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Very Important From Mexico--yucatan Declared Independent

Very Important From Mexico--yucatan Declared Independent image
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The N. Y. Herald of Friday, publifhw a letter from Menda, the capital of Yucatán, announcing the formal vnthdrawal of that pro vince from the Government of Mexico- re called her deputies from the Mexican Congress, and torn the Mexican Eagle from her standard. This took place on the 3Oth uit. According to the intelligence conveyed in this dispatch, the province of Yucatán has absülu tely decía red itfl indcpcntlcnce of Mexico, and is no w & separate republic. Incident upon this has been the ïesignttion of the Governor of the departmení, Don Tu hunco López, and bis place is fílied by Don Miguel Barbechan, formerlj holding tbo same office. This freshly revolted province, eays the Heraldos one of the best in tbe whole repubüe of Mexico. I tb Inbabitants are energetic and enterprising, and if they are detormincd to be independent, the rest of Mexico eannot retakO them.