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Karen Mission To The United States

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In Dr. Wayland's eighlh Letter to Mr. Fuller on STarery, we fmd the following exposition of its cnaracter, which we commend to the special attention of those of our readers who are deepiy interested in Missions. What a picture does our oivn nation present to the heathen converts whiclv our missionarie& have made! 'To place this subject in what seems to me a correct poinl of view, let us imagine a very possible case. VVe have sent the gospel to the Karens, and thousands of tliem are, we hope, partakers of the faith of the gospel. Suppose that thev. hearinsr that there are in the UnitedStates millions of persons in great moral' destitution, should send a missionary and; liis wife from their own number, to labor among the slaves in the Southern States. They are not of the Caucassian race. - They are of darker skin tban many of our slaves. The race is as weak m intellect and as rude in the Rnowledge as the native Africans. Precisely so far as I can see, the same reosons exist for making slaves of the one race as of the - Let these land on onr shores. They can show no certifícate of freedom, wrhten eithcr on paper or parchment, as the law directs-. On the first day of their arrival they might, for ought í can see, he arrested, lodged in jail.and after the legal time had etapseÓV I be íegally sold for the payment of jail fees to different owners, separated from eachother for life, and their children, if tiiey had any, consigned to endless bodage. But suppose them to escape thi3 peril. - They go among the destitute and open schools, such as we have established ninnnir tlifim. for the nurnosc of teaching.these immortni Africans to read the word of God. They are immediately arrested and fined for ench offence, it may be, five hundred dollars. In default of payrnent they are again sold to endless bondage, and separated frotó each. other for life. But suppose them to escape this I dan?er. Thev atterapt toureach Christcrucified. There are more than five slaves present, and there are not present five slaveholders. They are fined again, and the sale and endles3 sepavatiön takes - place. They h again, they are whipped ngain. And iï they persevere, ihey wouM, as if seems to me, soon perish under the "overseer's lash." They ask, with their iVIaster, why what evil have wedone? Tliey are told thar all this is done because it is for the pecuniary advantage of the masters. It is done on a calm caleulalion of dollars nnd cents. They learn also that all th'is system islished either by, or with.the consent 01, his brethren in Christ;. the very men through vrhose contribulions he had beentaught the way of life} convinced of hisduty to love all men as hiwiself, to1 preach the gospel to every creature. - Would he believe that they were the disciples of that Jesns of whom he liad read in the Evangeïists and the Epistles?: - Would they seem to him to be acting un der the eyë of that God who cannot bear the appearance of evil, and who has saidr ye cannot serve God and - Could theblessedSaviour look with mdifr ference upon such wrongs inflieted'upon these his httle ones1? And is not this,.in all essentiaí parficulars, an illustratiönof the case of all the colored Ghristiana ia the Southern States?"


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