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Saturday, Jan. 24, 184G. f Senate. - A number of petitions were presentod and referred, umong which s was one by Mr. Bush, from citizens of ' Washtenaw county, rclative to flowing ' lands. Ilr. Thurber niovcd to reconsider the t resolution adoptcd on yesterday, ( ing the cominiltee on State Affiiirs to ( bring n a bilí apportioning the , sentatives so as to form single districts. , This motion gave rise to un nnimnted ! debate, in which Messrs. Thurber, Dentón, Green, Howell and others participatcd". The question was then taken - Míe ' motion reconsidered and the resolulion laid on the lable. ; On motion of Mr. Chipmnn a resolution was adopted fpr the nppointment of u select committee on the part of the Senate, to act in conjunction with o like commifteo on the part of the House, to take into consideration so. much of the Governor's message as relates to the Geological survey of the Stilte. Messrs. ' Chipman and Videto were appointed said coinmiltee. Mr. Fenton offered a joint resolufion i providing lor the alteration of the i stitution, so as to allow the legislatnre, in counties where there are more than , one Representativo, lo form singlo districts. Twico read and ordered to be printed. Housn. - Mr. Flolüster, from committeo on roads and bridges, reponed a bilí ' to lay out a state road from Saline, in Washtenaw county, to Monroe in Monroe county - referred fo conímitlee of the whole. Mr. Barhour, from commitlee on i ternol Improvement, reported a bilí to , provide for completing the Central t road from Marshall to Kalamazoa, which ( was twice rcad and commited to , lee of the whole. The joiut resolntion from the Senate, relativo to joint convenlíon was on motion of Mr. Peck taken from the table, ' and after some discussion, indefitiitely ' postponed. On motion of Mr. Hand, a resolution was adopted inStructirrg the Committcc on Inlcrnal Improvement to inquire whether the oiïïce pf Comniisioner inay not be abolished without detriment tu the public interest. The joint resolution for an amemlment of the Constilution, rclative to the pay of inembers, was taken up, and after some discussion, the veas and nays were taken, and were - veas 25, nays 19. The Speaker declared the resolution lost, it requiring a mnjority of the whole House to pass a resolution for amending the Constitution. Lnst week we promised to usert a snuill ()ortion of the debate i amending the Cois:i Uition f o as to reduce llie pay of succeedmg L'islutnres. Ilerc it i?. It .shows wliat kind of materials ihoro ore in llie I.egislaiure The resolntion of Mr. Ransom, nnd ilie substituto of tlie judickiry committcc nmendini iho provisión of ílie consiitiiulion limitin' Uir pay of memhore, was taken i:n. Mr. IJawley moved to slriko-out '3 and no in're," and inserí 'not to exceed L8 ppr day.' Mr. Noble exp'ained the views of thecommittoe. Mr. Edmunds was i favor of o fixed sum so as to prevent disctiasion every year. He was opposrd nlso lo the substtiute of the j'idiciary committee, and in favor of fixing the p:y at #2 a dny. Mr. Blair w is nlso opposen to the fubííitute. He aisliod the quöBtiöh olready lec'uifid by the House bet ween J3 ntvl 2, to besubmitted direcily to the people. If thr proponed amendmeent íliíi n t prevaü, lie slmuld move to insert the Cxed sum of $2 s day. The ameruhnent was lost.Mr. Cliubb moved to amena oy etnkíng' oui 3 a (Ly, ond inserling, 'not to cwceed $2, ! iid tliat no member sliall reccive ony extru ! ompeusntiou whutever.' Mr. C. was sátltfjied iliat the members of í he Lepislattire hnd pot to f erve i lie people ai iL 11 íloy. He believd llic people were I ed ihut $2 was enough. The second bra1 ch . iftho nmendtnrnl was inienJed lo meet the i ;isc ofpayjug $6 to officersof the legislaiure. 