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Prienda in Detroit deaire the following communication: We receive from the interior continua! npplcation8 for lecltirers. We are sensible of all ilmt can be urged, of the exigencies and f he duties ofthe cause, the public dosirefor infornnti-in, and the good to arisc, 8io. To meet the demand would much gratify us. But lectures involve expendiuire of time and money. Few or i one among us are competent, at once lo !■ ciure, nnd to give time and money bcsides; especially on the large scale required. Individuals have heretofure done so, without receivmg or expecting to receive even expense money. But the tax is too onerous to be borne by those who depend for livelihood on their daily labor. It is not oncomnion (or friends in the interior to eay, that they are not able to ruise the menns of pay'wg leclurerö. If then, a whole county cíi n not contríhiite to the time and exppn;s of a lecturer, i; is ubviously beyond all reason to expeci that an individual can or ought. It U time that this matter were underetood. No individual 6liould be socrificed to the prosperity of the cause, but those who desire its advanccment hotild realize tbe indispensible necevssity, of doing1 as 3 ahvaya done, when an object is to be obtained, Ujs"givuvo "L0If money be now scarce, wheat is plenty. Let each give accordinjf to his means and his zeal out of the abundance wherewith the Lord ha? blpesed our !ani. Let the county committees or any persojí lake a wagon, give up n day to the matter- make it business - go from house to house and collect his half- his w hole, li is two or three bushels of wlieat. No farmer wil] miss it- no good spirit will refuse it. And when the wliole is collected, there ore on hand the means of aclion - of lec tures if you please, of publications, of news paper.-, or election expenses. Do this, and no individual is sacrificad. A light burthcn falls on cach, nnd an incalculable efficiency is at tained for the cause. Withhold the effort, and with what grace can you ask the individual and the s'ranger to bear the whole burlhen, from whic h a community shrinks, nnd to sunnradil his time and his mimi. If frionds - aud the State is full of Ihem. zealous, devoted nnd self-eacrificing - will try this system, they will be surprised at its case and efficiency, and thoy need not oner make frnitlcss demandson the State coinmi'. - tiec, or oii ijs of Detroit for lecturerd. Meanwhile we huve to announce that prep arations are making for an rxleneive system ot' lectunnjr in Jhe Slate. Mr. Birney from thp North, Mr. Kbb, Mr. Hall, Mr. Hollock, Mr. Holmes, and Mr. Stewnrt from Detroit; Mr. Treadwell and Mr. Beckley from the cenrer, togeher with other indivuliml-s to be yetnameil, will take the field. The arrange ment will be puhlished' as speedily as poásible; but they will be materjaliy influenced by the contribuí ion each locaHry will give to the unavoidahle expenses oí' the systrrn. Communications on the eubject mustbe im mediotr, and may be made to C. II. Slewart, Detroi :. What will the West do towr Th her lectures? Dr. Bement bas lsbored willV great efficiency for many yenrs. Last year be sow ed much valnnble seed. We hope the friends will enoble him to now reap the hartes:. In adition t;) these effortp, we expect much vnluable service from the Young fifen of the Sta'.e. We l)igh!y approve of their organiza tion, and c mnnend the measore lo the co operation of all friends. We trust that on Ihe first of Octolier they will have an overflowinp convention, witli an abundont atiéndante of old Libertj men as tpectatore, and that they will then ilirow into the fieïd their quota of lecturers. CHAS. Hv STEWART, H. HALLOCK, S. W. HOLMES, J. D. BALDW1N, E. IIAILL.(t1 The Lexington lnquirer says that , on Tuesday night (the next aft'er the expulsión of Mr. Clay's press) some people of that city made a brutal' attack on several freü negroesr beat ing them most" cruelly, and tarring and feathering one of them public] y. Neither tne watchmen nor the authoritieof the city took any notice of it whatever. The colored persons are stated to be Honesr, peaceable, and inofiensive. But a meeting was held the nextday at the Court House, which strongfy condemned the out rages, and volunteered aid in preventing similar ones in fufure. (E The Port Huron Observer goes for electing the Cabinet and all the higher State ofticers by the people. We predict that this measure will ulrinïafely succeed. Bu itshould extendtff all the offices, unless the judicial ones be an exception. Why cannot the pople as well elect their Notaries Public as their Justi'ces - their Prosecuting. Attornies as their Sheriff? Then after reforming the States, let the principie beapplied to national offrces. CC?5" It is said our minister to Brazrt, B. A. Wise, is very iudustriously employed in collectingstatislicsshowingthat the African Slave Trade is very largely carried on by American vessels. Well, what of 'til Have we not an American Slave Trade, equally villanous, carried on under the pro'ection of the laws of the United Staies, and in sight of the Capítol where he has so often deckximed about "Liberty"? ttT1 Many of the farmers of Jackson County are dissatisfied with the ratos of freight on theCentral Railroad, andaré sending their wheal in other directions, especially to Adrián and Monroe. A public meeting has held in Jackson to takc tlie matter intb


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