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The statements respecting the connection of Fairbank and Miss Webster with the escape of the slaves, are of the most contradictory character. A Lexington paper has the following explanation of malters as given by the lady herself : "Her story is that Fuirbnnk invitcd her tn altend the wedding of Mr. Allen, a friendofhis, who was about tobe mar. ried to Miss Emma Smith, then in the neighborhood of Paris, Ky. - that after declining the invitalion several times, she at last consented to go - that, near Paris, Mr. Allen and Miss Smith got into the hack with them, end. drove on to Maygville and crossed the Ohio - that, finding herself deceived in the distance, she refused to go any farlher - that Fairbank returned in a few hou rs after leaving her, and reported that they were married by Rev. Mr. John llankin, of Ohio, and that they then returned to Lexington- r that no slaves rode with them in the hack, thnt she saw no slaves, and had no knowledge of any abduction - that she is not, and never was an Abolitionist, and never had any sympathy with their, principies. Fairbank himself, has also given his testimony under oath, of the entire innocence of Miss Webster, in an affidavit from which we extract the following:"I do know, to positive certninty, thnt Miss Webster ís innocent of assisting Lewis, wife, and child, lo escnpe, nnd I have everv reason to believe sbe knew nothing of them, and never saw them ín her lite." On the otherhand, the Cincinnati Fierald, has a letter from S. G. H. Rankin, a son of Rev. John Rankin, which gives the lie to her statements: He says: "In reference to her story, I am prepared to say, (and thcre is no want of evidence to prove what I affirm) that it ís not true, from beginning to end. 'That Miss Webster didaccorppany Fairbank to Ohio 1 know to be true; but that Mr. Allen and Miss Smith accompanied them to Ripley, Ohio, and we re .marriedby Itev. John Ilankin, I knowto be falso. Mr. Rank in never heard or saw of Mr. A.llen or Miss Smith. In regard to lier not of any abduction, and never seeing the slaves, or riding with th-enrv lb the hack, together with Fairbaolcy I nxn prepared to prove, when neces-saiy, that she did ride wilb the slaves, and that she did see them."


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