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120 HARTFOR Wlre Insuma cc Company. rHK Subs.;riber, agent for he llurtjoui ttrt Insurance Cm,mny, tnkes plensurc m htyigbefura ilie public tho (..llowinjj C rculnr: llAUTrol.lFmElNSUKANCK ÜKIICK, ) uly 22d lS-lö. S i The recent disnsirous fire n New York wil! r courso cxciie soliciutde in regard to us cflict u tbe solvency o( Insurance Compnnit m thai tv, and the nciirhboriii places. The Director Q f the Hartford Tire InouranCfl Company are 1 ppy to nssure ihcir cusioniers nnd the public. lat they are prepared to ndjusi and pny nt nia'uty, all losseo sustained by their office, surplus id current receipts, without dclay, nnd iiliouithdrawing thcir permonent investments. J heir - jpitol remains ampie for tho security of all whO isure with them; and thoy imite owncre or de rabie property to obtain Policio on ft.VDrable rms. boib at the Home Office and at the.r sevV ral Agí-nciea. Their mode of tronsnetingbusi. en, which for 35 years past hna secured the pub c confidence, wilt remnin unchinged. , Bv order of the Bnnrd of DirecJors, b JAMES G. BOLLES, Sec'y. g' F. J. B. Crank. Ann Arbor. F By chis il will be seen, thnt the Compony pny b ,eir' losses. during tho last bíx monihs of fires, . UTOFTHKIR f SURPLUS FUtfDS. Since the pa ment of onei!iounnd dollars, to ed; L. D. Powera. of Brighton, tbr the loss sustainto d by hini, the Company hnve pnid ihc subscriber rie nother ihousand, for Flotir Barrels, bami at yCi ie recent fire in this For this last thou; ind thesubscnlier psid the Compnny four Holfe irs-a gaod investment as he thinks. diring he ïesc hard times. All who are not inaurpd nrc in( ivited to cll on hini, and he will issue PoIícícf pt ■ithoiudeloy. '"! F. J. B CRANE, Ajrrnt. ,J0 Ann Arhor, July 20, 185. 2?4tf w: - - ' ■ til In Chanccry- Ist Circuit, hi. korgeF. Porter, administraior of Oliver Knnr, lia eceiised, complainant, r5. Loren Mills.EIjjah V. iorgin'anJ William S. M'nyoardi defemlants. ' BY virtue of o decretal order i6sued out of nsi the court of chancery of the S'ate of Mich"'' rOn, Ishnll expose tu sale to the highest bidder, " t the Court llous in the Villnce of Ann Ai.e or Washtenaw couiity, on the 23d day of Sep' smber next, at I o'clock, M.. ol that day, the oe llowing desenbed premises eituate, to wit: 1)e 'sitúate, Ifing; nnd being in the town of Ann he irbor, in the county of Washtenaw ,md Stnte o! Pr lichignn: Beginning at the centre of Whites . Load.'so called, on the west line of seciion 29. V i town two south of range six east; thence M juth on the line of the said section and on-the Wl ne of seciion thirty-two, forty rods aouth of the nc auth west corner of the said section to a atake; Pc ïenco eaat at right anglcs wiih eaid seciion line er tiirty rods: thence north and parallel with said hf ection line to the centre of said Whites' rond. - "hence south seventy five degrees west in the cenl0 ra of the said rond to the place -of beginning. a ontaintug thirty-three acres and sixty-fite hun redths of an acre of land more or les. al ORO. DANFORTH, Master n Chaucery. JOY & PoRTER, Sul'. Dated. August 1 1 th, 1845224 The abovc sale is pos'poned until the 20th day of October A. D. 1845 at the ame hour and 1l0Ce' GEO. DANFORTH, Mnstcr in Chancery. Dated, Sept., 18-Í5The above salo is postponed ntil the I7th diiy of November, A. D. 1845, at t.ic rne hour and place. _; GEO DANFORTH, Mnster in Chancery. Dated. October 20ih. lö-J5. "TO THE VICTORS BELONQ THE SPOILS. ALTHOUGH niany prepnraüons in the form of -'POPULAR MEDICINES" hayebeen before the public, claiming to give reüef, and even cure the most invetérate diceases, yet none have so well answered the purpose as Dr. Slierman's Medicated Tbey are agreeable to the taste, easilv administered. and from the unprecedentedsuecesswhich they have niet with, and the rcmarkable cures which they have pcrformed, may justly liy claim to themle of Conqueror over the diseases for which they have been recommended. Dr. Sherman'a COUGFI LOZENGES" Cure the most obstinate cases of Cough in a few hours. They have cured a large number of pereons who have been given up by ;heir physieians and friends. and many who have been reduccd to the verge of the grave by spitting blood, Con■umption nnd Hectic Fever, by their use have had the rose of heolth restored to the hagjmrd cheek and now live to speak forth the praisesof his invaluable medicine. Dr. Sherman's 'WORM LOZENGES" Tlave been pn-ved in more than 40.000 ensetto be infallible, in fact th on!y certain Worm Destroyíng Medicine ever discovered. Children will eat them wlien tLcv cannot be íorced to tnk any other medicine, and the benefit derived from the administration of medicine to them in thií form is grent beyond concepiion. When the breathof the child becomea offensive, and there is pickingofthe nose, grinding of the teeth du ring sleep, pa'eness about the üps wjth flusheil cfte'eks. headiche, druwsiness, starting during eleep. disairberi drenms, nwaking with fnght and ecreaining, troiiblewrae cough.feverishnesii.thirst. voracioue nppefite, sickness at the stomach and bloated stomncM- these are among the many prominent oymptoms of worms, and can be re lieved by these incomparable Lnz.ftnges. I ne have never bet-n known to fait. Dr. Shcrman iCAMPHOR LOZENGES" Relieve Hendache, Nervous Sick Hendnche, Pal pitation of Jhe heart. and Sicknefe in a very few riiinutea. They cure Lnwress of Spirrts, DespotJdency, Faintnes3. Colic, Spnsms, Crnmps o) the Stomach. Slimmer or Uowel Comploints. they keep up the spirits, dispel all the distressmt Bvmptomsofa nisht of dissipation, and enable o person to undergo great mental or bodny tot!. - Dn She.r4OOR MAVS PLASTER Is acknowiedg:d by nll who hnve ever us d it t be the beat strengtheninc Piaster in the world, nnd a sovereign remedy for pains and wcaknc in the back, loins. side? breast, neck. limbs joints, rheumatism, lumbago. &c One millioi a yenr will not supply the demond. Cininon