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"VVliat s rlionography V a.ks the reader. Ve do no; know, bot we can teil you what t s saidto be. A writer in the Bangor Gaeite, who teachs the "science," informs'us int it is the ort of rapid writing. It bears ome resemblance to slenogrnphy, or short and writing. and tho writer saya : "Phonography rejects onr present alphabet nd mode of spelling words, ïnstiiutes a new tfl original nnalysis of theelemenlary sounds f languagc, gives one uniform sign for ench nd spells words slrictly os they are pronouned wnhoni ony regard to the old orlhognthy. By this means perfect legibiliiy is seured. Phonographv is loarned with a tenth art of the labor that must be employed to cquire our present system of writing, or ny system of stenogrophy, while it is etiJl a much briefer and swier metbod of w rit ing !ion any other in existence. it must thereore be adopted, nol by the fetv onty, hul hy hemany. It is einphaücally knovclalgejor he people. It is now employed extensively in Englaml br teaching tlie poor to read and write wlio )av3 liever learnod in any olher wny ; and it s truly a ruil-road process for this purpose. Cvery one of the public teachers in Bath bas gratuitous class for this object, and Icanot bnt regard phonography as the herald of tlucation and incronsed civilization for the o-rent American West, and for all coiintrics vhere unfavorable circumstoncps have prevened the mns?es from acquiring the inestimable rts of reading and writing. Books will soon )e prepared for such os have not Jearnec! vhat 1 already bgin familiarly to coll the old ty!e. A font of type has been cast and plionetic writing commenced in England, samples of which may be seen at my rooms in this city, ond it is my intention to the ame style of print'ng here as soon as a pubic sentiment can bo embodied by mcans of he truly admirable system of pbonetic shorl mnd to sustoin the undertaking. Thero aro ihree compositors in the office of the MercanUle Journal, who are able lu set up in the present outhogmphy and slyle of printing, from phonngruphic copy, and some of the editorial nmtter in that paper has been printed from such cupy. I have alrendya small bul ïncreasmg circle of corresponri ents in ibis country, who use the phonographc charncter. It is a glorious system for letter writinsr ! and all who have once feit relief from the immense burden of our present lumbering chirography, hail thediscovery, and will use eyery endeavor to hasten the genera! ndoption of phonography. More than 50,000 letter Kwere trnnemitted through the British Post the last year. written in the phonngraph ie charficter. A momhly journal s publishec init. iïuudreds are engaged in teaching it nnd it is increasing in favor, just in proportion aa it becomes known."


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