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An "Onward Cry."

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The Jackeon Gazette, (Whig) seems to have been quite taken n by the petition of the' Detroit Whigs, and treats ofit as a real Whig; project, in8tead of a roere ingenious argument against the Annexation of Texae. In referring to the speech of Mr. Pörter in presenting ït, the Gazette mnkes the following announcement of the Whig policy for the next campai.n. Wc put it on record for future refeïence. "This ppeech hut anda to onr alrondy firrrr belief, tl'.at should Texas be annexed, andi made a part nnd parce! of this Government, tho annexation of theCanadap, and all the British territory this eide of the Atlantic, wilT form the exciting issue of ihe ProsidenMat canvass of '43: and the man who shall be elected to thnt high 6iation will gfo mto it so instrucied by a mnjoriry of the Amencan People. And, if Texas be annexed - be, thcn, tfatt Ihe issue.' And if the locofoco party of tlie country act consistent, (vvhich, by the by, we very much doubt their doing, for they airead ybegin to denoonce it federa!, they will gowith ns in acquiring a terrilory and waters far more necepsnry to uur happiness and defence,thnn forty Texases, nnd aid in delivering an oppressed people from the irnn rule of that nation whose brozen heel was once planted onr our necks. Tliere i& no ftnbbinef? abont this - if we mvst nve onc, we wilt have both.- lBofh or neiiherP is now our onwrtrd cry..'T


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