i necessar' , as there are mniy unpnnciplcd persons who would lorce a spunoua articlo upon Ur cimmnnity. Be carciul to get Sherman s Pooi Man's Piaster, with a 'fac simde oi hia wru ten name on the back- none others are genuinc. nnd will do more hurt than good. Whcn such men as the Rev. Darius Anthony, of the Oneida Conference. Rev. Sebastian Stieet er of Boston, Rev. Mr. Dunbar, Mr. Hancock. Tïlv Mr. De Forest, Ilon. Aaron Clark, J. Hoxie, Esq. Hon. B. B. Beardsley. Daniel Fanshaw, Esq. and a host of names of the hke reputarion can be brought forward to provo the efncacyofDr. Sherman's preparations- when i they are so warmly recommended by the medical pro fession, and prescribed in the practice, and wheu such universal approbalion follows thetr use nmong all classes, we may justly say that the Dr. ís not oniy entitled to the appellation of "VÍCTOR," but can fairly lay claim to the patronage of the public, and wil! rrceive it. Agents for Ann Arbor. H. M. Thompson S.Co W. S. t J. W. Maynard; E. Sampson. YpsHanti; D. C. Whitwood. Dexter: Pickford Sc Craig, Saline: Smiih Se, Tyrol. Clinton. H. Bower, Manchester: P. Fnrlick & Co., Plymouth: D. Gregory and A. Grant, Northville. 2l8-6mNATIOiNAL TEMPERANCE HOTEL Utico, JYew York. CHARLES N. GRIFFIN, Proptitürr, wou respectfully inform his friends, and the pu lic generally, that he hns taken the above H tel. located'a't 127, Gtntste. St-ect. nenr the C nal, where he is now prepjred to nccommodï the public at all times, in the best possible mo ncr. and on reasonable terms. Stages Ieave and arrive nt this House daily, anl from all parts ff the Country. GOOD STABLING ATTACHED. The proprictur flalters him6elf from (he exp riencehe has had in fceepüïga Public House, n the exertion he intenáa to pui fonh. that he w. he nhle ! piense all who may favor him wi "■;■ ;:': ,■ iuit Claim Deed JUPT PfiritêJ andJbtcile a( lUie office. 3KJf ÉBfP Vv Pcoplc froin the Country SsircRSfgSifeMWJT!-' 'ñ63 V Góo'jj I i,-r Hungfligs, or Feathers, T" TllO Woilílerítll SlICCCSS wliilo jí.iina ihc roniKls to sci-nai the vnrious -1' ■ "v " , ; .,, „tvles 01 psiccs ol" Goods in tlie ciiy, are re"" V1IICU Dr. Fulgerö' Olosaonan, or Al.y I „re licaling Balsa.n hns me. witli not uní) l"d tü caU J1 On itssale. bul nlsu in ihe cures which it hns el W. A. HaymOnCTS fcXOrC, u,, itetL in 'peisuns who wc.e in n lio)e!ta con o. J -J8. Jellcrs.n avenue, lein onc (iuor ibove lojr ion," hns couvinceil l.lie must skepiical of i!.-{„ti."8 tíl. nnd next door to t'ie "Mnnlint'an w, traordinnry cur.üive propcitics. nnd csinblislx'il 3i„rc." The undersigned hns taken n greai s;c claims to thu nainc oí íhe GKET REM(eal of pains ni selectiny his goods 10 eei Insh ilin )Y. onnblo tvlesond deiralltj qualjues aini lie u Cu The qMcstion is no longer nskcd.'iCa.u Asthvtü (.onf)deiu tliu his assortment particalarly of such ihe curid?" ]t has been sniis'aciorily su'.dtd wiihgOJg as are de rabie for the country irado, ís_uí (;ur the last two inonthe bat Folger's Olosnonian co,ripielt. as mv in 'lie city. Re II a cure quicker than any OT x"; J{e has 071 hand (úí y m ihe world. and references cn i he gi%e Balznrinéa rtc persons in and out of .he city who have expe Grtígha m, SdS sHl ;Lea i.s wonderful [ vinuoa. who had tned o, Ln M n do Lames, . „rsallother.srcmed.osin va.... , 9Ül " L TüSaa 'Vo Mr. UcA. [atyle, gQfi In gsilíi a Si? I i!!fö55TSqW '-Mncknnd fi.„cy H.e.jSilk., Bonnet Slk., g yol ibja remedy wl.ich he hm! taken had done Linen Ciimbnc Handkf.r,l,l.f8. ,)y m more poodihan any and all the tntdicincs he AL.ÖU, ;ij( idíver nsi-d in his lifr. BROAD CI.0THS, C.ASStMEEES, SATINETTS, ,o Mrs. Be!l. .he ift: of Robert P. Bell, of vESTXKOS, PULL CLOTUS, MOLESKINS, e siiowii, N. J.. who was severcly offl.Cted witb nnnirv.s ni APK AND isl .lima, wasgiven up by her phyflic.ans. She DUILMM.S, ULACK AND djs ns removed to the eeabonrd in tho hope of pal fancy CRAVATS, q itihs her distrcssing eymptoms. but with no And indeed, nhnust eyery articlc belonging to üiofu. One bottle of the Oloeaüian sn far reihe Dry Goods business. All r.f which wiil be q ved her that shc was ahle to get up from her sold at the rery lowesf mtcs, foi Cash. Cali and t1; id nnd dress herselT. a thiníí she had not done Sp.o for yoursclves - none are expeeled to biiy if „„ ífore in monihs. and she has now retiimed to. thev do not fitul priecs full as luv. if not a lilllt r0l jr re8idence in Morristowh, N. J., wiih every loiccr than elscwhere. r ' ú ospecl of being speedly rrstoTed. W. A. RAYMOVD. INXIPIEN'I CONSUMPTION Drtroit. May 23, 145. 213-Criiopcctorate eneily, while it nntirely restores the seretions of the system and expcdites retumin . lealth. I JAMES B. DEVOE. 101 Reade strcet, had i ong been complainigg of o sorcncss in the chest. ( icrompanied with a short hacking cough: lic aised matter freely, had lost his appetiie und feit ïlarmed at hi siiuation. He had tried various remedies without any beneficial effect. His jhortnessofbrenth and pain in the sidecontinued [o increa8e. He usedone bottle of the Olosaoni nn. and is restored to health. George W. Burnett. of Nevvark, N. J.. Gen. W. Hays. of New York; David Hcndereon, GO Laightst:' Mrs McGann, 20 Walker st: F. Loban. 52 Pike st.. Mrs. Archibnld, 35 Walker si, with HUNDREDS OF NAMES of persons re siding in New York. could be given, who are ready to bear testimony to the superiority of the Olosnonian over cvery other rcmedy known for the cura of coughe. colds, asthma. consiinipiion, jpiltinp of blood, dyspepsia, consnmption, bron:liiiis, difficalty ofbreathing, hoarsencss. influnzn, pains in the breast and side. and the vari jus atTections of the stomach and liver. For snle at 106 Nassau st, one door ahove Ann, ind nt Mrs Hays. 139 Fulton st., Brooklyn. Agent for Ann Arlwr. W. ?. & J. W. Maynard; E. Sampson, Ypsüanti: D. C Wliitwood. Dexter; Pickford & Craic. Saline: Smith &, Tyrol. Clinton; U. Bower, Manchester; P. Farlick Sc Co., Plyniouth; D. Gregory and A. Gram. ïorthville. 