1 i-hich inany persons lelieveel t be unconsü uiionuly. He was not n constitutional Iaver, but lie could not seo how the Speaker f ould receive ovur S under thc oonstilutior jnless the Legisluture couid moke him sumehinjí more tlian a meniber. Mr. Chubb'á ainendinent was lost. Thn quoslion recurring on the substituto f iroposed by thc Judiciacy coimniltce, a }óíig e ebate ensued, ol 'which otir Imiits do not s nit us lo give but a mereoutline. ' Mr. luimu.'ids opposed the substituto as no!. resentí ng tlie subject fuirly to the people. t 'he wholc eontest here and be'ore t!ie people f 36 been belween S ar:d 3 a day, ond lie tithed the subjeci 60 presented to liie people jr tiieir decisión, tliot metnbers hercuftiT j ould not Eay tlmt iheir conscituents were for 3 n d'iy. ( Mr. Walker, though opposed to alteratiiTP f thecoüstilulion for .slight.aud trivial causes, as willing that tbe proposed Lmendmout lo I est.ricl tlie Fessions to 40 days ehould be dopted. He believed n inajority of inember 1 liought 2 not a sulíicient compensation antl ' ie ninjority here were not disposed to ose 52 a dny inercly to gratify the few who elievcd ihat sum suiricicut. He wouid rather ' icorporau) tlie sultsüuuo mto ihe propoed " üylfiion tlian into ihe conslituü'un. Mr. Ptck saw no reoson for nmemling the anstitulio. Thntwoea sacred instrument ' iidshoultl not be louclied for slight tr trivial tuses. The proposed amendment was eraloyinga vast c'eal of macliinery to kill a fly. S 'c was in favor of subrnilting t he qucs:on a' tlie people and i; was airead y before them; would be acted upon without any o [s to nmend lite oranic law. Tliey would lira opinión, íend !:erenext yenr B Llives in favor of $2 a day, and of other '1 cncliineiiis. He opposed the substilute a!so w am ihe principies jnvolved in jt. It f ised the Legislafors open to bribery and is icnccü'in thoiraction mcrcly by o;iori8 of pay. It was Ipying out too, Cor future Lcrislatures n ccrtain Procuatenn bed. They nust liever go beyontl 40 duys. Mr. Sanborn Ihouchi theaniendrnent to bc ïubmitted to tlie people should be the one ivhfch the House had acted upan nnd remeted iere, to wit: Lor 3 dollars n day for ihe pajal' members. He showod that when t: e present co uslitulionnl provisión was ndopled, pvery thing was on a high sCale. Tifnes had ïhanged, and priccs with tlien?. IC gentlemen were eincerc in beiicving the people in favor of three dollars, they could novv test it by pobmitting the quesiion directly to them. He wns for the original propo3ition of Mr. Raneom. Mr. Speaker moved to strike nut all afler ihe enicting clause, 6o n6 to defeal bo'h prapoáition:; ol' nmendihor the Conttitution. He ná Iressed tho committec al lengih arguiug that S3 was not an nnreasonnble compensation, considering tjie extraordiimy expense i hut members were put to in coming to the Í lOgislalure. That ihe grcot compluint had uesn, of loiij; sessions - ine.ested legislation growinj,' out of our system of Interna1! Improvements had ocecsiuned these long sessions. Members had been obliged to stay here to make barpains. It was proposed tliis year to"gpt rid ofihissource of protracted and coatly ingislatioTi. The Hjio.iker went into an eêiimate of cost o(' dret-s- lionrd- hired men nnd su pport of families 10 show thnt six shillmgs a d.iy was all that oould renïüin after neecssary deductions.Air. Chnbb replied to the stntisiics of the 1 last speaker, and though Iiis constitucnts I ivould tiot be willing, as the gent'cmin fnin ! tilhoun (Mr. Crarv) would, tíiaí he should 1 :h:rge $40 forlher i'.se of a new smt for 40 Jays - nor to ollow for the pay of n li-ed mnn, is cnpuble probably as hiniíelf of coming hcre. 1 Yhe go rr lema u's figures ffnceessary expenses ie houglit rather too liberal. t Mr. Hawley hoped the mnlion to strike ut woüld pi'evan, thought the conunitlechud jeen operntcc! upon by sotv.e extraneous i iluences. Mr. Noble replied to the insintmü'ons. The ] substiinte of tlie Commiltee dd no' wholly I neut his personnl views, but he lliought if 'idopted il would lead lo short ses?ioiis - n most dcsirable point in rotrenc!tnent. lie could not understnnd the poeitioh u? t!ioe wiw voicd for ?2, the uther doy and opposed the present propositiou. Mr. ilniígh n meniber of the jndi ciary conuniltee, was itf'. rs t ivlien the substituie was ogreed upon. He wahttd the piiy fixed at 0-. but if i-ulislicd tliis coul 1 nul be effected would go for $'& for the first 40 days, and .