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Ho 132, Jeflerion Avcum;. '""r " "-li]gan State Bank, Detroit, Havo on hnnd o stock of DRY (.JOODS jiot nniouiitim: UJ 5,000,000 Dollars quito- hul nggurc lïioir oW tíáetomersj ánri thoso wisliing to hny, tbat ihcy havo a well seIcc;cJ asortinen! Tor the WHOLF.SAMS& RETAILTRADI-:, [over ihcir Reiáil Stoie nnd IJ.iscmont.J win.!. ihey will self on as favorable tcrnis aa ;my catablishmcnt west of Now York. WANTKP- I'ot "ui PcaI Afhfs, for w; .-!: j the higheat ensh advaneua will lift made. I chnnts and others will [cmc droj tri. Jan. 161Í). -.---„o IN CHANCKRÏ-nUST CIJtCülT. Daniel ünid-v. Cuonpteinnifi VJ, Duvid Pageü nnd Caleb N. Ornby, Dciciui.nus. BY viriucoi'n decretal brdétifeuèd om oI'iIk; Court of Clifiiicury ot Uic Sihic if Michigan, I slinll ox)ose 10 sale to tlie iii-l'.cst bidder, nt tho Court House n the JJng8 of Aun Ailu.r. Washtenaw Counly, and Stnlcof Mjcpigan, on the 24 tb da? of Februnjry noxt, otpjie 'clopk m iho aiternoon oí tliat day the foltowlnft drscrihed promises, to wil: "AlVihnt.cortaJn trnci or parcol of Hfid BÍtrinilé, lying nnd beíng in Urown & FuIler'B additioti to tlie villnge of Ann Arbor. on lot number onc. in bluek minibcr fjiplit. and being all that pnrt of ilie óatd lot on vrbicb stands the three norihoast corner buildings of the Uuron Block, logethcr with said buildings and the iippuneniinues thoreto helor ging, being in tlio County of Wnshtcn.iw. nnd if .Michigan." GEO. DANFOltTH, Mastcr in Ch'y. Jot &■ Pürteb. Sol'rx. Dnted January (tli, ÏB-Sfi. 246- 7w Tlio nbovo snlu iá postponod nnti! the tenlh lay of Murch next, at thcemoe tinic and plñce. GEO. DANFORTII, Waaier in Choncery. Dated, Fob. 21th, IS1Ü. Ilf CyAPTCÊBy-FillST CIRCUIT. Daniel Oakley, Cmnplainant ra. Paul Minnié. Marcia Minnft and Williaui R. Thompson, Dcfendano. BY virtue of a decrc-lnl order [ssued out of tho Court of Chancery if the State of Michigan, 1 tiiinH oxpose to eale to the lnghest bidder, at ihc Cóurt House, in tlic viilao ol Ann Arbur, Washtenaw Coitnty, Michigan, on tbo21lhday of Februury next, at one o'clock in iho afternooji of that day. tho folluwiug deecribëd pr;:nies. to wit: lAll thai cértftin pièce or parecí of lamí sitúate in t!ic village of Ann Arbor, County of Was!,:., iiw, and Staic ui Michigan, known, bounded and describid as follows, to wit: Copntricncing on Pock: rd sircot, twelvo and eighly-four oiK-hiHii'n.'ili perches aouth of the norihcoü! e rncr of land copyoyei by Élishn W. Ilumsoy to Benjamin II. lu!.anl and rutintng n'orth twrlvo and cïghiy+fout priohundrodth perebea to the nortbèasi qornor, thenoe kou on the souih line of tlio villuge plat fiyie nnd onc-twentieth pèrchca, tlience souili uinc and threc-tenths perinés to Packnrd BÏteet, tholicc with 6aid Packard strect soulh lo the place of boninning, corilflining fifty-six perches, be tho ■amoniüie o: ca?. G1X). DA.NFOUTÜ, Mastcr in Chancery. Jov &, Sol'rs. Dated January b'th, irilO. 2-lfi- 7w Tho above salo is postponed until the tenlh day of Mareh nuxt, at tho aumo timo and pliru. GKÜ. ÜANFORTM, Master in Chancery. Datcl, Fcb. 2hh, 181S.I?aedical .IVoticc. THÉ undcrsig.ieil," in offtring lus services to Washtcuaw and ihc adjoiaing Cö'iOiics, as Ilüiiucopi.thic vi.i:ld say. thntaiter 1iutíiíL pfacticod medicino on the princi; UrëgTiCiri the o!'l srlinol, and tremed dise.: thcinfit two ycars accprdipg to the law ui' Moniccopnüiy, - (Similii iiniUibiis curantur,! taught n the ncw school of medicfrfe ; and liavin"co:npared the succes3of the iwo sysiemSj he ur&esitntingly befieyóe ilomceoprithy to be the most safo, certain umi SiifcceesTúl icthod orcüi ■ Discü8e9, hiilierto ncur.ible, nre iow in tftosl eises, pernvnpnt!y emdicnte4 L-' Hoina-opnihy. AfToc'ions of the'spiiiei h'eail, úferús, stoinnuhj ttc. &c. havo no.v the?r ccidiin réthödiès. Kpilepsy, niiinia. pnralysis. ncuTal:;i, bronchitis: liv'crand lung diièdaós; semiet lever, choi''' black measles, mallgnant sore throat. erysipc'as or black longue, crcnp. miianisnntions ui liic brnin, etomuch. bowcl. &.c. Sc. aicunlv a few of ihe mnny UI?, tliat hhvö Wöh stript ol thcir lerrors by the timuly ain'heaiion of hoincic. mcflic:nenl3. Wi-.hont furthor csany, the undersisned wouki Icive ii to tho atlliüintl 10 say . on trinl i the remedies, wliethcr llLMiiiivp.itliy is vhaut claims to bc or not. lic wonld als? state 'hat he lias juai retnincd from Ncw Voik ;nnl rinhidclpliia. v.iih a comptete ajwortment of MKDÍCA.MENTS, just nnportcd from Leipsíc, to tliis place, wlierc he wíj] nctend to all calis, and furiah,!,. hooks. &c. at the lówesl prices. Vroni the close nnd exr.lusivc attcniion he is 'gi vin ie l the stuily nnd pvuctice of IJamoiopalhy to be dle to givn saiisfaction to thosc who Juay favor liini wit thcir patron:i"c. C'ommumcations, pst pnd from patienta ut a distnnce, will reccive pvomi nttentiou. Thosc who may wish to plncc thcmselvcs n dorhis ircnimonl for any chronic discase, ra obtain Ipdghigs eithcr ot his house, or in otho .:placcs'ai!líáAawoo.),M.). llüinmopnihi?t. Yprilan.i, 20th4aVJ Jjs;lñ_____ Zl_ rFARM FOR SALE, OR EXCH.