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' Vesterdty wan a kind of ligli'.nmg'a holi day, and there were all sorta of commingle fun and nmazemcnt, at the telegraphic office The vrire, for the tolegraph betveen thi City and Lockport, hos been up for som Wfcek or two, and after Fome preliminary tri als, the telegraph was yrsterday put in ful opera tion. Through tuo polileness of Mr S. P. Carteü, who has charge of the opera' tion here, we witnessed, for some two houra tht constant intéfehange óf messages and art Bwere, by this novel procesa. However familiar one rnay have become, ii theory, with this modern wonder, stil!, upoi wilnessing, for the íírst tlftie, its actual, prac ticül resulta, a certain sensation of atnazement is ahnost inevitable. Thia waa fullj visible, yctfcrday, in the influente upon thi numbers that werc asembled "to see it work,' for the firet fime. The commujiications wer of all sorts- politics, trade, friendship, ant what not. Politicnl cnndidnlep, both Winnen and losers, were mixed np with prices currenf, and the loca valué of flour, tnllow.hidep sndall else Ihnt nwn would either büy orsel -and thtjs despatclied, upon the lightnuig'i apark, to the eaer c.vpeciants, at the othei end of the wire. Some of the incidents wer not devoid of interest, even to the looker? on, A Lockport miller wbb told tlie price of flom in New York, and the price of transportatior then charjjed to Albony, and was asked if he wishod a boaf sent him, to load. This he declmed, at that price. He was then told "É. P. wonls $1000." Not nnderstandinjr the initial?, he qnickly osked-Who wants $1000 of me?" Your agent, to buy wheaf."- Teil him I sent him ihat sum in a draíf, ihis mom ing, bythe packet boat.'' Then canie the nquiry from Lorkport, touching the pricc of sheep'a pelte, in tliis mnrket. This wan tted by one present, but not a dealer, mul li il Blotftnent, with hia nume, transmitted.- The prompt replyvvns, I wWt take him- eend for II." H. wbs sent for, who confirmcdlhetírtt pticc, (fie querist, at Lockport, whs then satisfied. A laughahle incident,illustra!ivcof oaretemnl desire forgreater lmste, mnst not he fot-t. A gentleman mado nu inquiry, nnd the' rèply carne back, 4You must woit til] we cün sond t the Clerk's office." This was annoünced lo the querist by Mr. Cautkr, wlio infnrnied liim lliat it wnuld D-obablv tuko some :pn minnfp:Wit íi a Inok of gravo disiippointment, the nian exdiunied, "Vi;ii! so long? then I must o ngnhi ' atiJ lie mmedintelv left the office! Sucli is luitnnii na ure, pverywliprr; ai d the desire in quostion U nomoro saiisfieu witb the fxcd o1' üghminy tliaii wiili the bIow progresa of tlie loiling x. The wirc, to Lockpori, we. sltnuld not oinit to mention, is nol wotmd, atid isola'ed, from the atmo.epherc, a:.l mauy supponed this mus'. tlisturb the cnununicaiion, pnriicularly in Wi't went her. But ycstorday was vcy rainv, nud stilt llicre was n di.turbnnce, wh-iicver: nut go much os a singlo touch, we believe, Inilinir to reepoiid. Lockpiurj is heucefurih n the A'lairic cjiks soon will be- practicnlly within our city bounde; nnd os soon as the writeri. pon this magie mncliine, shnll havoacquired the focility whicha practice Will pive them, we niny con Her vyiih our friendi there willi the eainc peed os the penloncei: coulíl be mntiiiilly witten, were the parlies together.- iTtío Pilat. The UtsroRV of a Pound of Cotton. - Tlie followirig from nn exchange pnpergives a curious liistory of the progress of a pnund of cotton. It shows how wonderfiilly nlerlnced are the intereslü of modern nntians, nnd their severa] classes of populntion. {' Thero was sent oif lor London !a!ely, from Glasgow, a small pieco of muslin, about one pinnidnwñht, ihe history ol wbich is Txe .followsi' The cotton came from the. Unhed Atajes to London; froni London it went to Manchester, where il . was manufaclured info yarnj from Mancliester it was aent to Pnisley, where il waswovenj il wasseni to Ayrshire next, tvhere it woo tamhoured; nftertvards il wns conveyed to Diinbarton, when il wnj handsewed,andagain returnedto Paisley, Khen it was sent to a distant part of the county of Renfrew to be blenched, an; was returned to Puisley; then sent te Glasgow, and was finishcd; and frorr Glasgow was ent per coach to London It is diflicult precisely to ascertatn the time taken to bring this article into tin nwket, but it may be pretty near th truth lo reckon it will take two yean from the time it was packed in America till the cloth arrived at the rnerchant'i warehousfi in London, whither it mus have been conveyed 0000 miles by sea and 920 by land, and contributed to tin support of no lessthan 150 people, whosi