218-6mo To Clothïcrs, iñanafacturers and Iflercliants. THE subscriber is nuw receiving ai hip stores. 18, and 190 Jeiïeison Avenue, Detroit. ,e following, careftilly and well selected stock Of DïK VVOOLS DE STUFFi, & WOOLLEN Maï urCTURER's MaCHINF.RV. 15 tons Fusiic. Cuba, Tobasco, Tamptco and Cnrthagena, 10 tons Logwood, Campcacb, St. Domingo and Honduras, 6 tons Nicaragua, Bonair, Caro, Hache and Lima, 3 tons Camwood, very choice, 180 barrels Logwood, cut and ground, 130 " Fustic, " (0 " Red Woods, 120 " Camwood, " " O " Querecitron Bark, 45 s Allutn, 42 " Copperaa, 30 " Blue Vitriol, -8 " Madder, Ombro and Dutch Crop. 3 Cream Tartar, 2 " Nntgalls, 2 cases Indigo, Bengal. Manilla and Guatimala. _ t ncnses jc-uyi, 2D li ext. Logwood, 2 ' GrniBTin, 300 pounds Verdigris, 15 Carboys Oil o Vitriol, Spirits Sea-Sahs and Nitric Acid. ALSO, Copper Kettle ana Clothcre' Screws, Tenter Hooka. Jacks and Bruthes, Prega Pnperp. ( -ard Clcnners Weaver's Sheer. Nippersand Btirlinf. írons. Comb Platee, Pickers and Robbins, Wire Worsted and Coiton Harness. Stoel and Cañe Reeds. Eroad Power, Hand Loom and Fiy Shut tero. Stept and Copper Maifs Emery. &c. Parson's Shearmg Mnchinos, 4. 6. and 9 bladcs Allen's donble and single Carding Mcchincs. Machine Cards. Leicester. The al'ove goods have been reeently purchasod. directly from the importers nnd manu Incturcrs. EXci.UíirKi.v fok rtsn. and wi!l h gold at the Nf-w York Jc!l ers' pnces, Wifi ransportation only; nnd in consequcnce ot ili decline on many of tl.c Arrrr.cnn ninnufaotme irticlep. will in mnny cuses, be sold at Jifteev 'Vcr cent Us's thnn former prices. The subscn hers experience in the Dye Wood trade ennblc liim to say to hi customers that he ís prepare ntall times to warra.nt his goad3 of superio qUalUy' TtfíEO. II. EATON, Dye Wood an)ye Stufi' Warehonne, 188 and 190 Jefferson Avenue Detroit. Aug. b, 1845. ■ 225-4m POLLARD TBIWPERANCE HOUSE, BY WEYBÜRN & BROTHER, BLFFALO, 1 Comer of í'earl Sírcct and 'Errare nzur tíi Landingsofthe Stcamloatsutid latí Rond Cars ÍN Compliance with tho soliciiations of man 'friends of Tetnperance, nr.d our own coi victions ol duty, we actempted the e.vner. nent ofkeeping a house on genuino 1 em perance principies, and are happy to roy w Lvn becn sustained ií our cfforts to th" public with a house worthy oí iheir mipport." After havingbeen in opcr.mon four yeors. aj .riving universal eatiefjiction, we hnve no Iiesitj non in offering our claims to the support ot tl ■ travelins eommuniiy. p WEymJlNf O. WEYUURN. CHARGES MODERATE. Patrons nn-1 iheir baíígage coiiveycd to ar from tlie House free. iWc the subscribcrs. tnke pl.'nsurc n rccorr " menning the obove House tn ibe Irieiiilí oí ri e cane. as bemp worthy ol' their patronnirc C W HARVEY. Prcs't Erie Co. J rup. . S. N.CALKNDF.R, Sec'y !o 0 DANA FOBES. Prrs't Ynune Men s do. II. MILLERD.'Pres't Pollard Tem. Socict; A.AD A MS. Scc'y do J' HuíP.Io, July. lS4.r,. 6nio- 933 5O Tlcrino Backs; (l wF the finest fjuulity for sale by John l'.ir v J of Superior, nncí A. Hurtfr of Ypsilnni S iirl I5urks ore fp-m the moa; éébratad Hoek i the Easterrr States. JOHN BREWER, ÁtFRJBD HVXTBEÏ nperior. Ot. 80. Ifi4.r. 9 í. il_ titudes of óld cnsed long sin cc nbandoncd b 'hysiciïins mul Surgeons as uaerly hopeiess. tliai o medicines, wheie ihosc are known, stand Só eservedly high. Thcy consist of nIiE BLACK. OU ÁlÍLEBASl'S SALVE V rice L5 Cents, Vhich cures alniost univeisally. Fever Sores, ol he most malignniu kind, Felons. Ulcers. Abcessee. Tumors, Fractures, Cuis. Piincture?, {urns.Scakl8.Sore Thront. Cliilblaiiis, Quincy. I)rop-'y. lniliiiiuiíory Rhcumalisui. Iufiamnntions and S wol I i ñas cl'cvery desciiption. Scaid Icad. Agüe n lite Face. Nervous Tooili Ache. guc in the Breast. Brokcn Breast, Ac. &c. á VLLEBASI'S IIKALTII TILLS. 25 Cenls. Tliese Pilis ha'e acquircd n populnriiv within [ie last year o two, which no otlier i5ils p'ise6s. The re.isonsarc olnioiis to all who nsi hem. They cure all Hilious, Scarlet and otlir Fevers, Fcvprand Agüe. Dyppepsia. Drojjsyi Vcid Stoinnch. Disorder. Bowels. or Stomacli, aunoice, Head Ache. Dizxiness in the IJearl. Vornis. LivcrComplaint, lleart Burns. CHoÜCj Jownl coniplaint. General Dehility. Costivcness. te. &c. Their pnrify ihe entire systcm. leavp ie bowels in a viorous and healthy condilion. kc. See painphlít. ALLEBASl'S TOOTH ACHE DROPS. Pr'tcc 25 Ccvts. Víll cure an ordinary case of Tooth Ache, in rom three to ten minutes. For Nervous and ther kinds of Tooth Ache. see Pamphlet. ALLEBASI'S POOR MAiN'S PLASTER, Priie, 25 Cents. re warranted to be snperior to any other Plasersin this or anv other country, for pain i veakness in the Back. Side. Che?t, Bowels, L,oins. Musclcs. and for Rheumatism. Lon{! ind LÍver Complaints, Coughs. Colds, Astlnna. kc. Sce pamphlet. N. B. Please to ask the ajerent for apnmphln vhich frises all the inforniation necessnry reslecflng the uses of the Medicines, the virtuc.' hey possess, etc. Please toollow directions m he use of the medicines, and ?ou may rely upan nll that ispromised. A libera1 discount nmde to merchantsand oth ;rs. who buv to srll agnin. LYMAN W. Gil BERT, Proprietor, Wholesale Drujígist, 2J4, Fulton si, N. Y. ETFor sale by the cul6criber. who has boen ippointed general agent for the City of Detroi índ its vicinity. Country dealers supplied on ibcral terms, „ C. MOR PE, Michigan Book Store. The above medicines are for sale a thi' BooK Store of WM. PRRY, In Ann Arbor, Lower Villaje Doccmber 9. Ífi44, 34 ly 3ry Goods at "WholeBaíií. BEE -HBR& AP.BOT OFFER for bnJf for cish the foHowinp goodt? nt New vrb ,iir.!ocW nriors. transnortation onlvnoded: . . 40 Bales Brown Sheetings and Shirtings, 10 Cases Bleached do do 10 Bales Brown Dri'lings, S C:i.-cs Bleached do 2000 lbe Batlin?, 1000 M Col ton Warp, Nos. 5 to L0 500 ' Cnnd'e Wicking, 700 " Carpet Warp. 100 pieces Sheeps Grny CIoUj, 100 ' Sottinetts, C0 " Capsimere, 5ü " Blue, Bck, Brown, Green, Steel Mixefl, and Cadt-t Mixet Broud Cloths. 