpry imporiant finrnre in lheir caJculation. We are neither to be coaxed, fidicuJed, nor driveh, into tbe suppor: of aman who claims that human law can sane tfy the im[i"JU8 clnim of property in man.-' Ckrisüan Fneman. Ignorance in Kentvchj.-ln a report on Schools in Keniucky, the superintendent eaye, that in somo parts of the State, wt half of Ihr peopfe toho getmarrietl can nzithcr read nor write. This must be a hopeful condition for a RepubJioíin Stafe, where, nT he fren Deep!; snel) o propor:ion could not read thr billet thnt is lie hiuhest decUion of the anl, to wit the wilt of tlie prople A fine riild ihut, for stump spre:íieí! The Ohio Sïatcsman sqvf, iin that Stite llipy usc howie knivrs instcad of school books, and packs of cards, instead of the bible"'.- Essex Transcript. The British Govtrnmrntin India.- There is ro'lving too wirked or too riirty for Govcrntnent to do, whfn Iet alone bv the cood men :ti thecommiiiify. The Bniifh Gifvernment in India pays L6000 8 ynr to ïhe temple of .Tuernnut, provides o p-.lice at the teij.plp. and cfiniceli' a cert.-in n nnber of cooürs to (fmw the car; thi-s gmng p si ive ond efficiënt Ftipport to the pro-sest idolntry. Just as our Government mnintann flae-prisons in iho District of Co'umbia. nnd licenses there hc irafficin hum:in heiligs. And ihe chrisüan people of bo!h natiens hy ihiir Eilence, BaV amen to such enoTmiüesl-Philunthropist. The Whigs nll JlholiHonitig ."-This is tbesong jnst beforo rliction; now hoar the editor of the New York Courier -and fnqiiirer, a hi?lily nf!irnt;:l y.g pnp?r, just ofier elecli-n. Speivking of the Libeny party in M-"Fsachusetls, he says; "Judrinof from the most open ovowals of Iheir principies that have been mede and ihe clear.-fct indicatiiins ihat have been pi ven of their pnrpospp, we are force.l to belicve that a more danerous band of lawlesa fanatice has never cursed ony rouniry with its detestable maehinaiioní-v-- Z,6e Uj Standard.amïexation OK Tf.xas.-Ii ja Faid ilmt the Tvler v rty elerminod to br ng thisqtieslion befre Congres at tlie seisj.n._ Tlieir object we knmv jiot; certainiy it is not cxpectcd that Texas will bc admitted u to the Udi-n. The thiog lá „ iuipo?sible. The North will nr-ver nllo'.v of trfeadmis'ion of Texas to the Union while she conti.ines to hoM slave?. This is a sottled cfiea tion - Anrl Texas will not abi.hsh slavery for the sake of Union. The N. Y. True Sun uresis tiiat Texas be admitted, her slaves mnnumitted, rnd the hoMea of tliem rndemnified by govemment. Onr only oljpction to this is fhepayroent of indemnity for the minum.tted -O-ivps. Libe:ty isa natural ripht, piven by the Creator. and we scorn the ídeu of })..ying for f, oxcept wiih blod, as our rcvülüliunary faihers did. - Marshall Ex. pounder. India Rubber.-- At the factory on Mili river, near Snringfleld, Mass.. they manufacture oui of this artiele mail bags for the post office departoient, haramodes and buckets for the national ships, and cartridge cases, for naval use. One of these hammoeks will contain a sailor's clothes. and in case of shipwreckj will serve as his ''-'life preserver" in water. The cartridge cases, when filled with powder, are air tight, and preserve the cónten ts from accidental fire or sparka, and iroin water or dampness. Great quantities of all these articies are making for the gavemraent. JVew.opnprr Laic.-ln case of n snit for frnm?, .lm Georgia courts have riectdèd iha) refiising to tnke a new-j-nper from the office or pomg away and Jeavinff it nnciilled lur, ttil all arrea rages are paid'ts prima Jacie evi dence of intejitinnnl fraud. We cali ihisa rightenus decisión - [Chicago Dem'ocrat.] Untmploycd persons in JVrw O'leans. The PicayMne nrlices the factihat hundredf of strnncrers qre walking' abotit the ireèif there oinnr nothino-, and finding nothin; todo. A bád place to go ló seeK euipJoyment. A supposed Gtjlden Eijrle, in hngih 8 fee) Trom lip to tip, 3 leet in lenglh, tolons 2 nrho.c, and cíaws 7 inclirs, was killed in Wnshinirfoii connfv, Pa.


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