-YNGE fnn othkr TKOfKUTY THE su!)?criber oiicrs liis larm of GO Aeree, with 12 AcroBimprovcd. and a frame hous ti.rteen by twen'y-six, with an nddifion f eighi .ieet on one sido. Said farm is;! il ihf town of Concord. Jack?.-n Co., threc mdtt notlh ofConcord village. flvc :ast oí Albion, twlwest of Jaekson. there is a nevcr-fail.nestroam of water runninü ncrose il, and ahoni 15 A íirst qiialiipíbf natural mcadow. lor furthcr iarticu!ars enqnircof Ucnj. llaviland. or J. N. Swain of-Coneord. or the subscribcr at the ThrashiiiK Innchinfe Shop, Lower Town, Ann Arbor. Tcrms to suit the purchnser Anrl Albor. T. A. J1A ÍLAMX JanuarvlP. 1846. 24. -tt"Slcaini Foaiiclry" THE underLinurf hhying luncht the entin interest of H. fc R; I'.irtriditc and Gco.F. Kcntinlho '-310.1111 Foundry," Ann Arbor. will manufacturo all klnda of Casjinö to onler, nnd willbe happy W funiir-li ui y kind ofCastingS to tlic oíd customers ol Ham, fririrídíre & Co.. H. & 11. PurtcidsCj & C'o., and pnrtrjilgo, Kcni & Co., and to all othcra wlio niay favor Üiciu WUUaCalL II. n. IIAR1Ï1S. E'. T. WILI,! MS. Ann Arbor, Pee. 26, ÏW. S-M-H'_ COlïSiTY OKDKBS. TUK higlicHiprice paid in cas-Uby G. F. LeVi?, Exoliango Broker, opposiic the Insurance liank, Detroit, fot orders n nny of tlic counties in tlie Stnto of Michigan; lílso foV Stnlo sicuritica of all kinds and uncurrcui funda Culi and sec. Doe 1, 18-15. S4l-if clovi':r machines. THRASIUNC MACHINES nnd Sèperntprs mudo and sold Uy ihc subscribe! ilicir Machine Shop, noa'r lite Paper Mili. Lèwcr Town, Aniï Arbor. KNAl'P & I1AVILAND, Jan. 111. lyl0. .817 tf __ To porlsinon. AftENTÉRATjnsso'rtrnérit of Cnsieel andlron ÏTfttrel KitU-i, doblo nnd sirjglo h'orr'e] ■ 1 (runs, Pisijils, Cim LncUs, Gaine 1' ■ ; . ..:.". ( j. rv.vdir Flnské, fórsnle Ky VM. ft. xNOVKS. '2 8-1 y 7cl, Woodward Avonno. Ptitroft ANNUALS. - A large nn.l Valoáblti nsaorttrtentof Annnala For !84fl, wjpetherwRh mariy otlic spli.-ndidly bo'dñd Bóbíífl, etuiablc for prosants, lor sale nt l'KRRV'S B0OKST0RF.. Dcc. 23. 241- tf, I ' ' - ' N'']-;'líi'.-''VV;'." : :■■■-■"■ ; ' ■ jrLEATHER! LEATHER! LEATHER! ELDRED & CO., No. 123, Jeñerson Avenue, "Kklred's Block," Detroit, take ihs opporümity lo inforín ilieir cuslomers, and ihc public generally, that they still continue to keep on hand a full assortin&it of Spnnish Solo i.crulicr, ATaój Losis and Fes, Curricrs' Tools, &c. S: u;litcicd do H"Tsú and Cunar LtaUicr, I! i.ilock tnnncd Upper Lcathcr, Corde.yan do Oak '; " ' M "?? Skins, tnnncd Cnlfi-; Sciil do Oak imd Hehilock tnnned do GofitBindiiig Hemlpck tanncd Uarncss and JJridlc Lcnihoi , Deer and Lnuili do O,l ; 'i " Wiiite and Colorcd Linings, Uür nnd Top Lenther, Printèd do Skmirig, Philodelpiiia and Oliio; Shoc I Ilusset do ining'', and Kil o( nll kinds. Aatho Subscribers are now mnnufaciuring their own Leather, thcy are preparod to snll as low ascn bc pürchaséd in tliis nuuket. Mcrclmnts and manufaclurers will Ünd il to their advanlagc to cali and examine our stock before purchasing elspwhero. CT-CasAand Lcathcr exchanged for Ilidcs and Skins. 8$R . n Detroit, Jan. 18-10. ■ - _ __f"jj.Thirty Thousand Persons ANNUALLY fnll victims to Conmunptiüii n thé ümted Sm;ps. Tho cause of jhucvil t eooraity byérlookVd. A short dry c.v.igli. or neglectcd cold, is the prteffrMf. Flwae are Jcemc'd unimportant. Idn in iho detectie lever, find niuht sweata ioilow, and dcatn ends ihc scenc. Would yon ñná b UV.MB1IY FOK THE KVII. ? fiere it ia. The expenóricé of more than 20 yenvs in privite practice Kas lirovcd.iis efficaisy,; and --incciiR nirotlitc-.ion to public noüce, ali liou.rrli ul,i.n..w been c.llcrcd but a few montlis,-its sale has been unprcccdeüted. and its succejW bcyond qucsiion, great- so uiiich 80, tftSt it is tlehu cl! to be' ihe gtentcsi renody in the world. ASTflMA; loo, t&at fcnrfnl and diatressing malady, which rondcrsHie durthejeapmo Jaiiny its cdntiriuance, e subchved wiüioiú difficulty by this irreal hm,. üy, anl Uio aflercr ia enabled úy Us itsp io ohtain Liet repose; the sliormcss of hrmih ié'oyeVcome, iho cou'ih ia nllaycd, and hcakh nnd vigor t'nkc '.Iffi place of desporideticy and sttïlenog. Ur. tülg"'3 OSAOAT. . „;■. At.i, Hhamno Bjt.tssii i tjie remcdy vhich j hnslH'iuso -ure. silul in alwialiig aiulcurinp thcabovc cniplainiH ; :u.