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Incident In The Florida War

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The foliowing statement is made in the True VVesleynn, by W. H. Houck, a Wesleyan Methodist who has resded ten years in the Soufh:I wenl to Florida in 1839, during the perpetuaron of that inhuman and depredatory war, and here you could ece some 30 or 40 1 trains of tronsportatien wngons, and from 5 to 60 in a train, all furnished with negro drivers, hired by the Quartermaster Depuiy, for f SC per month, and thek lives cliartered nt 700, 800, 900 and 100o dollars apiece to their pretended owners; and scarcely would o train go from PiJalka to Fort King or any other point, but a train would beattacked ond from ten to twenty or thirty negToes killed by the Fndians, and Government pay for them. The truth of the matter is, the vvhites would not take a team to drive, knóujng if they did thev would be killed: but the noord slave could be forced into the field of danser, umi immolated on the akur of speculalon; thus mnking a sarilegious disposition ot he image of Gud I This inhuman butchcry s sanctioned and paid for by heivy appropriations from oua General Government, and we the coustituen's and conservatwes of said Governmeni f This is but one moiety of the diabólica!, God-hating-, Heaven-daring soxiland-boily-destroying' system of slhvery,"


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