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Livonia, Wayne Co. The Liberty ote averaged 67, except forJuslicc, whp vas elecíed by a majority of 8. Whole umber of votes polled, 192. No notniation was made by the Whigs. Rives, Jackson Co. The entire Librty ticket was elecíed, except Justice. - W hole number of votes,84. Liberty vote, 40 to 44. The Whigs and Democrats ombined but the Democrats subsequenty disunited. Jackson. The Liberty vote was 127, and some candidates received as high ns 137 votes. This towja gives more Liberty votes than any other in the State. - We lcarn that the friends tliere estímate heir real strength at 150, some 25 or more havingbeiug absent at thêlate election. Columbio., Jackson Co. A friend w rites us that the Liberty party were greatly sneered at in this town by their opponents fort heir insignificance. But when the bal lot box was opened, it was found to contain 42 -whole Liberty tickets, 25 Democratie, and 12 Whig! The Liberty vote averaged about SOjDemocratic 70, Whig 24. Liberty Justice 58, Democratie 64. öur friend says the Whigs have ceased firing at theDemocrats,and are now thundering their artillery at the Liberty party. Just as they please.Putnam, Livingston Co. The Liberty vote was from 10 to 13. One Highway Commissioner elected. Emmet, Calhoun Co. The Liberty ticket averagcd about 30, for Supervisor, 36, Whig 45, Democratie 76. This was the first time Emmet ever elected Democratie town ofïïcers. Bnrüngton, Calhoun Co. A writer in the Statesman says. "The Whigs and Abolitionists joinec teams, and have elected the Locos of this town to hoe potatoes this year, except the town clerk and one or two other minoi officers, and that by a majority of fron one to thirteen. The Locos are in deep mourning anc the Whigs and Abolitionists are rejoic ing. Now let the Clay Boys take courage in tbis benighted county, for this is, o has been, as dark a corner as could be founc!, and Clay must carry ít next No vember." Tbus every victory achieved by the help of Libertv men isheralded as a Clay triumph. Will our friends never learn to keep clear of both their enemies? Salem, Washtenaw Co. Whig vote 43, Democratie 104, Liberty 83 - las spring, about 64. A little more exertion will make this a Liberty town - the firs in Washtenaw County. Farmington, Oakland Co. Wehea that the Liberty men divided their votefor the purpose of securing aii anti-license Town Board. The intonlion was good, but the mcasurc in our opinión, was unwise. Lyons,Oakand Co. The Liberty men have a large vote in t'iis town, but they dividedas in Farmington.


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