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It will doubilcss be intcrcsting toour farmer rerders to know that a new discovery in Cow-ology has been annourced ín rsnce, which Í6 of high itrrportance to them. It is thus described in the New York Tribune: "A great vaccine, or Kineologyjdiscovery lias been made in France, and, after a series ofcnreful test, reduced to a systení, declared, on the authority of several committees of scientific men, to be infallible. Wonderful oe it may seem at first 6'ight it rs rrot a whil more 60 than was the discovery of inoculation first, and vaccination afterwarde. It is, in a word, a discotery wbxjreby tne qfuanlity and qnaüty of milk that any cow will give, mny be accurately determined, by observin? natural marke ot external indicntions alone - the lpngih of time the cow will givo ruilk, "fbe drscoterer h il . F rancie Guenorr, and lio has embodied 'nis system in a book wbich has been translated, and is publislied in the January number of the Farmer'e Library, a work published mont hl y at the Tribune office