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General Intelligence: Cold Water

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The editor of the Democratie Freeman, a berty paper at Syracuse, N. Y., thus testies to the curative powers of cold water: - A few weeks since a member of our farnily, daughter between five and six years of age, vos uttacked with infiammationof the 'ungs. Ier fiymptorns were pronounced of an alarning chnracier by askilful ph'ysician who was alled in to examine her, nnd tiie usual precription of blijter or bleedinng willi powerful ledicines reccomded. Her fever was so high nd the pain in her head. chest and limbs so evere, that s'.ie could no: resi doy nor night. We were advised by a friend to trv coldivata reaiment, insfend of the medicines. Wilh ome he&itancy and misgivings we resolved to o so - consequently, put the medicines away, s a last resort. The child was divestfd of all ïer clothing and wrapped in linen sheets of bur thic'knesses, wet in cold sofc water. Over Ibis was wrapped a fiannel sheet oftwo bicknesses, and the child covereJ wkh blfinkets. After remaining in the sheets about an inur, they ivcrechanued; and so repoaled du- 'mg tle first day of trial. On ihe return of hk paroxysm of the fever on the second day he wet sheets upnlied, end prespiration proluced with the first applicatióD. They were hen removed and the patiënt placed in hed, n flannel sheets, where she slspt quietiy for hree hours. The fever returned again in the evening and was breken upon in the same mnnner. This course was pursurd for five doys, and nothing ndministered te ent or to drink save cold waler, or cold ernst coffoe. The paroxysm becoming less violent evefy dav, unti! the sixth dny, vvhen títere %vas none, and the patiënt was ennbled to sit lip and receive liglit nourishment. She soon rcovered entirely, and is now well. We have made the same application to our vonngest, a son of 12 months, for sovere ottncks of croup, wilh üke suceess. Tiie appliention of cloths being confined to the chest and throat. Mental Operations. - A specolator on Mental Philosophy has divuied uil tbc operations of the mind into nine classes. A persor. may excel in some of these operations, and vet be gieatly deficiënt in others: I. Inquiry, or enquiring after ideas: II. Apprehension, or laying hold of ideas: III. Tntcllect, or examining ideas: IV. Consciousness, or the power of observing our mental opcruiions, and tlms eupplying us with knowledge of the mind: V. Memory, or the re-collecting of ideas: VI. Wisdom, or the putting together an usinnr of our Heos: VII. Emotiors. or the fcelings ptoduced bj our thoughts or ideas: VIII. VVill.or ihe roducing of our thought and idens to action: and IX. Conscience, or ihe moral cognizance which the soul takes of itn ideas aDd actions.Wit' Mode of Legislation. - Lnst evening, whilc tlio bill to arnend Uie choracter of the city of Cincinnati was under discussioTi, in the House, wo onderstand that one of ihe dignified members from Uiat City, look off his coat and laid it on his desk áwearing thnt he would lick the fitst three men thnt voted Jor its engrossment.' - Culumbvs (Oliio) J uur nal, t'eb. 27. The ladies at tbo public hotels, irt Monlreal, Canada, freqnently dr'nk three and fourglasses of wine while at dinner. A portion of them, to our knowlcdge, have noses as red ns a blue potatoe.Captive Balloons. - Colonei Sabine has been apoointed by the British Associalion toonduct these iuteresling experiinents al Woolwich. A balloon is lo bo kept at. au elovation f3,000 feet, and by menns of the electrie olgrapli, daüy, or, if rcquired, iriomentary omparisons can be madeofl)C ba mine', ríe eigh, the temperature, hygrotnetic sime or urrentsofthe atmosphere in these elevoted egion?, oud the bnlloon, ly n benniiil contrival arrnngcment, can lio elevated (ir epressed at p!ea?ure. Mr. Whe-iistone has reparad a self-indicoting tlermou,eier, baraneter, nnd althouuh tfiosèof the Affèobiation who nlways propheáied fnilure, exprt'S.s thir eors t!mt complicated machiimry cun never vorlc, and that it will be cleraugpd by oxydaion, we are 'm hopes th'nt wêjlidJ by these allons obtain sonie knowledge of the atmoáhere of which we nt present know so litllte. - olytechnic Review. StmpntJiy. - A g-ood