150 " BlfK-k, Coloree!, Figored and Plair Alpaccns, &0 " Wliite, Red, Green and Vellow Fiannnls, SO " Snper Aleal Bapging, 50 " Plain and Figured Kentiicky Jeans O Linscyp, 50 " Coton Flnnnels, 50 pairs Mackinow Bianketg, 50 pieces M. DeLaine ond Casbmercs, 100 Blnnket Siiawls, 50 pieces 7 8 aix! C-4 BedTickmg, 50 " Slripo Shirting, 50 " Blue Drill, 100 " Pnissian Dieper, 1000 " Eufílish nnd American Prints,"'_ Pin, Buttons, Combs.Gloves, Ribbons, Lncp n Hdkfs. fcc. &c, mokmgr the larpest ond be e assortmcnt of geoda to be found in this stal he 132 Jeffrrson nventie, one door bciüvv tl - St. Cloir Bank Building. n} Detroit, Oef. 7, 1845 Cm he JERÖME M. TREADWELL, ATTORNET AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW And General Land Agent, WILL iiicnd to ilie salo aad exchnngp I.ands, payment of Taxc. nnd iedoin ' iion of Lnnd sold for Tnxee in Jockron and n ioining couüflfij cxaminaiion of Tules, Cpnvc „ trtëig and all bnsinesspertaining to Real Lstal ... i Mee in the Couri Houbo. Jncksriii. Michigan. 17""s ""BLAVAM HOUSE. ALIIA.NY, NEW' VORK. y 1Y NATÍIANIEL ROGERS. 1 THUIS celcbrnted hóusc is now open for the r - ccpiion ofiravolers. It is the Inrgest dime sinns. and is etttirtíy vao in all its paris. er is ftirictty a Tcwprnnre House, nnd whilc i ti. pa'ina lU bcsparud to mnke it all that the trai ii; eli52 public can asK, it ie expected in retui trir.tu will recoive the patronage of jII the fneni of Tempcroñee who may liaVc occasion to vu I, lM IQ, I?t5." W33. BRINCKERHOFF'S THE HOPE TO 6BTAIN RELIEF .vaere it seems denied 10 ilie sick. wc lay we 1 on strnws likq men! Thus il is that thcre Wl ihou-m.ds wlio are the quicker hnrried !IJ( to ilie yavni-g grave in eonscqiiencc o (er :liin? hose false flonts that are not nblü to sus len i ihem. and they sitik. R'emeóibéf. tlien. en i,c in nppa .tut licnl'.h, ihnl if you are tokéj VV(. v wiih prédíáposíríg emptoms of diseased w(l ss, or with matUed attnck of real Cough. )ol lii, Liver Coinphiiu, Consumption. or Pain in ari Chest iind Side, lliat yon can find relief and (), e ly ihe use oí Iírinckerhoff's Hcidtli 0, storniivc Gi'e it your confidenco, use it n ly and in accnrdancü wiih the prescHBed ,1( tiOns. nnd your help is rertain without even a ()( rdow ol doiilii. ly tho favor of Ilenvcn. (c l no huns of friends or relatives to keep, you T in the detcniiination ofusing the Rcstorative nu êpifc of al'. o!posit:on óbtain soim1. and secreily () mi if you niiiRt. but hoKHy if you can, use il w hlully nnd honcsily widj jusiioe to your own q io. and to the credit of ilie medicine. The W( uit we wi.ll warrant to rcach and even exceel r bi.'st aniicipations. We picad the siek to try 8 rérnedy ; we are anxious that nll shoukl share w, is happy ellecï. nnd we nre urged to it aole!y ! (: 'he prorhptínga of the philanthiopic inoüveoi liim the suff'erer. Never give Up' your as peleM wliile Mr. Brinckeihoff's Restorative is ï lintKed - in that we confidently predict a hnninient or even a pre emptton of Consn:nptive ense. Tlie following certifícate is from Dr. lilton. the w'll known New York ciiemist. u have nnolvzcd a bottle of Medicine cnM '. Brinkcrholl's. Henltli Restorative,' and find u n does not coniain Mercmy. or nny o'hcr ;tallic preparaiion; nor opium in nny of i is rhiB. It is composed of veetaMe matter ene!y." Jmes R. Chiltou. M. D. C. BR1NCKERUOFF. Sole Proprictor, 580 Broomc etreet, N. Y. For sa'eby W. S. & J. W. Maynard, A cents, nn Arhor. L':'5-4w Morlgagc Sale EFAUL'l havmg been ma. ie in the piynii-in of a ctriain sum of tnoney secured t : pnid by a certain ndenture of tnonage bearg date tlie tlurteenth day of June. A. D. ono lousarid eiht hutidied ":id lliirty seven, c..;ited by Christopher Muilen and 'J'homas Muln of the lovrn oi' Nonhficld. in the couniy o[ ?oshtennw an.l State of Michigan, to Thomas lilluly oí said Iüwv, county and State, wliich lortgage was duly remorded in the Reister's [Bre of tliccouiiiy ol" Wnshienaw. aforesaid, on ie thiiteenih day of June, in the year of our ,ord eightcen hundred and thirty seven, at 4 o'uck in ihe afternomi ol said day, in Liber mmisr five ol mor rengos at pnge one hundred nnd jventy eight wliich niortgage hos been duly ns gned to orrR John Riiey of the city. couuty and tnie of New York. And (k-lauli liaving also been made in tfie contions of oaid mortcage, i:o suit or proceeding : ;iw hnving len insii'uted to recover the wholeor any part of the money nowdue or clnmicd to ie dtic on ihe niortgngft) and by virtuc of the evernl defnults. there is now clnimed to be due n Bflid mflrïgniïe. the sum of two hundred and eventy fiiur dol'ars and scventy nine cents: No icc is thercforc hcrehy L;iven. that in pursunnce fa power of snle in snid mort sage contained, wil] be sold nt the outer dr.or of the Court House, in the vilwge of Arm Albor, in the County of Washtenaw nforesaid. a: public nuction on the second dny of Janunry next ( A. D. lf?!G)at usn o'clock in thcforenoon of ïaid dny, in pursunnce of said power of snle nll and singular the premisesdescrihe-l in snid niortgnge as fnllows: "Beingall lint certnin tract of l.ind sitiwted in the town of Northfield in the Coumy and Stntc nforesaid hcina ihe nnrih enst qunr er of the outh west frac'.wnal qtmrter of séction numbered tliirty one in township numbered one south of range ei. oost. comainiiiL' li.'iyone acres of land be the snme more or less." or so much thereof as shall be necessary lo satisfy the amount actuaüy due on said mortage togetlier with costs of sale. JOHN RILF.Y. nssignee of mortgage. By FIawkis's & Pr.xTT. his attornies. Ann Arbor. Sept. 26, 1845. 