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TEETH ! TEETH ! ! TEETÍ1 ! ! ! MAST1CATI0N and Anic ïlulion, warranted by by tlieir bci.iï properly rcpinced. S. 5. BURNETT, still continúes the praciice of DENTlSTItY in all itf."vri(iius branches; viz : Soaling. Filling. -md Insurtins on gold platen or pivois, froisi one to nn eniire sett. Old platos, or niisfits remodled. nnd made cqua! to new. %Offite overC B. Thomposon & Co'sshoe sior'. Ladies who re]uest 'A, can bc wailcd on ut thcir dwi-llings. N. Ji. CharscS unusitally losv, nnd all kindi, of produre laken. Ann Arbor, Jan. 8óih 18-1G. 249- tf Probate Nolicë btnte of Michigan. VViish onnw Couiuy, s AT o session óí the Probate Court for snid Cqunty, held at Arln Aibor. on ihc ÖWth (ay of JiinUary. A. D. If43. Present Samuel P. Fullor. Ju-lce of ín the matter oj the Ksmrc ol'Roynl Gurlcy deceased. On nadmi !ind filmer the pctition of James Glass, pniyin: ilmt tlie adminii. trator of said vs nte may be nuthorized to convfy to the 6ad Jumes Glas? certain real i-statc describcd in said petition. and which siid doccased in his life time was under cohtrhet tu convey to the said J.irnes GIjss. - ft is ordcred that tho ronsideration of eaid pcliiiori bï pofnponed nn'il Mondiiy the tweniyihird ciy of Fcluuary next. at ten o'clock tn ihe foronortn of thut d:iy, at iho Probate Office in .Ann Albor, in said county; and il is further ordcred iliat eaid petiiioner cause o Copy uf th.s order n be put)lis!]cd innny piillic ncwipipr prinicd in Aun Arbor, once in euch week fur threo 8uccessive weeks prcvioiis W ihs time obove nssigned for said henrinc. nnd to the end tlint nll p'ersoii8 inierested in snid Eslate, h ivins objections to the gran in of said outhority nmy ihen and there appear and make thasamo known if they think fit. (A truc copy.) S. I. FULLEft, 249 -4 w Judge of Probato. fftifi Kefirs of EasternNails, j-'at receivetl O" and tor ntiU by . WfLtlAM R. NOYES, Jr. 78, Woodward venne, Detroit. fec. 12, IBU. 212 I