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We copy the following as a specimen }f Democratie electioneering. We find t in the Christian Politieian, a Cincinna:i paper. The location of the "Picket Guard" paper is not given. From the Picket Gunrd Extra. BARGAIN AND SALE!! SECOXD COALITION OF CLAY AND ADAMS, James G. Birncy wilhdraxmx in favor of Henry ClayUU Such is the startling fact! The most detestable coalition that ever disgraced an enlightened people, has been fonned! A "Bargain and sale" has been effected that threatens the Republic with more disastrous consequences than that of 1824! - Let it fly fromone end of the Union tothe other! Let the South know the danger that is threatened to her institutions! - JAMES G. B1RNEYHAS VIRTUAL LY WITHDRAWN IN FAVOR OF HENRY CLAY!!! Publish it in Danteil it Askalon! Let the winds of Heav en carry the news of this FOUL CON SPÍRACY to the four corners of the earth! The aboliliionists are to suppor Clay - and tliese crazy, hypoentical scoun drels, togetlier with the 'NaUve' ChurcJ Burners, are lo jill his Cabinet! In 1848, the WHIGS ARE TO SUPPORT BIRNEY FOR PRESIDENT! Evi dence of these facts is presented to obser vation every day. No one who looks at the resnlt of the late election fn Ohio can doubt for a mo ment the existence of this "bargain." - Let the South be warned! Her institu tions and rights are threatened! She must stand up in her own defence! - figh for herself and win a victory for herself Henry Clay now offers lo immolate thf South on the alter of his ambkion! He sent Cassius M. Clay to Ohio, and the base, vile, dastardly plot succeeded there He has gone to New York to make the same bargain with the same fanatical sect! Clay tells Birney - "withdraw, leave the track to me, and if your men support me, then I will help you in '48."05a The Journal of Coinmerce has an orticle on the political character of the next Senate, by which it appears that tliere wil] be certainly 25 Whigs and 24 Dernocrats; and one Senator to be elected in Virginia where there is a nominal whig majority of two in the Legislature; and one in Delaware. Unless the Whigs get both of these Senators, ther vvill be in effect, a Democratie major il y, a the Vice President will have the casting vote Or Mr. De Puy, who recently commenc ed the Truth-Seeker, has removed liis pape to Indianopohs, the capital of tlie State. I 9 now callod the Indiana Freetnun, and is es tabüshed on a cash basis at $1 a year. A able, efficiënt and permanent Liberty paper at the seat of Government, w ill do much for ou cause in that Stale. (U3 In the official canvass of Woshtenaw County, in another column, the vote of Ypai lanti fot C. H. Stewart for Congres? ia to large by 50. it should be 25. (C0 Rev. Abel Brown, of Albany, vtü known to niany of our readers as an anii-sla very lectnrer, died recently, after a short ill ness.


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