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Facts For Forty Millions: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Messrs. EdiTOrs: - Can you make room in some corner of your paper, for a tew facts which 1 have col] eet cd with some labor, and which, I thinic, scriously concern tho working people of the Anglo-Sa'xon race? The national debts of saxteen of ihe Èuropean Governmen-ts, at the closest estímate tliat can be made, amount, in our currency, to $10,305,000,000; all incurred for the expenses óf ttar. fhissutn embraces merely the arrcarage, not what has been faid, ior carrying on war. - The average of t'h' s amount is $63,25 a head the tfhole populatïonof thöse' 1G nations. The interest of this vast sum nearly equals a fort. of O'iïe Doïïar onevefy inhabitant of the globe. Since the Rcformiüon (ff) Gieat Britain has been engag-ed 65" years, in the proseention of soven wars; for which she expended, in1 our currency, $8,982,120,500. ït has been estimated by our Missionaries that a school of 50 heatlien children, on the continent of Tnciia, would Oníy cost $Ï50 per annum. Thon theium expended by a christian nation in 1 J5 years in carrying on war with other Uhrisiian nations, if appliod to the f ion of heathen, would have schoolcd 16,062,154 children per annum for 65 c fears! Allowing 5 yenra to each cr tr, then 598,808,000 children might have )een educatcd for the money that Great 3ritain drained from the sources and , hannels of her wealth and industry, to t vaste in wars, every one of which ] jraded hef people in every quality of thcir i ondition. c From 1793 to 1815,- a pcriod of 22 rears - Great Britain, France and s ria expended $7,330,000,000 in war. - a The interest of this sum, at 6 per cent., , vould have supported 30,000 missionaries r nnong the heathen during the whole f iod of 22 years, in which these christian e ïations were engaged in doing the de vu's i vork on each other. The aggregate t imount would have given 5 years 8 ng to 488,666,660 pagan children, on ? he Lnncasterian plan. The interest for memonlh, nt the above rate, would build " L466 miles of railroad at 825,000 per ( Tiile. Consulting the' best authorites I can ( 2ommand,l find that the aggregate amount i of the expenditures of our own 1 ment, from 1798 to March 4, 1843, $1,111,375,734. Now - patriotic American! will yoü not read this reflectingly?- of this vast sum there havèbeen expended only 148,620,055 for civil purposes,etnbracing theCivil List, Foreign Intercourse," and the Miscellaneous expenses. Then it follows that 962,755,080 have been lavished upoh pfepárations for war in tinié óf peace, withina little more than half a century, by this model Republic ! ! ! Another fact: From Jan. 1, 1836, to March 3, 1843, the war expenses of thisment were $153,954,881 ! l-fiv'e millions more than all thé civil expenses of the Government from 1789 to 1843 ! ! Another fact: From 1816 to 1834, eïghteen years, our natiotial expenses nmöünted to $103,915,756; and of this sum, nearly $400.000,000 went in one way nndanother for war, and only $64,000,000 for all other objects! being tVenty-1wo millions a yearfor war, and about three millions and a half - less than one-sixth of the whole - for the peaceful operations of a government that plumes itself on its pacific policy! If vfe take into account all the expenses and all the losses of war to this country, it wilï be foimd to have wasted for us, in sixty years, some iwo or thrce thoitsand millions of dollars!


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