(! u I: utcd by the tn st pliyiowne in litó cuy, wLfl d clarc it to bo uririVbHwf, mnmttueli is 't q dinnh tlio h.AVjlsin iho li by p) ■ jivenese, while uil oilicr ro:n. diea recominenped tor the above disursfi invaiinhly sbt)t up ihc bowels. thus reiidoring il neecssary tu resórt to purgative medicine. , . , . , llead the iMlnwin-: cnsVs, which lnvcbecn rclicoêd and cu;ol wi'nin ü Uw wooks Í DWI1) nF.NpER$pJÍ, CO Lmyht strect look n pci!cr eold on the 4ih cïity ol ïuly; a.nd Iratbrójigtó vcv low 1y !l WJOTÏSiWi vvhioh resuited in fnq.icni atlatfca rf bloeding from tho lunas. Ahhough lic iriod every tliim; in the shaue of remedas wlici could bc tonnd. yot he was nol benpfft'.tc'd; nrid by rhc monrii Ol Octob-sr so rnucU roduced by 'ijg"' Breáis fhat be despaircd of Iü'o. One bdWb ol tofger s Olosaonian restored hun to hea'.tli.GEQKGE W. BÜRÜPTT; of Ncwnrk, N: J . has tuliuieJ nnder the efTecta oí ., severo eold fur wore líion He wae rediicéd Cdtho brink brille grave almost, hy hiscoiiüh and mgnl sweats. He cummcnccd raising bl.-od n the inonih of OclobiT list. He i-ommeiirpil psirig the Olosnoninn. nnd l.y tl ë rniddlc of iWcmber hc was po fór restorctl thai lic lelt for Pitftburgh With every prospect ol rcc.ivciin his hcnlth. Mrs BELL the wifc ot Rbbert P. Bell. ol Monisiown, N. J.f ns cirer.rlf.illy düicted witii Asthnin tói nvir.v y -ir. H-r pbjiíblfí hid despaittd of rclieving Ono boitla of the ,.n,i;!n so Hir rcyioicd hor thdt shc was ftblc ■ bui of hov nnd dresS heisclf. whtèh iHiiJ :iot dono before in monllis. and slic is ,i,,v ui n l:;ir vny lo bo rclicvcd. Mr F LrA.N,T)ï lM;c streef, wns sobad with wlh'mi ihm lic Ind not fK'p in hls bed lor lor. reeks, when hc emmnoneed ihc uso of this trrent icmcrly. Ono bottle cured hun. nnd be hóé ni had a fëtiiVri ol'his complnint now more (han live roonthé. Mrs. McÖANN, 20 nlker s:rect. wns nlso curcd of sevcto nsthma ly the Olosaomnn. and iwes ilint shc nover 1 ■ ncw incdicne give sucli nd permanent relief. GEQftGË'W; HAYS. of this city. wnsgivon up by lus phyèician es!.. His dil was consiipmiion and wlicn bv tóVtiméiKtM ueihg hé Ólbinonidn, wna so wen!; that lic cou!d not walk without bcinï n?sis'. rl by a Inend. ly stricl nitcniion lie wns po fn'r rostored in q lew weeks n. to be able lo pnrnuo hi business. JAMËS A. CRO.MBIH. l'JO Nassau srtreftl ; .I.J. rar.-TÜs, Jl Tc'Rtb streel ; C. S. Bcnson. ) Blec'cliër sUeèi : Jorn'éa Davisf, 58 Greene ; 3ireet i hn(í Mrs. Mailen, l Morton siroet ; hnyö : sfl xpcffönced ihc ir.ind otücts oftbe Olosaonian n 'i(iuhn.of. long :-;aiulin"; ;i:nl :ff-c-iionsof theuMs,:.ahá proiKHince ir, whli one nccrd. to bo licDgre:iies: reniedy. nnd the most spt-ody nnd efTfCHinl, that thcy hrtvr over Unown. Ronder. hVë you ytitTciinir from tlio nbovptlisosci Try ih'is ieme:y. You will hotj ]ierhnpa. regret t. It may r iti all thoso disngrecble ' eymproms wiiiclt' Mrike such terror lo ihe „in,!. 'and prolohc your dnys. For sale at 100 Nns.inu si. one dor :ib:vc Ann, rtnd at Mts {Iays. 139 Fiilton st. lJrooklyn Atient.i lor Ann Arbor, V. S. & J, W; nnrd: É. Sani sonj Y()silanli: D. C. Whinvood. Dexter; Pickford ('ruirr. Snlinc: Smiih & Tyrol. Clinton: II. fioWèfr; Manehestcr; P. Farlpck & Co,, Plymouih: D. Gregory and A. Gram, Vorthville. 214-(mo ESTRAY. CMF into i!io rnclusnrc of i!io snbneril'or on ir llieSOth of Ncivomber last. n Inriic BRÍNDLB CO.W, wiihiwhiw LuK-kni i-oliy, BuppeJed in !n' ninfe or ien yönra o!d. Said eow ïad on a Inrpe bell. The owner is rrq.icsted to rovo properiy. pay f-ímijíos nnd tako !icr riwns. or he will bo disponed of tCoohiing io luw. Webster, Miei, C. IJ. SEf MOUR. January 25, Iá46, 2r0- 8wPersiaii ralis. lPut nat the Lighl vndera Buslul" but rcad and tandt. r. Til F. Tl MIC IS COME, irid now is, that the groat inaS8 of the pcoDo o' iL.s aiul the jlil world, have decided tint (lio PERSÍ4N AND J.XD1 IX r.XTIÏACTS, ire the most cff crual cornbihaffori ol medicinal ingrcdients thai over has. or ever can compose n uil Tlic RESURRECT1ON or PEÍISIAN P1LLS, bèing nindo of vegMnble extract, erré n"ily digestivo, becoming a juice in ihc humnn itomnch. This liquid is cosily uiki n lip by the ibsorhont vcsscls, and convoytd lhrough,opt..all )arts of the system, dispensing lii'u and oiiirnalioli D ali the orijans. 