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The news is very fuvcrrable Tor the export trudeofgrain nd othcr breaddufTs from this country. The wenther has been unfavorable Tor the cnnjpletion of the grffin i.arvest in the northern district, and Ihough there was no change in the dnt}', omving to the bad quality of a rrcat portion of the gfrain in the markets, prices xvere tendmg steadily iipwnrd. At the latest dates Americon ffour wasqooted ot2t3. in bond, bing an ad vanee of 2. since the last Bnivnl, and Canada free flour at 35 a S6e. The rail road specuJation 'ís very greatly worse thnn ever f It fwe yet reccivcd no check, butgoeson ano-men'.ing, daily. The world has never witnesserf anything' so reckless and barefaced as the system of ssvindling and roguery oitbe one hand, and the imbecile guilibility on the olíipr, rh'rrt stares one in tho face at evcry torn. Whcre or when, it wilí stop paspfis comprehension. The facetious satirisl, Punck, hns on admirable quiz on it - a hi!Le lunaiic at-yïnm, wfiich is represented as 'he ternrirms of a mtinber of rnüways. The idea is a starlling ronlity - a procllca] commenlary on the preioÜmg iusaoity. ÍRELAND. This country is thTehiened wiib-a faminff from the ñníure of the Pcrtatoe erop. Already Mie price of provisions has considerab!y advanccd, ni)d two-th-ird of the pótate. erop, i vnnotm paris oí' tlie coimtrv, have hren des:roed by tl) disense. Ábtfaúcn most be ?nd from r.nltliy Engln m), and speedily, or thn peojilo wil) bveome a natfon of ventiiloiiiistK - shuy w)I t.ppak fr.m the belly. The Hiüiire of the potatoe er o n Irdvnc! isa moot distrespinff evi m. Tho account conn'.-c'pd wiih ibis snliji-ct, from all pnrU o? the country, nre painful in the extreme.- Wilh the g-reatost pxrt of the lalcring: ppulation, living ot al! tm froi hand to inoutlj, it only rrq-.iires the fniJnre of nn esculent which enters po lar{cfy irito tlieir fnorf t produce rnisory of the kifest, the mnst hoirtrpndino di-Fciplioii. ín-hnd ribéí nt sufíér exclusively by this culanrhy th-is year; but elsewhere, rom the comparntivo comfort vf Lhe lower orders. Uiey can belter endure and próvido awairwt it. O'Connell amunuca to denouncc the slavO srnte of lhe Union fi.r their Hivmile atrocity. At a Inie meciing of tire Ropi.-a! s-ociaton, he siiid, 1 have l.rcn as.-ai!cd fw a:locking the AiTCTicaii nwlHotW, ésïi enlfcd of nrgroslarery. i am iiot .iliarned of tlntt attacfc - I do n-it 'ihr.nU from it ; I om the advocate of civil anl religión liburly all over the )nbf, nml vyl.erever tyrnnoy pxrat, f am tho foe of the tjniR'; wberevcr opprensidii itself, f acn'hc fo of tbe oppreaof.r GKHMANY. The Frankfort Juwnul slaies that Rongo wns attneked by n mob vn tnyng Won.-, and bad o escape fror theJr kry, Anolher Jourml mei)'.icr;.s tbnt h preseirce at Frajlitbrt led to two hundred cnnventions. The new iclijion coniiniics lo excite altention. The Knig ha hnda squabble whli the mutiicijaj nuthonties aboni it. Ther loctnmd him. and bo fectured them, and eacb was highly dissatiKfied witb fbe other.


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