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Public Officers: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Public Ojias fhovld be drcled rom each class in cnmni-1'1' '" propurlion to the 7ium her oj perftis belotiging to atch class 1 tiijely. 5'1'is 's '''e propoíition vvlncii I wigti i lo luy ovfora the renders ol' the Sign.-il; and it i.=a-o perfect ly self-evídcnt to any one i s0.-scd of the j.riiicïples of tive Democtacy] diiil it iioeds fcèaférly tó bp cnimentcd upoi). L üike it br grmteil that ihe principies of the t-iberty paity ure no otlier ihmi Democratie- of courso, in using this term, I uso ií in lts original nense- Üt:K the niain body of the jieople should be represented no Liberty man wiil tïenv. Our rtilers have long been ch(6?n froin professional men almust exclusive!}'. And even when farmers imvebopn cliö-én, thn candidate has been some fat overgrown landholder, who works his land by proxy, and c;tres no moro for the interests óf the common people, than the vlavehokier for his ílnveí, or the cat for niice, and legislates for thciii on the same principie that actuatee thé nbove-menlioned worlhies when acting; for their conslituents. Now as I wish to be a.6 Bhort as posoibie, I conckifJe by ri-poatin he prinei;!e 'containcd in the propesitionat tlie hcad of tlriSslarticle. Public Üflicers of all kindá should be chosen mainly from ihP Agrienltural and Mechanical portion of communily. They shoultl be practical men, not those who once worked and now live by skinning ólhers, but Ik nest, thorough, every day men, such as kuow bv constant experience the want9 of the masa of' their fellow counirymcn. P. S. Since writing ihe above, it bas oc-" casioned to me that altmding primary meetings onght (o be ured upon thosc who generally Ieave all the nominat'ng to a few demaffogues, who arcnlways eo ready to do it.- t" UulcFs the importance of this be feit by those who are rcilly the "bone and Mnew" of the cotinlry, we may ahvays expect to be ridden' by a set ofhnngry office-seekers who do littla' for our ffood but say a great deal.


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