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The Genesee County Democrat has come out wilh a denial of any agency in the "Roorback" aflair which is attributed o it. Our paper is so full that we cannot quote the article at length. The Editor says the forged letter first appeared in Flint in the Detroit Free Press; and he tries to shuffle it off as "n Locofoco trick to secure Abolition votes!" He however, naakes oath, that "no handbill' extra, or other document, containing said letter, has ever been issued from the office of the Genesee County Democrat." J. Birdsall, A. Thayer, and A. P. Davis, the persons cited in the forgery as the County Corresponding Committee, mnde affidavit on Nov. 4, [the first day of election,] that they had no agency in the affafr, nor any knowledge of it; that it is a base forgery; that A. P. Davis is riot, and never has been one of the Cor. Committee of the County: that there is no Justice of the Peace by the name of RobR. Page, but there is one named Robert J. S. Page: that none of them know Mr. Garland, and they are informed he does not reside in that County.J. Birdsall, Á. Thayer, and B. Rockwell, the real Whig Cor. Com. of Genesee County, declare, that it is a corrupt forgery, of which they have no knovvledge; and so far from being able to certify that Mr Garland is "a Presbyterian in good standing," they do not know the man. We forbear all comments at present. The "Extras" containing the forgery, we are informed, were seen in Detroit several days before they appeared in the Ohio papers. Those persons in Detroit, who saw them there, are in duty bound to expose all they know of the fraud. The whole matter will be ferreted out, to the shame of all that assisted in contriving the villainy, or connived at its circulation.QyTlie Detroit Advertiser says, that "henceforth we are to live as colonista to sïavcholders, the North pnying the expenses of the Government." Wlio would have paid the expenses of the government if Oay had been elected? The Advertieer fcels bad because Democratie slaveholdersare lo rule the nation instead of its favoti'e JFIüg slavehulders. Liberty men sre üttle io clioose between them. The Advertiser furfher eays: "[lenceforth fürever, the preponderance of power in this preat Republic wjll be in the hands oj sïavcholders, lltejoes of the JYorlh." How snch langunge soundf!, coming from paper thnt for years has advocated for the elecüon to the Presidency, a slaveholder who has done more to bnild vp Slavery, and to depress the jvst rvfiuence oj the JYorth m the national covneils, than any man living!


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