231 W0Ol,! WOOLÜ CLOTH! CLOTHÜ TTMl E subsenbers will continue to munufacJL ture FnlleA Glotli, íor 37J ets. per yard, and white flannel for 2ü cent? per yard; or tïiey will manufacture the woul lor hall tlie Hoth il vjl mnke. Their Factory is 2i mi)es West of Ann Arhor, on the f uron River. Wool will also be received at Scio Vhen sent by Raihoad it will be atlended to in the sume mnnner as u tne owneis were to coinr wiih it. Wool will bc mnnulactured in turn as il comes in as nearly as it enn be done will) relerencë "' thediffijrent qnnlilies of wool. WOOL CARD1NG, will bedone at Scio, by Thomas Hosliins. S. W. FOSTER&CO. Scio, May 1, 1845. '2in cañt"be beát ! THi: Hulisciibers would inforin the l'ublic. thai they continue to supply ihe State ol Michian with L, B. WALKER'S PATENT TJ-e lnrge niimoers of these Machines that havi been solcl. and the steadily incruusing dcinnnd foi them. is the best evidence of their real valué, and of tbeir cstimation with those who have be come lainilifir with tlieir nierits. Wu.kku's Smul Machine is superior toothers in the lollowing particulars: 1. Ab il combines ihe Eenling. Scounng, and Bloiciixr Principie, it clcans the smuitiest i L'iuin iti ihe best manner, retaining all the fnc Tii.n of ihe wheat, and discharcing thesmut and dufit an fast ns separatcd from the whcat. 2. It is simple, in eonstniction, and is t.icreforo less Habla to bccomc deranged, and costs less lor repairs. íQ 3. It runs very light, and is petfectly secureirom nru. -. , . 4. It is as ÍKrMe as nny otlier Machine i 5. It costs considerably ilvm other kind These important poiiits ofdifference Inve giv en ihis Machine the prdercucu with tnosc w linvefnirly iried it. Ainonjc n large number Gentlemen in the Müling Business who n?lgl hennmed, the foilowing have uscdihe Mnchine aná ceriified to their cxcellency and supenoriiy : H. N. HoiWAHDj Pontiac. Mich. E. F. Cook. Rochesier, do E: B. Dam'orth. Mason, do M. F. Fkink, Bmtuli, do II. H. Comstock. Comstock, ao References tnoy a'so bc li.uf to John Bacoh, Auburn, Micb. VV. Rvon. do do ).C Vkfxand. Rock, do Joh.t Phips, Monroe, do H. Dousman, do do A. Bkach. Waterloo, do Gko. Ketchom. Marshall, do N. Hkmkn'at, Oakland, do All orders for Machines will be promptly a tended to. Address E. O. &A. CRITTENTON, Ano Albor. (í.ower Towo) Wn.ali. Co. Miei AuL. 24, 184522G-1y " WOod ! Wood ! ! A FEW Cordö of Wood wantcd immediatel in payment for the Pipntjl o f Liberty.1845. J. HOLMES & CO., A [OLESALE AND RETAIL. DEALERS IN ;il)(l STATU? AND FAKcV DRY GOODS, m ry imÈWcerivs, Carpeting, ff and paper Ilanginss, . (33 Woodward Avenue, Larned's cgUn Black, Detroit. y0U j holmks, Ncio York. ) SI.' S M HOLMKS. Dltroit. $ U] [TE lake this moihod of informing our friende ry V and customers throughout the State, ihai ncc nre siil! pursuirig the even tenor of ñu') Pili f, endeavoring io do our business upon Kir w I [ honorable principies. We would also thi our acl'.nowledgtnents for the patronage ex jn dcd to us by our custumers, and would beg wil ve to cali the nitenrion of the public to n vety ten 11 selected nssorjmenf of stasonublc Gooil. nnt ich are ofiered at wliolcsale or rrtail at vcry ke t prices. Our faciliiieB lor purchasinij Goods pei : iwisurpasfcsed by any concern in the State - wil ie of tbc linn. Mr. J. Holmes resides in the ih.n y of New York, and frorri bii long experienct ] the Jpbhirt'g trade in that city. and from hi. Vo mugh kniwledje of the niarkt't. he is enn the :d to avail himself of the atieiiona nnJ any sca L'line in prices. We also pinchase from the cm iporters, Mnnufacturtr's Agems, nnd ftom tbc gtï ctioii8, by the .ajkage, the same as N. Y. bbers ptirchase. ihus savin iheir profits. - up iih tnese iaciliiies we ctn safely say thnt oui ni iods nrii eoid chkat for the evidencc of vvhich ih( ; invite the attention of the public to om stock. Pe e hold to the great cardina! principie of -'l'ie th catfist rood to the trkoli number." so if you pr intto buv Goods clutip. nnd buy a large do i for a l'ilth, vunuiij give U8 a trial. Our stock sk as êxtensiye as any in the city. and we are jn npinntlv receiving new and fresh Goodd from If ew York. a I 10,000 lls. Tlool. g Wantod, tlieabovc qunntity ol g od mrchunt„j ,1e Wool lor which the highest mnrkct prico be paid. . vn J. HOLMES & CO. JJ Detroit, 1845. 214-tf g - or Phe Misses Clark's School, m ANN AUBOR, MICHIGAN. iMARYII. CLARK, Principal. D CIILOE A. CLARK, Vice Principal. M RHOIiY K. CJ.AKK. Aisociate Teacher. I. L. W ALTER, Teacher of Alusic on the Piano. . MARSHj Teacher of Matbematics and Vocal Music. I F. SHOFF, Teacher of Frcnch, Germán and ie Classics. 6j ' . a rUIS Institution luis been in operation since -j November 18, 18:59. The scliolastic yeat inbrricinfi forty -i-ipht weeks, two icrme. comrising two quarters eacli- twelve veekn in ol - n aeneral examination nt the close ut C ach term- in Ftbiuiry and August. 'rhe last qtianer of the present lerin oommenf es May J9. ' Terms of Tuition. - For the F.tifrlish branchí s, $2.f0 to $5 per qunner. No reduction made F r absence, excep' in cuse of sickness. and no nnipil taken toi less mana cjnarter. r.xtrn ennr;es are made for musicoti the Piano, wah the wv f the instrument $K.O l Frcncli, 3,00 Lntin, 3iffO Drawingand Painting, . ï-0U Pancy Wek, 3.1)0 Board, nclmiing wnshing, Jfglrtat &c, $'.7" ïer week if paid in advance. or $&,0() per week f paid ai the close of thequnrter, Pircntsand uardians nre invited to visit the school every Fridny. whefi t!ie studies of tlie iveek aro reviewed - also somi-nionthly on Wedïesday afternoon, at readingof ihe wcckly comlOMtions. Young ladiea des:rous of entering the school ind pursuingthe regular conrse of sinify. would 1o well to Rommence nt the hcj;iniiiiig of the icrm, or as soon níter ns practicable. Bulonging tD the school íi'e a Library of he tween five and six imndred volumes, nnd Phioophical Appaiatus, Electi cal Machine. Globes. &c. The Missee Clark will endeator. not only 10 promote the intellectnal cuhtire of their pnpil.