$j,5() tlierafter a tfíc pcxt bes', propoiiion. lle hoped, Innvever, that the arnenJinent would be mude at $2. As riie proposilion now sio d some mijln be in favor of ifns limitación of time bui not of the per lürm. It vvould not present r. iin)le rjerstion to thepoople. He replied wilh fome wanmli Lo the nssertiin of the gentk-nvm from Cal lioiin (Mr. GroryJ that a nrtv coat was neces sary to gne a memoer cliamcler imd siamünin tlie House or save him froin the scofi's and eers of his fellow menibers. He Ihounrht u meinber in a tliread bate it' a man : lionor aüd inlelligpncc, would have us mnoli utiluence and respect as one in fine broud - cloth. The debate was furlhcr continued by Ihe Speaker, Mr. Peck ind Mr. llmvley. Tlie uio' ion lo strike out prevailed. On iimlio of Mr. Hmvley, the committcc rose and reported the bill b:ick to ihe House. Mr. Jones moved lht the leaoïution lie opnn t!;e tnblc. Lst. The ques'.ion tb'efl doitigr on cbncurririg with the cöirunütCG on sir k:ng oot all ufte) resolved, Uie House refused lo strike out by ayes and noys, as follows.1í:as - Mesrt--. Antes, Andrews, A. U. : Bildwin, C. CqídwijUj Barbour, Burrett, Co!e, ' Dúvw, G!en. Hiiwley, Iloilister, W. Lewis. f Moran, O'MuíIey, Ord, Pcclc, Scolt. Sprngur, ' Ten Eyck, Toll, Webter, Wing, Speaker-- ' 23. i ÍSays - B'uir, Biotlieríoi), Chubb, Cook. ! Dnnliam. E'lrnunds, Giddinge, Groves, Iland, ' Jones, Kennedy, Letand, Lcarh. McDonuld. ' Morse, Noble, Palmer, Parsons, Patleison. ' Pierce, Ransom. Rice, San boro, Sweeny, ( Wakeman, Walker- 26. Mr. Ransoin moved to recommit Ihé tt'hole i subject to tJie judiciary comiiültep, wiih inj structions torep.rl tlie original resolation. i The Speaker decided tlie ni'jlion not in l order. , Mr. Bluir, moved to insert $2,00 o dny in place of $8,00 iu the substitule. The Spcaki :r decided tlie motion nol i order. Mr. Jones i íppenlcd. The S)eaker'e docision was susi :aineil. The q'iestion then recurring on adop'.inr Lhe substitute propoeed b tlie judiciary coin minee, i Mr. E'lm'inds moved to recomrnit willi in slriictious to report n bilí submilting the sub ecl dircctly lo lite people. Mr. Blair moved lira previous questio, ( which vvas 6iist;iined. L The stibsiiiute of tlie j'idiciary committee L was the adopied by ayes and naya, as fole lovvs: Yeas - Messr?, Ames, Andrews, A. C. Haldwtn, Barbotir, C1p, Cook, Duvts, DunliÜtn'i Glen. Hand, Hollister, Kenneby, Leuch, VV. Levvip, Moran, Morse, Noble, O'Alalley , )rú, Patterson, Sprogue, SvveeneyIVn Eyck, ■ 1'oH, VVakemni), Websier, Walker, Speaker s -28. t Nays - Messrs, lila ir, Brotherson, Chubb. üíiinunds, Jores, Leluud, Palmer, Parsons, 'cck, rierce, Ransom, R;ce, Sanborn, Sco!t, , Vingl j Tiie resolution was then oniered to beenTossed for the tbird reading and thellouse djourned. The foilowitig' resolulion of otir Lègisktqre n l!ie subject ofürego hus becn udopled. Jlesolved, Dy ile Senatc and House of ' lepreíCntaiivea of' the State of Michigan, ( 'hat the liile of the Uniled Slatcs to the á íhole of the terjriiory of Oregon, up to fifiy1 uur degroef, forty inmutes of north latitude, y s clcar and incontestable; and that in the oífer t if tho President to Grcat Britain of tho fortytninth degree os a buundary line, 'the civilized world will seo a spirit of liberal concesaion the part of ihe Umted States, and its go eminent will bo relieved from nll responsibilj. ty wbich niay follow a failure to eetlle the controverBy.' Retolvid, That onr Senators be instructed and out Representotives in Congress be re quested, to vote for rosolutions requestin the Prebident to give immediate notice to the Government of GrerU Britain, thnt the couvention of the 6':h of August, 1827, between the United States 8nd Groat Britain, concerninytheÖregon Territory, ofjall be annulled and abrogated from and nfierthe timo limited by the secorW artic.'e of said conven! on; and thnt hey be fiirthér initructodi nnd. requested to vote for all sich measurej, as sha 11 carry iulo effect the recornmendntions of the Presi- dent for proleóiing' our citizens residin in Orcgon, ond which fnóy 6a reiideréd nccessry by the giving of such notice Resolved, That the Afnerican Continent? by the free atid independent condition which tbey have of riplit nssumed and mainlomed, are not to bo consiu'erod s suhjccts for coloni7.otion by nnv Europcnn power.' Jiesolved, That his Ëxcellency, theGoverrfor, be rrquested to tranmil to the President of the Uniied Stares, and to each ofourSenotorsand Representativos t'ry Congress, a copy of the foregoing reíolutions. Both partos, witli a few exceptioti in p.ich, concurretl in the passag of these reaj liMi-ns.jn u;e tenate, vjr. uenton otfrrethe fblinving: Thm the commiUeeon utalo offairs e in&liucted to bring jn n bilí