13y being nseirriiiat'cd widi lio blood. it niers into its conibination, purilyn thostrenms of liie. You suc it would nntuifly and roadily combine wiih ilio lilood and all he Bccretionsj thus adapting itself to ihe rernoval (f'ali diseases of impuro BWddí whicli cloi; the irguns. cuusinET pain, distress. and Jcath. lfthe inp.urilies scttle upon the orgnn of the btoninch, t cni5t-a bad tnsie in the nioutli. a furrrd touguè, )ad breath, indigestión. dyspepRia, pa IK a fcouso )ffullnef3 or gononfbs. &fi. lf upon the lungs )r ihrpat, they wiil cause a couyli, tightncsá. ,ven!;ncs3. and nu unonsy serisption in the tliroat. riii.üion. bronchitis, mid consumptioii. Il they lottib upon ihe livet. they will canse livor eom)lnit, jauniiicc. m snlkiw sk'n, over nnd igue. )ilioU3 (lisüoscs yf all, kinds, and irregularity oí Ma bowels.diavraliaïa. &e. l! upon the nerve?, :!ic v will cawse nervous weakness, pain in the ncid. f-irk hei'l:ichc. general debility, Knv spirits, heai in ilio back. side. or liead. If in the systeni . . j cause general émoCÍatióh. sctoínln. 1üi:id;s. "ti "!u liaid skin, pimples, blotclies, irritatioir. '&e. & c. Yon knosv ít any thinp; clógs the enginc. ni I ihc ni;ilnieiy beaoraes rcuirdcd ' "s moiion, hnd.nsfitecróascs'm strénptli, lite moíions eboincíparalyzed more and n')Ofe, nniil iínaliy it bendes to ntov& So wílh líic liumnn systémj a.s 1 brolles impuro wilh liumpr?, the oriting, pain. misery, and if not reA contaiVt tfso . . ;i n rohiily, wíl! h'dJVvar's t'ó1 . :: individual lile. For lein ;.:! extractS, Ihej muy bc taken ■,i!ii y..r.'h 1. 1 i.".. i :.:: v. ii'uisit mji'.ry. luit with benefit. Weakly, ptiny cliildron. will i,'öl;!iv nnd strtviTg witli slow use of thoee '-i. Tlny suctlie wcak ñervos, suength.n the wfak, DniJ cloanse all tlic nrans in a man nbrabo'. d eompound ai juices they finta ihlóogh the vcesuls, tlms teaching dsi.-Asc wlurcevrv punt up in the sys? Tcn. even in the oyes utul brfl'in; W. they are tlic best PilLintheworld, lor oj thojistinas mat nave tvcry oilier pilï; liavé and nothing coulil tiiiidrr thiMii from kcening ihem on hand. - Tnke (licii: piils frorlv, and yon will ijeldom wnnt a physician. Who ever henrd of inucli - in nfaniily wlicie these Pilis were tuken l'iccly? Thcn n:ain thcy cruise 110 pnin or wenkncssin t!ieir opérntión; Uicy soolhc the bowcls. knd ;nc asure cure Ibr ül A 11 RH (E A O II SU MM ER COMPLAINT: ■.KÜstestion. cDHiivcners. nntl all disenses nrisina from nn impuro stouineh or l!ood. Tlicre ifc nothing betier for l'üver mul agüe, oí bilious discases, and nll olliers imemiuned nbove. N. 15. Pricc reduced to 2s er box for 31 Puls. Rcnicmbcr cavli bx coniains 'M Pilis - tlicrcfuic, tiu-y nrc the chenpest as wel! as [h( bost. Jicwnrcof Puls runde of gums, calomel and con: se powders, for they wijj destroy the coa:s of the siomnch in lime, :ih1 c.nusc lioatli - Beware, lor the rnostof thein contain cnlouul pr soincthinsr :is dcstniciive to human existence. Jleinehiber the Roaurrection or Pcrsmn Pil!?, aro made o( Vrrrftuliic extracts. For s.'iïein nll tlio priocipnl places in tlir Unon- Whoïesülp mul teiail by P. Owcn & Co.. Detroit; C. Kberbnch, S. P. Jewctt. I.und .V M'CoIIuüi, Ann Arbor. 'j:7-tim W II O L K S A L E & R E T A I L. A. Mr ARREN, BOÖKSEllER AND STATIONEN SAJARTE 13LOCK, li7 JRVIKRSON AVE.M'Ï, I) 1Í T H O I T. KEEl'S vmstaiüly l'or 6alea complete nssortinent of Miscellnnoous. Scliooi nnd - ;ai Books. Letter nnd Cjpp l'opcr, plain and rul 3d, Quitls, Ink. Scnling Wax. Cutlery. Vrap iijjg Popct. PrintiWg Pnj)er; of al! sizes; and Book. News n ii 1 C'aniiii-tor luk. ofvarions kinds.BLANK BOpKS, fuil nnd !m!l ofevcry vnriny oí Rulinc. ftëmbrnntftfrfi Boofts, te Tu ïMnreliants, Tehchërs, nnd oihers. Ixiying in qijnntitics, ob]'r'ge discoiinj made. Sabbaili School and Bible Society Dcpositor. 2t7-tf W'rf-O.EVER wlsffca t- my tlioir coods to good ndvanin_c. niiiFïnot iIiinL of nuikin? íheir purch'iscs (il! ihey hnvo Iookro over llie t'oods nnd piicos ai t!;e Manhaii vn Stojii Detroit. W. A. Jl n'MOxM). Dec. ?5, -1.845. SJ 14 - Urn vñÍJLAM R. NÖYËsT JR, DEALER IN F0RE1GN ANO DOMESTIC Hardware and Cutlcry, Nnils. Glosa, Cnrpcnlers, Cooper's nnd BIoctcjnvilíi'í Tüols. AIpo, iMiinafnrMurftr of Coppcr. Tin Ware. A'o. 7(, Woodwnrd Avenue, Detroit. 24ri-1y BInk Öecils and ]?ïorf grases. WllOJ.E.SAf.K AND UK'J'AIL.iDif.-.IolnBECKLEY, FOSTER & Co. March20, 1845. 'K OI.GlI.'ï, COI.ín-, ÜXHl.'MPTrON V'.. UI'OiiTAM" TO AU. TIIOSB Al-TJ.ICTÏilJ il 11 íySKASKS oV.TlJK LÜN9? -M i;:u: -M'. v'i'A MinUl-cá'cfé'r'i fó're rxïitèiuóifïts tiiptissni" hcnltli ft a-ontiirc Viriui.iHl ? q ' q q q q Trom De. Baker, Sprini;la!J. 