-!)itt will atlend sjiricily to their moral deportment. With no sectnnnn fefeíing, but wiih n deepyense of religions responsibility, they would crivc siich a tone to cbarncter. as shnll rnnder ii practically fittcd for every station- yrelding to duty but íirm to principio Ámong the books used in thesenooï nre, Abercnan!ic on the Intellectual and Moral PowerF - K'imu's EIcnifntB of Criticism- Wnylands Moral Seience--Nswmrin's Rhetoric - Hcdge'p Logic - Palcy's NatüfnlTheology and Evidencesof "Chrietinnitv- Grey's Chemistry- Purkcr'e Natural Cofnbe's Physi.Jögy- Mrs. Lincoln's Botany- E.nton's nnd Wriflit's Manual of Botany - Burritt's Geocraphy of the Heavens- First. S'ecoiid and Third Books ol Flistory- Mrs. WiUiard's RepuMic f America - Phclps' Leual Classics - Plnyfair's Euclid, and Dny's Algebra nnd Davies' Arithnietic. Inquirv with Tcjard to the school can be mode of the Principáis or any of the followtng gentle men to whom reference is made by permission and who have nt diil'erent pcriods had oi t lier datiahters or wards under our care. Rev. ísiac S. Ketchnm. Centreville: Geo Ketchun. Mar shall; Hou. Wm. R. Delnnd. Jücksmi: P.tuI B. Ring, Michigan Centre; F. II. Winang. Adrián; Daniel Hixson, Clinton; Gardner Wheeler. M. D.. Howell: Rev. F. H. Cttnnng. Grand Rapds: Jereminh Clark, Clnrks'on; Gen. ( C. ITiucall. .ïanies Birdn1I and Rev. J. Bcnch. Flint: D. H. Rowbnd.Northvüle: Ames Me d: Plymouth: Hon. Elias Coin6tock. Owasso; P Mri'h.un. M. D., Hon.'Wml R. Thompson. E. MtmdyrEsq.. John Allen. Esq.. Gco. W. Jew:i. F.sq., Tho's M Ladd. Professor Wilha.-ns. of the Universrty, and Rev. H. Colclazer, Ann The following gentlemen. Rev. H. Colclazer. Rev. Wm. S. Curtís. Rev. Charles C. Tavl r. Professors Whiting ond Williams of the Ünivei8ity of Michigan, have consented to act asa visiting comminec of the School, lo he present when the weekly studies are reviewcd: but espepinllv to altend durinir the semi-monthlyn;itins. April, 1845. 213 1845. WHOLESALE & RETAIL. A. MFARREN, BOOKSELLEBANDS'ATIOMER. SM ARTS BLOCK, 137 JEFFRRSOCf AVKNÜE, DETROIT. KL UPS con8tnntly for snlen complete assoriment of Miscellnneous. Schooymd Clnssicul Books, Letter nnd Cnp FnjJcr, pinin nnd rul ed, Qiiills. In. Seaüng Wax, Cutlery. Wrapping Pnper. i'nnting Paper, of all sizes; and BoTk. Newsand C;innister Ink, uf varions kinds. BLANK BOOKS. full nnd huil bound, of ev eiy varicty of Itulintr, Memorandum Books. cc. To Merclianta, Teachers, and oiliers. buyuij.1 in q'jnniitics, a lurge discount made. Sabbath Schoof and Bible Society Depositor. & o tice to Merchants. THE Subscribers encouraged by the patronage ihey have hitherto reccived in tl.e whólesale depnrtment oftheir buBincsa, will the first day of May next. open the store now occupicd by Geo. Grcnvüle, frontingon Huron streel, and connecting with their present slore in the renr, excliisively for a WHOLE SALES ROOJM, where thcy will keep at all times a full ossortment of DRY GOOD8, BOOTS & SHOES CARPENTINf?, }(ATS, CAPS, PAPER HANOINGS, BONNET, CROCKERY BY THE CRATK, HARDWARE, AND GROCERIES, &C. 6cC. &C. all of which will be sold on as good termis as at ay point thÍ8sidcofNew York City. G. D. HILL, & CO. Ann Arbor, March 26, 1814. 43-tfry- Try - Try- Again. FTER you have tried one thousand and onc M kinds of Filis; the try Dr. Halsted'a Brisk Pilis I you wiiJ lie lully sotisfied tliat thcy nre ns ,cc h pféferritóle to evéry otlier kind ns the buu'h nur t and heat is preferable, to brini forward nnd note a hcalthy growth in vegetables to th'H i ch emnnates front tlie mooi), 'liey nrejust whDt is wanicd in this country pill that opérales quick, thorougli and eosy. j yiiig all impiuities with ihei; lenving the can noch nnd bowcl.s cleon and clenr. Away with j rSLOWPILLS. that net SLOW- cleansc L OW, and lenvc the system in a SLOW etato tm idus inntter ond other impedimenta collect vej inpid in the systeni when once they begin to for umulate - nnd wil! incrensfi as fast as Slow ] iswiH remove tliem. lt isnecessary thercfore. tip liave o britk opcration - ihut wíl] akousk ai.i. ■ r. organs "rom thcir torpu! state, give n nw _ iirius to the blood nnd secretions. Then food i 1 diprst - the etomach gnin strengt!) - the sysr i strong - the nkin clenr - ihe nppente gnod. Qr 1 you nre wel] - whrn your sfóvi doses would w) ip you lingcripg nlong for montlis - and then an( haps u will eend tor n Doctor, nnd whni q( I! lic do? He xvill give yiu a jtowefTul a irtic - onp tluit will do yon soine good. f-.j Now be yixir owii dictoip, nnd tnke Halstrd's p ■neinhlc JU'sU Pil's. and srndunte them to snit d# . fY, . . ii j ric : pnlicnt. I o wcak pnnents give smnll pn _nlfo to chiMren. Thov nre hnnnlcss mul i he given to the most delicate - hut then they e life nnd niotion to the systcm. DISF.ASE is n slow morhid notinn. clocritiix CJ all the email vessola - and calis aloud tor n { nedv tliat will nronse them into action betore y become too 'veak to be kopt in motion. - fn ople die Tor the want of bctión - and fearin ?y shnll f!t:it) n healihy. natural nction - they rfer tnking a elpw ïiicdi'-iiic- ilnt they mny ctor slowlv for yebr - and nt lust die with n w, linprering dipeiise - the natural effcet of ,jt o; !ow Pilis. Asvay then with this theory. - nature wishes to purify ihe aii. pho cnlls upin hurry n thutuler showerV'nnd with it her I ( nps (air physic) to purify. clcnnpn. aml jrive a ■w motion lo the atmosphre. and all is well. ie does no't lichten (ïently thn year rnnnd to _ oduct; tllií moijon. Tfijn follow nntiiréwlien ui nrp out of hqnJth - hnve a had t;istc in your mili - indi'jesiinn - costivenofs fevrr - rolk tl liüs - ft-vor nrul n-iuo - rlvspppfia - pain in bned limbs - taken cold - or in fuet oni ot order in ly wiy - rclievo yourielfinuriediiitelv by ttikint? ' e Rrisk Pilfs. TCiy them once nnd you wilj - 3P no othor. 2P Pilis for 1'5 ceivs. o! Sotd wholesale and retnil by .1. Owen & Cr.. (ctroit: C. Eberbnch. S. P. Jewett. I.n-d &. IcColliirn. Ann Arhor. 237-6m ' rVEWGOODSÜ P ■"1 ARLAND & LEFEVflE, nrenow reeen - f JC ii g ut No. 1, Huwkhts' lllnrh. fl e ery general nssortineut of Fall nnd Winter s fo'óds", lo which they invite the ntteniiofi of puru hasers. ossunng them tiint they will find crtjils. I1 nd nt prices.ihai ennnot lailto prove satisfactory. "hcir stock coi)!t."