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Tho Utico Liberty Press copies öur anawer to its interrogatorios, and declures its determina t ion to abide by tlie resolotions of llie Buffalo Liberly Convcntion as the Editor imderstunds tlicm. ÍW he calis on us for a furtlicr expusition of our views as Io the legitímate scope nnd ephere of action of the Liberty party. Ib thte alio vo will respond io liis inquinen without hesitation. We invite liis nttetition to tlu foHowirig ennsiderations. 1. The fusl efibrts of the Liberty part} slvwld be dirocted Io the abolition of Slnvery, by t!ic exercUe of a!l tlie constituí una I pow erS of the General Government and of the setiral Sta'es. Th s is tho grea;est evil, and shonld bc first removed. 2. Wc concejw that if the Liberty party were in pover=-haqriflr a President anda majorily of heth Houses of Coïigness- íí ovghl to do what ever a jitst nnd rigkliotis civil Gwcuimeiit ovfchl to do. If il bclonged to civil Government to mako treatic--, srnd out einbnssadors, collect a revcnue, coin money, wild light houses, nnintain a navy aml iirmy, take churge of the public londs lay out ncw State?, pr improvo harbor.--, we do not eee wrriy it vvould not be the legitímate provinee of a Liberty party to do all these things. - Whatever party ie in power 7nust toke cbftrjgè of these interests for the time beiug-, or gbv ernment itself woult! be at nn end. We do not see how any sensible man can deny this. 3. It is the province of a statesmnn to improve tho enndition of liis country by adiipt ing hts mrasures to i,s actual ei rcumt anees. What might be wie and beneficini, in one year, under a particular state of things, might be cxtremely injudicious and disas'.rous thrce or foiir years of;er, The circumstances of popular feeling, the necessitiesof the country, the state of our foreigu relations, nnd other comc'erations must bc taken into account in determining on the tili'.y of important measures of national policy. 4. The abolition of Slavery is tho gieat and paramovnt object of the Liberty party. At the sume time, the party as it has opportn nity, will carry out the principies of Equal Righls intoff their practical consequences and npplications in the ofdinnry bus'ness of logisIntion - in making treatie', raising a revenue, determining the price of public lands, supporting the navy or army, opportioning salaries, úr whaíevcr business comes legitímate]}' within the scope of the action of Government. If the Lib. party,vhen in power doos m t carry out these principies, it will be undeserving of support, and cight nol to receive it. Bul if l does cnrry them out wisely, justly and b?neficialy, it ought to receive the support of tho people, not only till slavery ühall beabolished, bul forevcr. 5. No other test question should be proposed than this: "Will yon use all your political influence for the overthrow of felavery throngh She Liberty organization, and for cnrrying out the principie of Kqunl Political R'ghts to All?'' An affiimative answer, followed by corresponding work?, enlitlcs the respondent Io ineniberchijj in the hberty pirly. 6. Whiio we regard this as the only test of membership, wc claim for oursclves as individuáis, for our paper, ond for every member and paper of the Liberty paper, the right to entertain, disrus6 and argue for any course ofpolilical poücy wliatever, respecting {the other great interests'1 without being trammeled by any dictation from o'.liers. We go for the Iargest liberty of ihuught and spcecli. This is the only basis on which a successful poütical party can be estabüshed. We must tliink eefentially alikb on the muin object for which wc combine our efibrts; biit on all other 6ubject8 we must have iho liberty of expressing and advucating our different views. The huirían mind is so constitutcd that it will have an interest in mony ihings, and will discuss and act upon them. But this need not interfere wiih vnited aclion in one thing. - Henee we eay, let every Liberty man and paper have and express its own views of Banks, Tariifs, Capital Punishmenf, Free Trade, War, Non-Res:stance, Fourierism, or any other thing they may deern important. 7. The Press refers io something about a "syste.n of Political Ecöhdmy for the Liberty party" which we have manufaclured, or countenanced in sorne other paper. We are not conscious of having done any such thing. But suppose wp had - what then? Suppose we have argueu that a Nalional Bank was now unnece6sary - that the price of the Public Lands ought not to be reduced - that public defaulters should be punieíied as criminal-- - that an average duly of 20 per cent vould raise revenuo enough for our national expenses - that the Military Academy at West Point ought to be abolished- or that money laid out on fortifications was al? thrown away, and no more ought to be appropriated for that purpose. Suppose we had advocated all these notions, nnd rnany moro, and recommended them to the consideration of the Liberly party for their adopiion - wliere would have boen the harm? We should not expect to read out ofihe païty every uno of the 3632 Liberly men of Michigan who might notagree with us on tbese'points. It belongs to these men, in their polilical Couventione, to establish and declare their own creed. 8. There are some in the Liberty party who thhk hat nothing but the Abolition of Slavery should be thought of, written, printed, read, or discussed till that object shall have been accomplishcd. Others are for joining togother ten or a dozen different political objects, and organizing one party to carry them all. Both of these extremes wc Ihink aro wrong and contrary to the nature of the mind. The wifest uay for men who would ast togethei polilically is to agree on the main pointe, and press their united energics for hringing thrm to a 6ucceeaful issue, whilo on all othcr eubjocts each ore brings over to his opinión as many as he can. Remember no politicnl chnnge is worth a single crime, or nbove all, a single drop of human blood- D. O' Conncll. Th3 id a noble Bent ment. It seerns that those VVhigs who oiiginated nnd nursed and tent abroad into the world tlie Garland Forgery, wcro of a different opiniou f'roni tho great Ir it liman.


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