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White Slave Of Kentucky

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The following cxtracts wc take f rom Ckrke's Narralive. We commend ttiis liule pamphiet to the carcful perosul of all v,-!io doubt wbether the slaves are crnelly treitert: ''The poor elave, who was caught wiih a chicken or a pig killed from the plantation, hcd h is bare back scoretl most unraercifully. Neverthelcss, the pigs wom'ó die without beng eick or squealing once-, and the henp,chick ens anu turkeyp, Eornetimes disnppoared ohc nevor stuck up a feather to teil where the were biiried. The old goosu wonld semetimes exchange her wli;.le nest nf eggs for round pebbles; nnd patiënt aa that auiinil is this qualiïy wnsexbausted,andehe ns obliget to leave her liest wiih no train of ofisprinobehind htr. One o'd elave woman upon this plantation was altogeiher too keen nnd shrewd for the best of tbetn. She would go out to the corn crib, with her basket, watcii her f)nportunitj% with one effeciive blow pop over a liitle pig. slip him info her ba? kei, and put the oobs on top, Irudge on to her cabin, ond looi: just as innocent as thougii she had a rigiít to est cf the work of her owrt hnnds. It was c kind of first principie, ko in her code of inora!? ttrt tbcjr ihal wifit hada right to cal. -The mora] of all questions ín reialicrn of t-Jóng food was easilj eetiled by Aunt Poggy. Tlie only queation wkh her was, hoto and ivken to doit. H could not bedone openly, thatwáa pïuin; t must bc done seeretly, if not in the dny timo by all means at aight. Witli a dead pig in the cabm, and the water all hoi for scalding, she was at one time warned by her son that the Philistines wee h pon her. Her resources werc fully equl to thé áudderi emergency; quick as thought the pi was tlirown into the boil::g kettlc, a door was throivn over it, her daugh'.er soatel upoa ït, and with 8 good thick quik arounú her, the ovorseer found linio PI:ill3 taking a bleam bata for a terrible coïd. The doujhter octed wèil her ptrf,groaned tndly, the mother was very busy in tucking in the quilt, and tïio overseer vas blindad, and went.away without eeeing a brisllo of the Anolher elovo, employed as a driver upon the planlation, was compello.1 to whip tiis own v.'ife for a bhnilar, bo ihat ?he never rocovered ftom the c'ruelty. She was 1terally tchippcd io deaih byher tun hushami. Oii this pfaritaiioti was a slave natr:ed Sam, wliose wïfe lived a few miles diant, and Sam ;as very eeliiotn permiUed to o and fee his fumily. He worked i:j tKe blnckemith shop. For á sinall otfence, he was hun up by the hand.j, a rail bet ween !iis fect,and whipped in turn by his ma3er, oveisccrand oiie oft'nc wfiter?, till h hnck was torn all to piceos, and in less than two nunths Sam wns in his grave, 13 is faèt v ords were, "Mother, teil maeícr he has kiüod me ot lost for nviliinp, but teil hini if God will fofgive him, l will." A very poor diite wcinan lived within nbout a mile of thé plán'.ation houe. A femnle slave named Flora, knovvir nho was in a vcrvv sufTenngconditionjsheilo.i otit .1 peck of corn flnd cnriedi'to her !:) the fii.l)%. Next day the olJ man found i' uif, and ihis O.eei) of charity wns atoncd tor by one hnndred and f:i";y la's-hes upoïi (he bare br.clf cf poor Flom. Tlie rnaStrr wilh whom Í now liveu wns a verv passi:: Mie nmn. One morninjr, whrr, heand the overseer waked np froni :i drurr. frolic, tl-ey sworc Ihó hnnd snould rt.;t cal n morsrl of any tiiinsr. tH7 a nVWoF whont nl eoioo sixty aerea was all cradled. There were from ;hirty to forry fronda to 00 iho woik. We were driven io ilierx'ent of onr stirnjr'!). and aitlinngh n broolc ran thronph ihe fiVld. nor one was permifed to's!nrañd tnete a drop of water. Si nr: of the mfcn werc so exImustcd, ihat liey reelcd for very weaknesr; t wo cf the woihen fsinted, and onó of them wus s."eré!y whipped to revive lier. They woro at lust carried help'pss" fiom tlió field nad ilirown down onder the shadj, of a tree. At about five ocloci? in the aüernoon the wheat was alicut and wo wo.e pcrinittcd te eat. Our uffering for want of water wn excruciating. T trcmblcd all over frorrr the itiward gn3v:n' of hunger utid" frora burning tbiret.


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