services were necessary in the carriagi and manufacture pf this small quantit of cotton, and by which the value ha been advanced 2000 per cent. What i said of this piece is descriptive of no in considerable part of the trade." Anóther of the Svfferers by the SieaUot Found. - The remoins of Mrs. Gilson,of Sche neclady, one of the passenger lost in tl steomboat Swnllow, were diöcovered Thurs day, as we leorn from the Evenlng Journa Iwo miles beJow Alhena, ond though in ■tate of decomposition, they were identifie by a wntch with ber name on it. The mon ey shehad with her wos nlso found. Th watch had stopped ot ten minutes past eighi wliich was about tlic time the boat sunk. - TXfe toay tce Dié, - The whig and demo crattó voi es hnve fallen off sonie 40,000 fror theproeiden'ial ote H) Pennsylvanio, jet th Liberty vote is about 2Q0 larger than it wa in the president ial campoign. This is a sor of negative death that the Liberty party die Tt will kick terribly before it kicks its last a this ratc. We hsve not yct the returns ex cept for Conal Commiasioner on which thWhaling Cruiics.A gentleman,from Nev - Bedford, nisured os a few days since, says thi d Boston Journal, that one' ebip belonging t i. that place had mnde four successive ailPuC' s ceseful cruises after whales within eigh e yeare, and had brought off thlrteert thousani - barrels of oiï. The crew consieted óf Unrtj I men, and during that timo no spirits of anj . kind had been alfowed on bottrd as a beverag - on any occasion, nor had any man died o , disease. or been serïoüsfy ick, or met will . any accident, except n one of the men in t boat, afier a wliale had been struck, was drag. i ged out of the boat by the bight of the line i catching aroünd bis leL, and linrned down- ward with great velocity. While in thii - awkward, and ramewhnt novel predicament, r he seized his knffe, and ent the line- but to lm ; disapooinJment it proved to be that part ol ' the line which was nttached to the bont!- ; binding himself atill carried dovn by a forcé 1 which hecouldncrt resist, he made nnother s atlempl, and fort.inately succeeded in eeverinff the hne which tied him to tho whale, . whpn he ascended to the surface, pufEng and I blotving very tnuch Ülíe a Whale,1' aíid was i sonn rescued b his companione, without hav i? experirnced essential injury. I Sutnmarj of the Treatury -A . Washington correspondent of the Journal of t Commerce says 'n ad vanee of the report of the t Sccretary of ihe Treasury, that the receipts from Custotns for the fiscal year ending 30lh June, 1845, wil! exceed 807,500,000; from Public Lnnds, L2,000,000; miscellnneous nnd incidcntsl sources, $163,998 56; tnaking n all, over .f29,700,000. There was a bolancoin the Tre.isiiry Ist July, 1844, of $7,257.879 64, which, added ro the reccipte, will make a total of over $37,500,000. The expenditures for tlie same time were about $30,000,000, which Ieave9 a balnnce in the Treasury of abnve ff?,500,000. In the items, the expendituies nder the direction of the War Depariment were over $15,000,000, or more than one lialf of the whole expense of the govemment. The civil list will noc mucb ecred two and a qtiarier milliona of dollars, and the foreign ntercourse noi half a million. The Navy Department has exceeded ubove $0,000.000; making upwards of 21,000,000 for our active national defeuce.- Fiei Prrts. Kpeuking Cross. - Yon gnin nothinor by íharsli word. Wliut f thot boy broke tin pitcher, or put lus clbow tlrough the glass do yoti mend eithcr by applying harsh ep'Iictd to ftroi Does it make liim more careful in fiiturr? Does he love you betler?- Hark ! he is tfiurmatins . What says the boy -'I ni gliuj óf it; I dott care how niuch break." He lalks thus to be even with lii innster. ft very wrong in hi.n, we know bnt it is hnmnii natuip, nnd llie exatnple ha been set b-efqfe hi:u by yw. Say !o tlie oarelesg boy, ''I am sorry; yoi must be more careful in fuiure," and wh will be his reply] "It was au accident, and wül be mort carel'iil." H will bever breal nnoiher pitclier or gltisï- if he can help il and he wil! respect and lóve yon a ihousani times more than when jroii flew in a rngre nn swore vengffonce on iii4 head. Remembe thií, ye wlio pet ongry and rave at a trifle -Poitland Bulletin. Kep U in mind - Thot in Rhode ïlnnc every man why has nol property to the amonn of one hundred and fonr dollars, i oMijjfd to pay the gnvernment ójb doli,a every year the privilege of voting, whil exery nan who psse-ses tiint nmount of prop eily, mny vole in viritie of it, nnd wilhou pnying ovE CENï for the privilege. This i Rhode Ibhind Aijrerine faualifv. Is iher


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