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ATTJENT ION ClfOTHIBRS JUSV receivcd ut tlio General Depot, tor th sniö of Clothiers Stock, Machinery, Dy ttuff, &c. &c, No. 139. Jeffcrson Avenue Detroit, the tollowing large, well assorted, au jurefully sdeciud stock, viz: 10U bbls. St. Domingo Logwood. Cut, 5 ' " Stlck 150 bbls. Cuba Futic, Cut. 5 Tona '; " , mktick, 50 bbls. Nic. Wood, Clnpped, 50 " Lima Wood, " 30 Red Wood, " 120 Ground Camwood, 10 " Quercitron Bark, 500 Ibs. Nütgalls, 10 Cases Extract of Logwood, 300 Ibs. Lac Dye, 2 Ceroons Spanish Indigo, 300 Ibs. Sumac Sicily, 3 Casks Madder, S Caska Blue Vnriol, 5 a sks Aluiris 2 Barrels Red Tartar. 2 Barrels Creani Tartar, 3 Carboys A qua Fortis, 5 Oil Vitriol, 3 " Murktic Acid, 500 Ibs. Vin! i gris, 50 " Block Tin, Teasels, Twine, Copper Kettles, all sizes, Parson's Shearing Machines, Curtís' " Screws and Press Plates, Cranks, Press Poper, Steel Reeds, Worsted Harness, Tenter Hooks, Emery, all No's.. Olive Oil. Clothiers' Jacks. Sattinett Warp, Clothiers' Brushes, Shuttles, Pickers, Card Cleaners, &c. &c. Tlie above. witli a variety of other anieles belonging to the trade, have been purcliased this Bumraer by the subscribers from Manufacturerand First Hands in thu New York, Thiladelphio. and Boston Markets, and every thing having res ceived his" personal inspection. he can with the utmost contídence offsr them to purchasers as the best and viosl complete stock ia the country; and as it is his fi.xed detennination (by the low rates ai which he will sell) to oreveiH the necessity ot o'ur Clothiers and Manufn'urere leavmg the Statö to makc thcir purchases. he wouid merely say to the trnde, CALL, examine the goods ond ascertnin prices before you say you can bny cheaper any tnhere else. He is also prepared to contract for CARDLNG MACHINES made in dus State or Enst. PIERRE TELLER, Sigu of the Golden Mortar, 139, Jefferson Avenue, {]7-tf.] Detroit.


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