'n. Co. Ky.] Si'Msc'it.i.u Ky.. Mi.y il, 1845. Snnfortl & l'ark: - (Ji.m,1 takc iliis opponuniiy of informing ;du ut a most remaikable cue nerjormcd umu.ii v.e liy the usc of ''Dr. vislü-'s llulmun of WU Clirrry." Jn üic ycar. ic-JO I ws mUcn wiili nn Ti;flnnlüun l the limvclá wliicli I Inborod undcr iur bix weék8wliCn I i.'rnllli'"y rcovtrcr!. In ihcfnll o! fi4i I wiis ;iiiaokt:il wiih a severe cold. wliich se.v.eil iisolfupou iny 1uh;:ö. nul (;■ ihc spaue of li.n yèars I wtiscoanncd lo my bed. I iiied all K.inils of inccücinc8 ;in'! cvcry variciy of rriédttial nul nul without beniih: ;nci thus I woaiied slang uiiiil thu winter oi' I-i t. when J lit-urd of t;Wislur's Balaam of Will Cheny." My frioinls pcrstmdcd me to give it n trinl. tlioiifih 1 had giveiiup nll hftpf! of n recovery. imd had prgpored Diyself for the chanpo of nnoilior woild. Thioujih iheir Boiicitotiön I was nducod to makc nse of the ilGonuine Vistur's Malsiim of Wild Clicny." Th: effect was truly 08tonÍ8hínff. After five yenrs of oftliction. pain nnl BtifféVfné: nnd oftcr liaving fonr or fita doUnrs to no purpose, end the best anl most espectable phvsicians had pro vod imavöiling. Ttctis'sórn'rcêiorel tö enllre hculih by t'ic blefjïng f Gml (nul the usc of Dr. lV7stm's liiilsam f Wild Chr.rry. I iiiii now or.joying goo:l heahh. and such is my altercd appcarance that I am no longcr know sviion I meet my formcracquaintances. 1 liavo gwnedrapidly in weight, and my flesh is firni and aolid. 1 can now eat as ñtuch a? any pers-)ii.and my food ecemsto ncree with me.-I lmve eatSn more durirm the lastsixmotulis than 1 h-al aaien f'r fivc ycars before. Con3.i(lcrfng niy ca?c nlmost n miracTe, I doem it nre ssary for the good of the nfilieied nnd n dniy I owe !o the proprietorsand my fellinv men. (who shoidd know where rtlief may be had) to make tliissiaiement public. May tho blcasing of God rest upon the pvopriL'ior8 of 80 vaiualilu a medicine es Wiuiar's;nm of Vild ClieriV.YooVs respcetfnlly, WÍLL1AMÜ. BAKER. Tbr. 'folliieing has jiisï been rcce'yêït fröm Mr. Krliranl Strutt.on. of Ltïitlgtójl, Mu.. irhicli s'ioirs thut Cons'iviption in i's icoi:--t form can lic curcd Inj '■Wislurs BaUuiii of W.ll Chei nj. Lexi.vgton, Mo., Jan. 2!, 1845. Bcnjnmin Phelps - Dcar Sir: 1 take giL'at pleasure in coinmunicating 10 you whot I coiisider on extraordmary cure, effect cd on niy tlauphter, nbout 14 yenrs of nge. ly Wis tnr's Ha'suii of Wild Cherry. About ihc let oí Septeñibér last, niy daualitcr wns thken sick. mul was mtcnc'cd ly scvenií i)liyscians, wliose prescripiions proved incHbcliial. or sce.ncd to do no jood. Slin wasnttended wiih a constant cougli. and pain in the hrenst. Her phyéicftfnS and all who savv her, cnmc to the conclusión ihat slio wns in n confirmed stage of Consumption. I mude no otlier crilculation thnn for her to die. - Hut na èooh asshe connncnccd taking the Balsnm sho bcgnn to improvc, and continued so to do until her henlth wos rostorcd, and is now entircly welf. Wiih n view of beneiitting thosc wlio niny be siinilorly afilicted. I tukè picasure in recommending this remcdy to the confiience of tho public. Yours, with respect, KDWARl) STRATTOX. WISTAR'SBALSAM OF 1V1JJ) CHERRY lijnt not only relieves but cures! lETTriocSI ?cr bottlc, er six boules (br $5. For sale in Cincinnoti only by SA'NFORD&. PARK, nnd in Aun Albor by Maynards. sole Afcnts for ihisCoun'y. S38 "cattt beTbëat ! THE subscribers would inforni tho Public, tliat tbey continue to supply llie State oi Michigan witb L. D, WALKER'? PATENT fl ITT' tl ! CXil jyE $ . TI-e lorgo numbers o these Machines thnt hnve been 8old. nnd'tlie stentlily iiicrcnyiu.' detnand for thom. is tiic bes', evidence of thcir real v:iluc, bnd ot tlieir esiimaiion with those who have bccouic íaniiliár with tlitir nieiiis. W '.i.VKi:' ; Siiiut Maclimo isstiperior to others in the fulkiwing paiticulars: J. As it cöiiibinea the Bèatmg, Scouting, and ]}loicing Principies, il cleans the smnttiest ( rain iu ihe bost nianner, rctaiiiing all the fric üon of the wheat, and disclmiging t lie smut and dust as fast as sopnïated ('rom the wheat. 2. lt is simple in :onshiictioi, and is tlicrcfbre liable to btcome dtrung(-d,omi costsless tor repairs. 3. It runs very light, and ispeifectly secure fröm firo.1. lt is ns durable as any olhcr Machine in use. 5. It costs considorably thin other kinds. 1'hese important points ot ditïerfinec have gi? en thia Machine the prefurence wiih those wlio have fftirly tned it. Amoni u Iwge htimberof Gentlcincii in iho Milling Business who iniht bc n;m,((l. the lollowiim have used the Machines, nmlcertiiieil to their oxecllency nnd Eiipcrioi ity : 11. N. HoivAHD. Pontiac. Mich. E. F. Cook. Rochcster, do E. B. Damoktii. Mason, do M. F. Fhivk, Brnneh, do H. II. Comstock. Comsiock, do Iicfcrcnces may olso bc to .Ioji.n' ],co., Auhurn, IMich. W. Hvon. do do I). C. Ykki.and. Hoek, do Johx l'iurs. Monroc, do II. Doi-sman-, do do A. ÜKven. Waierloo. do G:). Kktchum, Marshall, do N. IIkmknwav, Onklaud, do All orders for ÁInchines will be promptly attendetl to. Adilrcss E; Ó. cV A. CRITTRNTO.V. Ann Aibor. ('Lowcr Town) Wnsl'. Co. Mich. Auc 24, . 