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The Democrats had about a hundí ed delegates at their Convention. Candidates for Governor were enough. - Gov. Barry rather isgraced hirtiself, in the eyes of man}', by suffWing his name tobe run at four ballotings in the Convention, after he had given notice through the Smte paper that he wou ld hot be a candidate. As long as rotation in office isan cstablished principie in the party, this running for a third term'loolcsiike a greedy ambition. At the first ballot, Barry received 40 votes, standing the highest on the list. Kingsley, whose name had been identified by his friends with radical Reform, received but 15 votes. At the formal ballot, Bingham, who had come out flatfooted for Reform, received but 6 votes! - Reformcrs do not thrive well in the Democratie party! Judge Felch, we suppose, received the nomination for Governor on the same principie that Mr. Polk did for President - because the party could not agree on nny better man. The Judge is said to be a man of moderate talents, quite a gentleman in his mannors, and unexceptionable in personal character; but We supnose a dozen men might be found in the party more competent to lead and gov er n it. He has the advantage however, of beinguncommitted to any portion of the party, or to any measures of policy. The same Conventiou passed a columnond a half of resolutions reported by a committee,which were read once and adopted ingross without a word of discussion, nlthough we are informed alnrge portion oí the Convention were opposed to some of them. These go forth as the sentiments of the whole Democrncy ! The resolutions go forapproving Polk's ndministration and the admission of Texas n favor of harbor appropriations - against a proiective tarifF, and in favor of adjusting the duties in all cases according to the value of the art icios - for n graduation of public salares - against the attacks of the Whig press on the credit of the State- for selling the Public Works, upon fair terms, if found necessary - against tbe furthcr incorporation of banks - for lirmting executive appointments - thal the last fowr year.s administration was first rnte - tfeat hnsly and improvident legislatio is a bad (hing - that frequent alterations of theïaws are injurions - that the revisión' of the laws now . in progress oiiglrt to be1 a good one - for a modiftcatiorvof tiro legal system in five particulars - for ekcting guod members lo the Legislature - against. supplying them wilh indefinile aniounts of stationaryT Sec. &c These resolutions wc regard asa mere matter of form, adopted for effect, to sat-isfy the honest portion of the party. Evcry one will be disregarded, as occasion ma-y recj-uire, by the Old Hun k-e rs who will govem fije Star-e-. Bowever, we will preserve ihemT and; hereaffer compare thi creed of the parfy with ifs practicc.Readerf I f you wouVd' vote fórri'iefos candidate and for real Reform, vote for Kirney! The clection of 3Fney would Iruly secure every thing nlunMe tliat is here pro]osed, nd mucli more, while tlie election of Felcli bt'ing reasonable prospect of any material change for the better.


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