iieacon, making an official viáit to n óymg neihbor, who was rejy cl)urlish,and nniversnlly an nnpoplar man, ftit ihe nsnal quesiion - "Are y mi wiïüng to go, my fnend?" ;O ycs," said the sick man. I ani. ' "Wel),'' Faid tr simple nvnded deacon,"I m verv glad, fbr yut neighboors are all will n?."The Boston Conrier, nllnding to Tyler's message against the African slave. trade, pernenlly savs - 'Títere aresome vvho cannot ïndorstand tlie diffeience of mrpitude between catching sluves lo sell, nnd brceding tliem for he sarnepnrpose.' Blacking. - Ey'pry body hos henrd of "Doy and Martin's blockingy' As nn illustraMon of he profits of hlncking-, and the exter.t of the )usiness of tle pnrties, t be mentionei! liatlhe executorH of Dny and Martin have, an order to the mnsier nf rolií, lo pny L4,000 a year out of the prnfils of Lthc business, to varióos leñatees. Mr. Martin also beqneathed L100,000 to n Blind Asylum. - Eve. Post. Pnrties in the U. S. Senate, since the transer of Messrs. Buchonan nnd Walker, stand 24 to 24 - ihe Vice P. having the casüng vote, A Grocci's Advertí se ment. - From a Providence paper one luindred yenrs okl. To be sold by Nicholas Branch, at his re'ectory west end of the bridge -Provisión?. Consisting of Bread, Butter, Cheese, Tlams' EjrgF, Solmon, Neats Tougues, Oyslers, &cc. rendy cooked. Jfgiíáfibha. Cider, Vinegar, Salt, Pickle?, kc. Gjjt'vances. Popper Souce, Musía rd, Black Pepper. Csyenne, &c. Tunishments. Wine, Brandy, Gin, Spirits, Bitters, Poríer. fcc. íSvpeiJluitit s.Snuif, Tobacco and Segara, Any of the above articles lo be exchnnged for A'tcessanes. viz. Fren:;!) Crowns,Spanish Doliors, Pistarecns, cents, milis or Bank bilis. Credit for Pa y men Is. SO, 60, and 90 eeconds. oras Inngr as a man con hold his brcalh. - Journal of Commrrce. Progresa of Rrfinement. - The Vicksburg Constitutionalist says that no smoking of cijrarsor pipes is permitled in uny church in the city of Vicksburg! Speed - An expresa locomotiva for the London Herald, over the Paris and Rouen rüilroad. performed the distance (eiglity-two miles) in ninety minutes! - the most i.'Xtraordinary dislance of rapidily, we believe, on record. Jlnollier JVvn. - Miss Waggamnnheyouthftil'and nccomplished niece ol President 'I'yler' lias left VVashinglon, and entered the new convent of the Visiialion, in Bnltimore. Land Speculalion. - The United States, in 40 years, have exiinguishcd tlie Indian titles to 436,000,000 acrcf of land, fnr í?G2,000,000 about 20 cents au acre - and if thelands are Fold at the minimum price 'f $l,5o nn aerp, Government wil! receive S455j5nü}00. No Avonder there is ojiposition in giving this lanu to the States.- JV. Y. Pltbian.The Fruits of Eïectricüy. - 'Wben al Bil oxi ibis aulumn," says the Memphis Enqniror, "we saw a lemon tree whicb had boen made to produce everal crops in si.ccessio, by thé applicolion toitsroots ofthegalvonicbattery. The fruit wns as perfect as that grow in thi: natural wa." Horrible. - A poor man not long since wae confined in the Providenco jiij for debt, where remoined fioe duys unprovided with food, ará wouid have starved, of couvse, bad it not been for his fellow pnsoner?, who taking pity on IÚ6 uuhappy situation, handed out o him from time to time portions oftbcir own ralions The reason this poor victim was tlius driven ta llie jaws of slnrvatioi), wns ibe fct, tbut liis cred - itor would not pay bis board, and he bad not t-kon the steps requisite to secure nn indemitiincation of the keeper of the State, ehould u adminieter him oven a crust of niouldy bread. Dr. Grant, the white man, and Dr. McCune Smith, the negro, have concludod their discuseion in New York, ns to the'cnpncicy of neproes for n high stato of civilizntion. All the New Yorlf papers concur m saying1 ihat the negro had mach tiio best of it. Dr. Grant. wlio is a man of a great deal of pretcnsión and very considerable Jeariiing, must feel vastly flatleredj nnd will no doubt carry his head very liigh hereaftcr.