226-.1y "Orockery at Wholesale." FREOKÏMCK WETAÍORE. has consiantly ön hand, llie largeèt stock in ihc 'West of Crncker, China, GUixswarc, Loociig Gla'ss'es' (iúd Plaics, Briatnn'a Ware 7'y, Lamps and Wiclcing-, Phitcd Ware, China Toys, $c. $c. IJis stock includcá :i!I the vurieiics of Croel?ory and Chinu, from ilie iincst ('liiivi Dinner Bnd 'l'ca SuttP to the most eotnmon and low 'pneed ware - iVoni ilie richest out glass lo llie plainost pliissMnio. Hritannin Capioisofevery kind. Britannia Tea Seits, Coíiee Pots, Tea Ppt8j Ianips. (Jantileslii'ks, &c. Soi.Ait Lr.i Lxitrs ofcvery deseription from the most costly cut l'ai lor Lamp to the cheapest Slyre la:np. All i hc above nrticles are imported bv hiniseli directly from tlïé mtfnnfhcr'urcrs nnd will be so!d nt WhMeúié, as low ;sat nny Wholesale House, expenses froin scaboard addril on'y. A lilii'ial discount ven for cash. Mcrchants nnd oihers are invited to cal! nnd examine the ubove articlef nt the oltï stand, iVo. 125. Jefierson Avenue (Eldred's Block.) Detroit. 24-iyTEMPERANTE HOUSE. PB. R1PLEY wüultl to li3 frionds nnd the Iriends of Temporaleo, that lio Ims taken tlio Temperanco ilopse, Inicly kept by Win. G. Wlionton, whcro lie would bo. glnd to wait upun them. Hny and Oats nnd Stabbling to nccoinmodnio tejms. Detroit, Janunry 1. 1S1G. 215:f Woodï IVood!' A FEW Cords oí WoorJ wan led immctliAttty in payment for ihc Siijnal of Liberty.rpflE precedí n figure is ven to represent J_ ihe Insensible 1'eispirn.iion. Jt is the great evofcualion lor the impuiities of the body. It will bc noliccd ihick cloudy mist issues trom all points oí ihc eurtnee, wliicli ludientes thut (Ih.s pcrsp'iróüoi) flow's unïnte'rruptedly when wc aro in hoalih. but cnasea when we are .iel;. Ia'o connol bc susiainctl without it. Il is thiown afl Iroiu liio lloud (inJ otlicr juiccd of ilie body. and li.-poses hy this ineens, of ncurly nll the inipuruï'es wiihi'n us. 'J'Ikí l.lood. ly ihifi rncnna oniy. works isell pure. Tlie lmVgdnge of Scnplurcis, "in ilio Blc-od is :he Life." IÍ il ever hecomes inij'iue. it maw be trocud liirccily to tlio sioppnge of the Insensible Perfnition. Jt never roqtiiics any intomn! medicines to cleanEe ir. ns it iilwíiys pñrifics iiself by its own heat and aetion. :iiid tliiows oil' all ihe oflbnrling hninors. ilimiiL-li ïhe Insensible rerspiKMion. Tlius we see nll tliat is necessary when the blood is stagnant, or infecicd. is to open ihe póïcs, ;mdit ïeheves iieelf from uil itupurity intstnntly lie own heat and vitnlifv are suffieient, without onoparticle of mtdicine, except to open the poiiv upofl hesurfaco. Tliws we sec the lolly of takt mr eo mnch internal remedies. All pmciiivonors, hoW:ver. direct their tffbrls to restore the Insensible itrspirntion, bnt jt scems to bp not uiways the iioper one. The Thoinpsonian, for insirmce, sieains, ihe Hydropaihist sluoiufs ns in wet blankets, the Ilmuopaih st deals out ni'mitissimals, the Aliopath:st bleedö and doses ue wivh nicrcuiy,aiul the blustering Quack gurges us with pilla, piilfe ra -1 ƒ_!_ i -f il. , l.nHTo givc somc idea ot ineainnunt ol tne insen sibleTerspirntion. we wil! state tlmt the? roórfiea Dr. l.ewenhock. and the gieat Uoerhaave. asccrlained llini five-eightbsof all we reccivc ituo ilic sloinacli. passed oil" byjthis means. In othei worde, ifwe ent and driim cight pounds pcrday. wc evacúate five pounds'of it by the Insensible L'ei-piration. Tliis is nono mher thnn tlie used up panicles of the blood, and othcr juicea giving place to ihc now and freeh ones. To check ibis. therefore, is 10 retairi in the systctn fiv -eijjnhs of all the viruk-nt matter iliat nature demanda shouldleavc he body. And even when tliis is the cuse, the bbod is of so active a principie, that il determines t'i ose paineles to the skii, where ihcy form sca!6, pimples, ulcers. and oihcr spots. By a suddon iransition ironi heat o cold, the poros ore stopped. the pcrepirarion ceases. and disease begins at once to develope itüelf. Henee, n'stoppa'gé of this flow of the juicos, originales so many eomplaints. It ia" by stopping the pores, hat ovcrwhehns mankind wiih coughs, colds, and oonsuniptions. Nino-tcnths of the world die froin dtseases induced by a stoppugc ol ihc Insensible Pcrspiration. It is cnsily secn, theiefore, how neecssary is the flow of this subtle humor to the surfnee, to preservo. health. Itcannot bc .stopped; it cannot be even checked, without inducing disease. Let me ask now, every candid mind, what couvse