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For The Signal Of Liberty

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To THR DEÏENDEK6 OF LlBERTY: In behalf of nmny Lacies, whose sentiments I am conscio-is of speaking, we would say- lest we be deemed backward in lifting our voice, and attesting our sympathie in eo holy a cause,- the selfdenying efForts and personal sacrifices jou huve made, to disserainate that knowledge which is so indispensable to the end sought, and without which floods of eympathy would be needlessly expendended; we fully appreciate the noble exertions which have been put fortb, not only in the cause of bleeding humanity, but in defending tho3e high and sacred principies, which are the only Bafe-guards of our republican and social institutions. Little did our fathers think, when they laW the foundation of this great Republic which they defended with their own heari's blood, that their sona would be the very first to turn traitors to her intereste, and Judas-like, whilo they sung and ehout the deeda of their sires, bascly bctray her to the Mommon of gold. If ihe eons are traiterous. shall the daughtersbetraiterous too? We deern it not our prerogative to enter the arena of public otnfe to diecuss or enforce the merits of the cause, bul we do believe it to be our doty, as members of the same great family, and consequently connected with its iuterests, as chnstians, to lend what influence we may possess to the advancemenl of the glorious eau ol


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