- Lou Journal. Dr. Gran', is roputed to be a man of lalent and learning, but he sbowed a want of ctirnmon sense in laking po ridicnlous a position. Dr. Smilh is a gradúate of the University o Glasgow. - Cin. Herald. Jr.dge T. Walker, of Cincinnali, lately dcüvercd a lectura at Louisville in opnosition to capital puniehment, which 16 higlily epoken o by the papcre.Guana a Dangerous Cargo. - A steam packet has orrived at Huil, in England, havofr tlie Captain and crew of bark Ann, ot' Sundpiliind. They had been picked up near llboroiiffh Sound, in on open boat, ihe dav before. It appears tliat the Ann, n new 'oork, o 1I10 fust voyae, waa returning from ichat)n witii h cnrgo offfuano, and unfortuimtcly sinick (in the sand, ond while bealing over, sliippcd il ]nnnlity of sak waler, which, pentrati-d iho cargo, caused almost instantaneoiis coinbustinn. A volume of smke ri?inj thioiiirli the fore hatebway warned the crew f Hicir danjrer, and induced their taking imdintcly to llie bont. without saying anytliing imd icnrrely had tliey done so, wben a Irctnendous explosión of the pns. ongen;!eroJ by Uie parfially firéd guano, blêw the -.tern o'U of llic vessel, which then filied, and Bnnk in dcp water. Guano fróñi iis dry and hot qnnlity, we shotild take to be somet.'iing like lime, an:l henee dangprous when coming in contact with water. - Sun.The Slaves of íhe Brig Creóle. - An important guit bas just bsen d?cided in New Orleans, grow'ing oul of tb revolt of' the slaves nu bonrd of the brig Crco. The snit wns brotiilif. by the ownersof the siaves to recover from an insurance ci'iiipnny the amount for which they wero insured. The' Sup:cme Coart dc-cided lliat "whcre iho insnrers ofn caro of slaves are exempled, by the pulicy, f'rorn tfie risk of insurrection, end the slaves take possessioo of the vessel by orce, turn her from her course and enter a Brilish port, where they escape, the insurrection must be considered as the cnuse of the brealiing isp of the voyajje; and the iiisurers will be liablc." Anofher Prisoner. - A femnle namod Sussn Yate., wa3 nrrested in St. Loui, Mípsouri, on th? 16 t;!timn, and conimittcd to jail on the charge of aiding slaves to escupe. Thia inakes the ninlh. - 1. S. Standard.Beavlijvl Idea - Mr. Simmon?,in his spoech to Ihc Señale, on the Post Office Bill.spoaking of íhe extensión of the Telegrapli pystem all over 1 lie Uni'ed State?, said tliat then "motiiers conld go daily nnd osk nfter thc health of their childrsii át a líistnnpp, rjkI sued a slrcnm of uffection vvouW luí) along these wires as nevcr was kown, save when the cnormng stars sang together for j'y.5' A mtiti was committed on Friday in Philadelphia for stenling. Ho pleaded the starvation of his family as the cause. On examination his statement was found to be true.At one of the late 'receptions' at the Chateau of the Tuilleries, an unusually large namUr f Amertcan cltizer.s were presen ted. A fat Kentuckian lady, overpowered by the adroit attentions of the sovereign, exclaimed. in lhe overflow of her feeling, "Lnw, King Philippe, hovv youdo talk England!" A clerk n a bank at Detroit lately refirrnec! bis sitimiion anti left the city. It was aflerïvards found that a number of boxes in tbe vault werefilled wilh slioi - the clerk Iiaving taken the sil ver. The amounl is not konwn. - Vcnnont Fimeeinan. VVhen the pardon of Govornor Montón was annownced 1o one of lhe convicts in the Penitentiary al Baton, on Monday èvenïng last, le dropped dead, it a supposec!, in conspqtience of the sudden sensadon of juy produced by that deligiitful information. End oj the Cuha Slave Tradc.-Thc Captain General in Cuba lias issued a proclamation, vessels arriving at Cuba, with slaves on board, confiscaied.Shocking Deslilulion ! - Tt is stated in som e tf the papers, that tlit:re are no lepa ihan 120 owns in MnssnchuseCis, vtlerlydettitute of a shop! - Hamp. Hcrald. Thcrp luis been a lorgc fire at Washington, vhich biirnt up the National Tlicatrc, iind ten or twelve otiier buildings. Loss is eslimaled at #50,000. The AutogrnpJi of Washington recently sokl in London fpïL5 53. t liar of Byron, Ll 2s and Dr. Franklin, fcrLl 2.$. Twenty fnur IincoinotJvep,from Mr. Norris' 'ictory BfPhi'.aü'elphin, hve been shipped t Trieste, to fill a foreigo order. A dark spof, nbout tho size of the Pacifi Ocean, is diacernable on t he disc oí' tli sun. It is snid 8000 emigrnnts wil! leave Indepen dence. Mo., for Oregon the lst of May. MiUerism. - Tl ia said that 14 of the vic'im to this deludion are coi.fined in the N. Lnnatic Asylum.


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