seems the most reasonnblc to pursue. to uustop the pores, after thcy are clot-ed? VVould you gire pliysic to unaiop the poree? Or would you ap:l) ;;o)i!i!!iiii!''that would do this upon the biirfncc. where ihc-clogfjing actnrrlly is? Would nol this be common sense? And yt I kivw oi no pliytician who malies any external application to eli'cM it. The reason l assign is. that iio medicine within their knowledge. is capuble of doing it. Under these circumstances, I pres?nt to phvsicians. and to all otjiors. a )reparation that hns this power in its fulfest extent., It is McA!.fSTBR'S 'MA, ITEAL1NG ÖINïMÊNT, or the WÓRtp'S SALVE! It has power lo restore poispmuion on the feet, on the lieud, firound oíd uores, upon tho chest. in short, upon any part oí the body, whciher diseased tlighily or sevcrely. It hns power to cause all external soreö, scrofuloiishiiniorp. ?!:in (irscafcs, poisonous wonndn. to discharge their putnd nialtcr, and theh hca'e iliem. It is .-i loüii.'ily that Bweeps oiT the cata.Ioikí of ciit.uicous disorders, and restores the ciuiic cutido to itnhcallhy finicrioii. It is a ïemedy that ioibids the npcèssity of so mnny and deleierious drugs taken iuto the sta- mach." h is n remcdy that neither sick.ens. gives iricor.viMiience, oris dahgerous to the iniesiines. It ireservcs:'and detends tlie turface ironi al! denipganient of iis luiutions, while it koej)s open ihc chnññels fíír tho bibód to void all iis impurities and dispose of all its ust-lcss partióles, 'l'he snrface is the outlct of five-eij htlis of tbc hilo and used up matter within. It is pierced wi'.h nullions ol openings to relieve theunes. Stop up 1 1 1 eso poros, nnü elenth kiiocks nt your (loor. It is fíghtly termed All-He-ahiu;. íor ihcre is senrcely a di.vasc. exiernal or internul, thati.t will not benefit. I have used il for thc lnsl foiirtetn ycars, for al! discapes oí" thr chest, consumption. livor, involvintr ij'ie utmost danger nnil responsibility, mul 1 declaro befare' Henven and ovni, tiint not in onc single cnse ha. it fuiled to boiiífi'. when the patiënt was ni;hin tlie roach of mortal means. 1 have tina physfciaiis. k-arned in tlie profession; 1 hnvc liad ministers of the Gospel. Judges on the Hench. Aldermcn and Lawyers. gen tlemen of the highest erndition and multitudes ol the poor, use t in evcry vnriety of way, nnd ihere hnslieen hut one voice, one imited. universal voice, saying. "McAlister. your Ointment is goodl" O'.Nil-.MI'TIOS. It can hardly bc creditcd thai a salve can have nny eITect úpon ihe lungs. scated ns tlicy ore within the system. Bat wesay once for bil, 'lint I this Utntüient will rench the lpngg quicker than any medicine that enn be given nicrñatlv. Thus. ïf placed upon the chest. it penctrates dirccily to tha liincrs. separate thc poisonous particlea thnt are consuining theni, and c.xpcls tlietn from the system. I nced not say tliat t is curing peitonsof Consuniption coiriinially, althongh we are tolt! it loolishncss. I airo not whnt is' said, so lony as I can cure tlioiisand persons yearly. HKAl) AC1IK. This Salve has cüred persons of the Ilcad Achc ot 12 yèn'ra standing, and wiio had it rcgulnrly evcry week, 80 thnt vomiting of;en took plnoe. Deafnuss nnd Ear Ache ore hélpefl witli the likc success. as also Ague in thcFocc. ti i.l f:;i:ï. Coiii'nnipiion. Liver cjinplnini. pains in tbc chest or sido, fallin of thc hnir. one or the other alwaysnecompanies cold feot. Il ia a sure sign of disease in thc sysler to have cold feet. The Salve wül restoic the Insensible Pcrspiratiqn and thus euro cvery eac. In Scrofula. Rrysipelas and Salt Rhciim, and othcr discases of this naturo, no internal remedy hos yet been discovored tint is so good. The "mie niay bo said of Bronchitis. Quincv, Sorc Tliroat, Pilt-3, Öjjinal Diseases. Brokea or Soic Breast. Src;And os fortlic Chest Disensos. s:ieh as Astbma, Pain. Opprcssion nnd the likc, it is the most vrondvrfu] antidote in the World. Fr IivorCcmpl;tnt l is cqunlly rffic.icious: for Burns it Ims not has itseqitnl in the World; nlso. Kxcrcscnces of every kind, suchas Wnrts, Tumors. Pimples, &c, it makcs clean work of tliL-ni all. SORK. KTE8. The inffnmmntion and diseaee nlwgys Hosbaclc of the ball of the ryc in the socket. Henee the virtne of nny incdicine nmst rench tho eent oí the nfia-Tintion or it will do little Rood. Tlie Salvo, if rubbed on tho temples, will penetrnte dircctly irito the socket. The poreswill beopened. a proper perspiration will becrerttcd and the disease will soon pass offto the suriace. lta(P,r.X1 'IS THE rvfK, IUKCKI.KS, TAN, StASCUI.l.VE yKIN, GROSÍ sI'riKACK. lts first acilon ietö-oxool all humor. Itwillíoi cense