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The Auburn Murder

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Aüburn, Jan. '1, 184G. Dkar Sik - Therc has been a great excitement in Auburn since Monday morning, in conseuence of the inhuinan flagelution of a convict in thePrison by the name of Charles P. Plumb. It was rumored on Monday morning that hc was dead. The Coroner was sent for and an inquest held. The keeper of the Prison, several Physicians and other witnesses were examined. The facts were briefly these: Plumb was a young man about twenty years of age, rugged and healthy. On Monday of last week, he lett the shop where he was at work, went up stairs, broke two windows and commenccd shoving property out. The keepers followed and secured him. He was sent to the Prison Pfiysician to be examined, and pronounced by the foreman of the shop in which he worked, crazy. The Physician was engaged, and before he examined him, Mr. Hiram Rathbun, principal keeper of the Prison, sant for him to bc brought back to the shop and ordered him to be whipped. According to the testimony of Mr. Carey, the foreman of the shop in which Plumb worked, sixvorseventy blows with thecathaving six lashes, were inflicted upon the bare back of Plumb - he was then was washed with salt and water and sent to hisbench iu a state of great pröstration. Tuesday morning he received 25 or 2ö blows more with the cat, on his larcerated back - in all from 500 to 600 lashea were inflicted on the bare back. After dinner on Tuesday, he was sent to the Hospital, greatly greatly prostrated. and complaincd that he had been nearly whipped to death. Fever followcd - Wednesday night he was so delirious that a straight jacket was put on him. - Thursday or Friday he became insensible, and Saturdiiy night he died. The appearance of the body to-day, as exhibitcd before the coroner's jury, was enough to chili the blood of any hnman man. The body was bruised and cut from the neck to the legs. There is nota spot as broad asyourfinger which has not received the lash - the skin is cut, and a considable portion of the back is mv. A fever had prevailed in the prison for a short time, and it is said by the Physician of the Prison that hediedof that fevef. On Monday before being floggod, he was entirely well. Some of the Physicians testified that he died of the fever, induced or aggravted by the severe flaggellation which he received. Verdict of jury, "That the prisoner caroe to his death by fever, caused by severe whipping." Carey has justbeen arrested, and held to bail in the sum of $2,000.