!íi in pnri of, l.he lullowing: DRY GOODS. Broad-clotbs. Cö&shiiercs, Satinctts. Sheêp's t irevs. Vt'btinys. Alnpacas. Caücacs. Ginhnme. (J 'ashmer's. MouB-i De Lnines. Alpme l'lnids. (] ?hnwls. Cravats. Shtiim, Velveis. SilUs. IVncës. , libbons. Sheetings, Stófliha; Cainlirirs. 15iol kluplins. Jiibhop lawns. Sus-penders, (iloves, I(isip: Tuícail and St'rnw Jionncis, Buttoiif t ind 'rrimmiiigs. of all kinds. ! GROCEIUES. Old nnd "Voinit: ffyaun. Imperial. Öunpowdei ' md roiichoncTeas. Sutrn's. CotTi e.Spici s. M ' aspes. Hu-e. Fish. Cnndlcs., F;dl nnd Win er Oil, &c. &c, Sal Soda, a vtiy Wrge assoit iicnt. CROCKERY AND G' ASS WARE. Tea , ïmi niWiicr Pnts to nimch. JIARDWARE. - Axrs. Coopers Tocis. Shelf Rnods. .Nils. Ac. Wind.iw ffhth. Pl$ nnil l'ubs. Cordnge. Are. r-nd nli nr:iclcsiii.iliat line BOOTS ANf) SHOF.S. Lnilies Oaiiers. Si';ps. Wiilkiiiir SIkh-s, den'.'.-Super Colf Boots. Meti lina lioysci arse do. : Dye ÖHifl'soi' every (Jeseription. Cnsli fi.iid (oi Grnss S. ed, While Bonus. T5cps ivax. Poi nnd Peml Atslifs. nio?l ftinds of Pro'Juce tiikrn in pnyiucnt for fioods Also - CASH PAID FOR WHEAT. GAUl.AND & LEKJ-'.V RE.Ann Aröor, tept. t"?4o. - ". oiv ha?? aainí JrpiilE Su!scrilerhiis jusl . - 1 rcrcivcd, (and is con r. stiint'y recdving) frum 'Xt pvt Üdvk n efogffift nt cl "Sfi3 wull sulcctcd nssortnieiii Jcwelry, Clocks, Watelies, Sk-c &c. which lie iniciáis to sell hs . 10 ;is ni au) othcr tstobliffhmerrf ilus side ot Biilfiiltrlbf rcudt, pay onlij aincui whicli may be lïïuod iliololluw!!): n t:ol Oejoriuieñl of Gold Fini;r liings. Coinmon.Gold Bruasi pins. Giioril Cháins ai'icl Kéys. ijver SSóóns, Gerin.-in Silver Tea ;ind Tnble Spoons (firsi cjunln y.) Silver niifl Gfiinnn do Sugnr 'J'oiigs Geriiinn silver Sali.Musiard and Crcain sjüüii. BtMier Knivts, isilver Pèiicïl Cases, Silver and Comnion Tlmnblcs. Silver Speciaclcs. Gemían and Siccl do. Gogglé, Gjothés, Huir and Tooth ftrüsbes, Laiïier Hrushos, Rnzurs and Pocket Knives, Fuie Öhears ar) BÓÏWfQl Knives nnd Toiks. Ijrinaniiia Ten IV.s and Casiors. Fine ;l ued dBrjtiahia mid Brats Candlesticks, Shaviri" nnd Sips. Clinpmuii's Bf8t Jlaxor Slrcp, Calfand Morocc:' Wnüeis. Silk and Cotion purses, Vioüns and Bows, Vrolin nnd Base Vio! Sirings, Kluns, Files. Clarionete. Accordeons Motto Senis. Sti;cl Pens and Tweezers. Pen cases. Snuffand Tobacco bo.xes, [vory Dressing Combs. Side and Bick and Pocket Combs. Nendlecnsee. Siclc.ioc-, Water Paints, Toy Watches, a grent varitty ol Dolls. in shurt ;he great rariety of ioys evpr Ijrmight io this market, fancy vroik bo.xes. cliüdren's tea setts. Coloane Hair Oüs. Smellms.' öalts. Court Piaster. Tei Bolls. Thermometers. Germán Pipes, Cliildren's Work Baskets. Sinten and Pencils, "VVood Slates. BRASS AND VVOOD CI-OCKS, &c. in fact almost pvery tliing to piense the fancy. Lndiesand Gentlemen, cali and examine for yourselves. Ciocks?. Watchca atni Jewelry repaired and warnmtcd on short noticc. Shop at hia old stond, opposite II. Becker's brick Store. CALVIN BLÍSS.ys , l. - jsi pinu ir uiu uroiu onver. Ann Arbor, iNov. 6lh, 135. 2:7-l Rcady Made Clothing AT REDUCEÜ PR1CES. THE largest and best ussormiem of remi made clotliing ever belore o f Fe red in thi Snue, now on limid anti for eae, Y holes ile o ItetMil, at ihe Cloihing Kinporiuni ol tlie Sub scribers. consjsting in pari ol Fine broadclorh Frock aud Dros ConiF. Tweed nnd nnion cnssiinere, satmeiond jea Frock and Business Coais. Sunimer Coats in great variciy nnd ver chcap. Cassimere, cloih. tweed and summer Pnnts c all stylcs nnd pnces. Sptin, velvei, silk. vnlcncia, ershmnre an Marseilles Vests - a large stock oí riel) and fasl ionnhle 8iy!e8. Also, nu extensive ossortment of Hosicrj Stocks, Soorfs. fjnndkeichiefs. Collars, Shlrti Gloves. Cravnis. Süspènderuj &c. Ac, all vvhich will bo solr! low for ca f k They would repectlully invite all, in want , reudy made gafments, to cali and examine the stock, before purchasing elsewhere, as il has bec selected wiih care in ihe Rnstern ninrket ar inanufacturcd in tlie Iatcst styles and most dure bic marmer. IIALLOCK.& RAYMOND. 'Corner of JeiTerson Sc Woodward aven:ici Detroit, April 4, 1845. 213JDiolution. rjlIIE Copa:inersliip herctofore èxisting tind X ttio firm and sye of R. Sc J. L. Davideo is tliis day dissolved by mutual consent. Davidöon is duly auihoried to settle the deb and bu8ues8 ot' the iirrn! ROBCUT DAVIDSON, J. L. DAVIDSON, Ann Arbor, Oct. 30, 1845. !36-3wESLEYAN INSTITÜTEHIS In8titution will coinmence its firsl term on ihc 15th of September. A building has i futcü up which will accomniodate over ono dred studente. TKRMS OF TUITIOK. 3.00 n per term, for English branches. 4.00 for a mathematica! coursc. 5.00 including the lungunges. ndigent students preparing lor the ministry have tuition free. f students nre nol rendy to commtnee with the ii thcir tnition will be grqduoted in propori to ilie time. loard nnd Lodging can Ce had in tho tillage $1,00 per week. loonis can be had for any who choee to bonrd msclves. Phe following Tcxt Books have ben adopta the Insiitution: ivies' Series of Mnthemntici, including his ithmetic: :dso. CoÜMirns' montnl do.; Brown'a umnmr; YVoodbridgc's Modern Googrnphy, :h Mitebell's cries ot ontline inops: Andrewa I Stoddard's Tintin Grnmninr and Render, odrch'B Greek Lepans nnd Granimar; Ja )'b Greek Render: Comsiock's riiiloso,hy nnd emistry: Blakrp' Aetmnotny; Hayvsnrds'a yniology: ïledgr's Lodic: Whntfly'K_ Rheto Harher'a Elocmion: Hnrris' Uook Keoping: rber',8 Gennral His'ory; AVíIhod' Mistnry of . Unitrd Stritrs: Ihitlcr's Anulogy; Mah:in8 sntal nnd Mornl Philosophy. ! The Insiimtion own a set of tha nbove debed books which ;irn ticsipned for ilic use of tuk ntf who wish not to pnrrlinse'iorJtlu-ni?fclvcF. The Institution hns n Librnry of about one msnnd volumrs, nlso a Cobinet of Minernls d Mnrino fihclls. Manual labor will bc encournged in this in'.ition. A new