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Our Agent, D. L. La Tourette, wtien n the vicinity of Niles, lost two Memoand'um Books, containing a complete st of our accounts in the State. Any g ndividual findingthe same will oblige us I y sending' thetn to us. Our friends are :autioried; about paying money to any in[ividual'who is not authorized to receive t.05a The Liberty party of Detroit liave fl nade the following nominations: For JWUvor.- Joséph D. Baldwijj. For Jilderm .- Ist Ward, William mm; Shd Ward, Silas M. Holmes; Sd Ward, 'hiletup S. Chnrch; 4th Ware!, Culien Brown, ;th Wnrd, Luznrnp Armstrong; 6tli Ward, lames G. Crane; 7th Ward,Fraiicis Éaymond, o fi'.l vacancy. For Justicie of the Peace.- George F. Por eT' "tt? Mr. Wra. S. Higley will act as e xir agent for Lapeer Co., and all wishing T :o pay lumber er shingles on subscripüon f ;an do so by dalüng on him. , {Lp" Mr. Polkanived at Washington on the lQth of February. He was received by liis friends with appropriate The inimber of office-seekers who are flocking to Washington is representadas quite laige. OJ'C. M. Clay's new paper, to becalled theTrue Aitierican, will beissued in June. - The ngent has been to Cincinnati to obtain ' subscribers. It is ?aid the first signer added [ to liis name, "JVo AbolilionistJ' Ann AntioR', March 7, Í84b. The weather ie mild and pleasant for the season. The ground has become somewhat settled, and all ihings look favorable for early vegetation. The generarfailure of the wheat cropthrough the State, has produced a partial diminution of business, which has beert feit through the winter specially by themerchants, in the small purchases of their customers. - The pnce of Wheat remains sieady at 75 cents. Corn sells for 37 J cents; Oats at 25 cents.


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