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Tliis boc'y, after a protracted eession, have finally detcrmined upo a (uil separation fron iho Northeru portion of the Methodist Episcopal Cíiurch. The following retolulion was adoptcd with only one diéöenting voice: "Rcsolrcd, By the Delesnls "f theseveral Annual Cünlerpncei in ilie South and Souihwestern Slnie.-, in General Convention assem hltid, That uecannol sajictiou ihcactinn of the !;ite general conference of the Methodist Episcopal Churrh, on the subject of slavery, tiy remaming ttnder ihe ecc!eoii&:ical jurisdiction of lilis li'u!y, witlunit drep nnd lasting mjury to tlie intcresfs of the ctnircli and the country; we, threfore, horeby inslruct the coinmittec m orann:zalinn Vhat if, upon a care ful txaminaimn vif tlie whole subjocr, they fiud that tlicre is nn ronsoouülo grounü to hope that tbc Norlhern (irijoiity wül recedo froni Iheir pof-ition and gjvo sume snCe yiiuranty !'or th future Security of mr civil and ecc'esiasticui right?, tbat Ihey report in favor of a separa:ion from ibe ecclcsinstical jurisdictioij of the said general conference.1' On the pasFage of Ihe resolution, Bishop Sou!e observed that the vote was very rcmarl;nole fur ils unnhimi'y. ün the next dny, I) . Rjscom, chairman of ihe c ïnmiiiee on Orj:anization. now appeared, iviih a voluminous rppoit, which ho occupied twü hours in reading. lt was listened to by a crowded house, and t closed by recomtnending a dislinct and separate Organization, onder iheetylo ond litle of 'Mhe Methodist Episcopal Ciiubch, South." The report was acceptec', and one hundred copies were ordered to be printed for the use of the metnbers. Dt. Capers gave notice lliat a Liother from Ne'v York, was in the city, who was preparing a Chart which wonld embrace the likencsses of the Bishops, and soinc olhers of the Convention, and that it was desirable to have the autograph of every member, for which purpose he wished them to meet liim in the church in the afternoon. Propositions were reccived from the Mayor and Council of Memphis, Tennefsep, promising the Book Concern a liberal donution provided they wou ld establish it in that city. An offer of facilities for the snme purpose was made by the Mayor and Council of Loui-vilje, Ky. The Book Concern was stibecquenMy locaied at Louisville.


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