syptp'n of tnnching Geography by outie mnps will bc adopted, oleo a new Bysteni oí nmnnship. A competent Femnlc Teacher is expected in ne to commonce wiih the. tern. CHARLES GALPIN, Principal. Leoni, Scpt. ]5, l46i 280.ff Pe.rsian Pilis. Put not the Liglit vndera BusluL" but read iiiiii ponder. rHE TIMK IS COME, nul now is, that the great niass of Ihö peopie o this nnd tho d world, huve dtcided thm the PERSIAX AND IND1AN EXTRACTS. e tlie mos! cff;ciual combinatton of medicinal-ircditins th:it ever lias, ur evur cjii compuse, a The IIESURRECTION or PERSIAX II LS, bciug made ol vcgctüblo exiracts. '. ifily digestivo, beconting a juice' in ihe human oíiioch. Tliis tiquid isVutily lafcen uj b the jsoibcnt vesstls, and conveyed ilirou-ghoüf oll' nrts of ilic systum. dispunsing liieand inimatiuu li ihe orgaiis. by bt-ing iissiiiiijatcd with ie bloo-l. it e.ifèrs into i combinaiion, ptinfyi the sircan s ol lile.' You.see it would natu. fly and rtadily coiiibine w.iih the lilood nd all c 8 cio'.i-iiis, ihu? áclúpting i!8t-l renioval } ;,l .list-nsi's o( ' ïmpure bltitfd, whicli clog the. ■ana. c.iusing pain, distruss. ind Jeatli. It the ii)iiriticp sftiln iipnn the oig;m of the stoinnch, t causen lid i'isiu i 'he moutli. u furrcd lougjic, nd brcüth, fiidigcsiioii. dyi-pi-pi.ia. pain. n icnö tf fullnea ur goiu-m .-s. c. Il upon tlie hing „ -liiünt, thiy will emsea Cugh, tiglitius, vciiUiKi-s. ttml n tt'naasy s'ihwVrón in ihi; ihrorti, müiiion. briincliiii, i;ml consunipiion. 1. Oiey etile ujion tlie livci. they will cmuc livcr t o uilaint. j'nindict'. r snllow' skin, frvcr and ague, lihous (liiiNis.js v( All kinds, uiid iricguliuity of hc bowels.dsariahaM, &.v.. 1 ujion the iicivcí, hey will pnnse nervmis we;.kiu-ss. puin in the ï sick hcailiclie. gciii'ral dt-bility, Iww spirit .. ïeat n die back, side, r laad. I n the-systriii ;enernll. ii cau.-e cne:al eiiiacuition. sctulula., uniórs, liglit nard eUiti, pTiiipie, blolchcs, irriiainn. &r. Ac. You'W if :iny thing clogs the engine. nll he uiacliwiury Gccorpei retar'Jed i;i H moiion, nd ns it dccrcüSPS m sircnth, tlie molions Ie;omc pnralyr. (J more nnd more. muil finally it xuses to n. ove. ti wnh liic human S;8'.cm, as lie btood bicornes impuro witli humor, the orljhis -nlltr riciitm, pain, niitery. and if not reni .vt tl, d'-aih A constant díe of these Pilis in a faimiy. will ,d.l jt-ais to ciicli indi vidual lÜ'e. Kor ociiig nnili' ol vegetnlilu e.vtracts, they may be taken :oniynu:h to old nge without i.ijury. !ut witli - k-cid.'d i.é'rietiív Wenkly, puny phildoi)', wüj iccoine h-ahly and with a sluw use ot' Pil!. 'Í luy mm. the w-ak nêivis. t tngth?n he wtitk, oud i-ifntise fill itiü oj jans in n man ne above desenbed Utüiig convuiid ol juio-, tliy pass ih'roiiúfi the amalles v's8t:lt thus reacliing d seise wliOHCvei pnt up'em. e( n in itic iT mui umin. Wc Iwiow théy nrc ilic lx Pili in tlie wiuU. loi l lis of tlioii.itnih Iliai Ivive tftkfen iv(jry "lier il!, (lijve df-mlid o-, nixl nothiiig could Imi'ler thém from keeprng hum on hand - Tok ihee puls frei-ly, aiu) you ifl seldont wuni a; plivcicinn: Wlio éyer" hpard of nmcli sickncss in n-fñniWy -wlrere iheee Pili werc inkt n liet-l) Í TIipi) ;in;im ihey n. p.iin or wrnli. liéss n tlicir 'frf:itw; ihey suofhe llie buwcli, ma ;irc a sare ciik lor DJAIUUICEA OR SUMMER OMPLAhXT, imJigefetion. cosiivencsi'. nnÜ jjlV difeas#irj.Di{ t'ioni ' tu inipme sjoinncfi or M. od. Therc ia iHiiliiiifr beüer f'ir lover nnd ngue. 01 hilious discnpfs, and ulf oihers mcnüiu'fi aboxe. N. Ö, Pricc redifcéd to I's per Imx for Hl Puls Remembor bx cüntiiins :i1 I'il's - lurcfüiii, thev )ir! ihe cliei)e9t as wi-11 as the best. Uewíireoí Pilla mnríle of {.-un s, c;i!uinel iind cöWfté powdere, (ar they will defttróy tlio coais of llifi sioiuiicli in iiue, oiul lause iltath. - Beware, for tlio niosiof iliem contnin ralomcl or sonicrhine ns (?esiriiciive tef human existence. Rcmember ilit Rcurreciion or Persian Pill, are made of Végétnole e.tlinrts. For sale in nllihe principal -placrs in the Uninn- Wholesale ind retnil by P. Owen & Co., Detroit: C. Kberbach, S. P. Jcwcti. L'ind & M'Colluni, Ann Arbor. 2.17-flm E. G. BURGER, Dentist, HAS removed his office to Crnne & Jcwett's Hloi-k, first room on the Second Floor, wiuie tniim wcll preparod to altend lo cvery brandi of his profession. would n-spectfully say 10 all who Imve not had tlioac necessaiy orgnns. THE 'IKKTH. properlv nttendcd to. dclny n longer. hut cnll lipt him nnd eperiencc the OHsennd dmnbifity of his operations. Tkbm .inn.mnd:itiiiLr nndcharces in no ensenble. ._ r Ann Arhor, Mnreh f!, tS4ft. 17lf , marlbokcThotbl. TLMPERANCE HOUSE, NATHAN1EL ROGERS. No. 2'29. Washington Street, Boston. 'TH IS house hns undeigone a thnrough rcpnir, nnd it is intended thnt noruni house shnll i'C superior to it. Jt wil! he under thé inmedite charge of Brown fc Colbiirn. as .Mr. Roger 1 epe the Dclevnu House in Albany . Are your Barns Insured? 1 rpilESabscriber. Aueiitfor the "Protkctiow X H8ÚraÍck Compant."' coiifmues to tnk ! riskt on HousKs. Stohks. Mt.hchandiskv Mili.s, " Kactohiks and Bais, Stocks, &c, nt m.ow taiesas ony otlier jróod Compnny in rhe United ' Stnies. Aasevenil Rnrns witli fliéir contenía nave ' been destroyed in this County the pnst yenr by f LicHrMNG, the Faimer.8 of Washiennw hne :, nowan opportunity for a small Bum, ofmmng ' thcmselves (rom losecs, lo which thcy nre ovoty ; .lnye,posed,byhÍBe.enent.wARD i Ann Arbor. July 31 si. 1845. agf" Admiiiistralor's Notïcc THE undcrsicnl living been "PP0'"1'!1' judpo of Trobnte of Uie county of Wah. ,enaw and Stnte of M.cbiCon: '"iniairators of ' the es.otc of Daniel D. Waterman, late o .d countv deceBeed, and hoving taken P"etnc. r sclves ifa-f unst by giving bonds os the Uw ! quires, is hircby t'iven, to Pc"n' '„, . . debicd to mak e iimri f diaw ' Pyjienl 8 and all thosc ha ving apa.nst the ' ROSWELL-WATEUMAN, f tor. Octobcr 9th, 1845. f


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