to so tipportion he tnto as ll):it bui ie rpprespntatíjehall e deeled trom aiy oiie dislaicL except thejcity if Detroit. J Mr. Thuruer moved to strike out "except he city of Dolroi:," which was adoptcd. Mr. Ho wel I moved lo strike out all after lic worj resofred, whrelv wns los!, G lo 1O. Qnc.tioii reeurring on the resnlnlion offef.1 by Mr. Donion, it wns adopied by oyas-and Ofi. Yius - A'ten, Bu-li, Chipman, Cue, Dentón, eijrou, Hale, Iiltlejohn, Mnynard, Rix, lobinsón, Smüh - 12. Nays- Ilowell, Kibbee, Thurber, Videto.4. Mr. Tentón oífered for p.fopiintj the fo'low ng joint re?olution8 in elaion toj ihe sale of lio rail toada) wlnch were tvvlce read and oflerod to bc printeii: Resolved, by the Senateand House ofReposeniutives of'lhe Nt;ite of Michigan; Tliat lm Board of TmcrnnT fmprovement be, and hey are her ly, antJiurized and required to eceivo proposnls for the purchnsffs of the Sonthern rnitroads ond Tecnmseh Brnneh, or iilher.of them, tugcther wiih trlï or any poron cf the tnüchincry, cors, locomotives, 6taion houseJF, offices, ehops, ware-houses, iron, toks, ma pp, furniture, and everv descriptioft )f property bielorrpinor lo this 6tnte, and conïp'cted wiih snid ronda or oither of ihem, snd mdpr the cure, ;hnrge, or superinlendence of !aid: Board, or ei t her of the ofScors co:npo ing liie snnse, or piiher of thsrr ogent or igents, or euperintendenle. Resolved fiKlbei, Ttxit the snid Board of ntemn] Improvement beand 't hey are hereby, nthorized io eñgagí for nnd in behalf of tlr late, thnt ifany offer of purcha?e so'mnde i ccepied by the t,e(filfltoé of this smte, pro ter and suitn-fole conveynnces pbnj] be made; es:inr jn stief) purcliaser or purchasers sitcb toition of the propeny hereby oflareo for solr, is mny be enibricod in such proposal and icceptórice, together with nll the rivhtsof the ito'e to the l;in(?s Öpon wnirb tiity such poriën of said ronds or bni'dinfrs may be localed, is may be embraced n suc'.i proposal aud a$:eptonre.Rpsulvcd further. Tiiat if any proposaT ha!) bc made rs afbresjid, i!urinr the present i'ssion oflhi.s lpislatiirothKitmeshnll forthyitïi be f-ul)in:tted in wri'ineto ihe legislatura or their npprnvnl, imendinenr or rejrctionj md the tn'u] board ure hf?reby directed to nee Mieirt efforls to nFcertain whetlier tbere are iny persons dreitoos lo nogoiinte with the late lor the purcliase of said rond nd propery, or any poriion of the snme, and to report he rcsult of sjich nfiotiaüons, ifany in de;til: or the result cf llieir efforta with aa liUle loloy as practicable. Resolved lurther, That the Faid" boaíd" b, ind tliey oro hereby, outhorized after the ad1ournment of the prosent legislalive session, [tmless the subject of ,1 6ale shall havo been imlly acicd' npon,) and t ia hereby made the iuiy of thu taid Board, to ncgoïiate for the alc of tlie lüüroiids an the property conncc:ed Ilieretvith, nd so fiir os they are able, to stille t ho deioila theroof, snbjcct to' ihe action ■)f ilie Lefr'slature of this state, and rpport the ?nme to tho ncxt gestión ihcreof. Resolved ftirilicr, Thul in the opinión of Lliis Legislaiure, it is impracticable lo levy a Lrx iipnn Iho peojiíe of tliis frtote enfficient ta sny the interest upon our ocknowledged debt, ind rhat a sale of uur railronds and property i!ta.cJied to tii2 same is a relief mf asure, ne:essory t pyesrrve tho tr d.t an 1 faith of the tatè, nnd is the only reüuble means in pos espión of the state by vvhich her debt can b 'Xtfngüished or rrmterrally ifecreased.The acme of perfection in female ncomplishmennts amongthe Chinese, is to mve tiney feet and Jarge fool-handles. riio process of compression commences t the age of iive years, Bandages are hen applied and constantly kept oo, vhich prevent the growth of the foot from hat period. When the girl arrivés at naturitv, tliere is such a disparity beween the weight of the body and the unerstanding, thatit is wilh great diiBculty he can wulk erect. This wicked procice is, however, by no means general. - ?he Tartar women never compress the eet, and ninong the poor and middling ;lasses, 'tis only the most beautiful chilreji who are subjected to this cruelty. - ?he rich only can afTord to take a wife ñh small feet. Inability to walk is with he Chinese tantamount to a fortune with ís.


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