drawing üll thp face ;s ree frqm nny natter thnt nioy be lüdgccl iinder th; skin nnd. rcíjuemly bu-aking oi.t o ilie suiíaee. It then ,.v,is. S!)ou iheie is noiiiiiifbiit gros5ncfi3,or lul), repulsivo suiíace, it begiusio solio mi iofteu ' iiutil thcsluiibeco'mes.assmootb and i'elj. t sato ns a child's. It lluows a fi eslnjcts ;:nl i JmíshJng color upon the now white. transjShrèril l skin. ihat i pcrlettly encbartling, Sume tintes ! in case of Frecklea iwiij fii&isinrt out ihose ijint have laiii li'uiik'iiíiná tfii lniitii'ldoiM. . buo tlic Salvo and all will Söoft dísajipear. wonts. p'p.nrcnts Uncw how nUi htoé'l nieiliciiioswere { W ohilclroii mkfii iuw .nlly. ihcy sypuld be Jów {.. reaort to tbem. Esjiecially "'mercurial luzuiii s," cnllcd ''iiicdican.J ly.cnis," }')IIh, vVc. Tin: iru'.li is. no oo.C cmi tfclí, invnrialily, wlicn tvorrha aro jircsont. Now let me suy lo pncni:'. ihal thts Ralvc willahviys tell ía vhú has ■ worms. It will drive uvury veslige of tliein awiiy. This is a pimple aiul sale cure. 'licro i proliably no medicine on llie face of' tlie canil ot once so suie and so safe in llie expulsión of wdiii;?. Jt would be cruel, nav wickcd. to rivc inierhóf. doiibttiil medicines, so long as a harmless, exiernal one could bu liad. TDII.KT. AIihouEh I h.ive said little about ií ns n liair rsstoraiivc, yet I wiil siake itü;aiKsi ihe Woild! Théj nny l'r'i'ií ilieir Oils íar niul near, nnd mine will restore die hair iwo caaes to their one. OI.Ii SOrtKS, MORTÍFÍCATIONS. lLCI !:s. J.TC'. Thnt gome Sore9 aro an outlet to the impuritie of the 'systcui, is becauso they cannut pnss ofT tliroueb llie natu 'al fliannels of the Inecnts:ble peWpirntioq. U such sores nre healed up. llie impuritics must Inve some otlir.r outict. or it will endanger Mfc. This is the roasoh why it is impolitic to use ihc coniinon Salve oí. the day in such cuses. For they hnve no power to opou other avenues, to let olí thi.s morbid mnltef, and ihe ccinsequeiices are always fatnl. This Salve will always próvido for such emei -gencica. j)ií-fa-;i;s ok chii.prkn. IIow iDany ihousaoiis are swopt ofT by iiivinc; iriUMii.l iiH(ü'iiR'ö. iiu ir voiiiií: bodios nnd tender frames are unable lo br-nr Up agniíist ihcni7 Wholc armiea aro tlms sent to tlwir gravea niercly from pourinc into their wcuk .stomachs powcrful drucs oiul phyptcs! It is to such thnt ihe All-He;l:iiíí Omnneni teiidcMstc safe, plcnsant, and háVmlSa a cure Such Cases as Croup. Cholic. ChoU-ra Jnfüiitum. VVorm8; nnd all Sumnicr CpmiihántB, by which so inany chil.lieu dio, lh: üiiüm'-nt wülmove so spcedily and suroly. ihat a p.hysjcian will onver be needod. Möthers! ihroüglïoul nll this Una. tiré ríóví eolenuily nnd scerrdly declare to you tliat ihc All-Healing Ointinent . wiil save your children f'roin ;ni enrly grcvc if you wíll use it. We are not now acuiatnd by the least desiie lo ain: b'uÉ k'rióNvthg oé e.Óónih vnst bodies of iniants nnd cbildren din early: wliieh is supposed 10 be inevilable and impoBsible to prevent, wp liold up our warnintr voice. and declare n the fnce of the whole world, CI1ILDREN NEED MiT DIE MORE TIIAN OTHERSü Rat it is froni tbe want ef proper hourisl-nieni and the constant drugging tliey undergo whicli inows Uioin down as the ïanU grass ialib bel'oie the scyihc. INIoiliers! we ropcat hgnirr. nnd if thcy werc the last words we w;re èvbr 10 ui:or. md of coiuse pnst the ïeach of till intcicet, wc would say, "use the All-llealiny Oiniincnt ioi ticknet aniong children." liHKUiMATISM. It removes al most ininiediately the inflnmation and svvelling, when tliu juin of course ccabcs. rrvF.iïs. Tn caces of fever. tho diiBcuüy Iie3 in tlie pores beipg locl;ed up. so that the hnat and n;rspiratidii cannot jjas-s olí. Il ihe least moisturc could bc startcd, the crisis ia pnssed and the danser over. The All-IIcali.nü; Ointmeni will in nll casca of feveis alinost instantly ttiilock. the skin and bring fbrth ihe perppirntioi:. FEMALE c(r.;ri ai.sis. IiVílarñatiori oí the k"?dftéys, of tiio VQrii6, and tsfalling down. weakness, and ÍTregi?Fóriíy; iti short, nll thosc d:í}]ciiliies Whitll aro l'ieqiiciii witli órnales, fiud rendy and pprnAinfii Hief. V: have had ngeá latiies -teil ns iliey c- u í ï ui live six months without it. F:u (o föiiinlee nbout tobecome mothers, ifused hr'éöirié v.oc-hs nnte ce.dent to their conflnemont. vcry few of 'tlio&e pains and nonvulsions w'nich altend t! cm at [hal period will be feit. Thisfaet ou;!t to bjë known the world over. sr-A ld itr. i. We hnve citred casps thnt acturilly di-ficrl e'verything known, as well as the alnliiv ol' iificnn or twrsnty doclois. One inri i told us hc bad spunt $500 on his wiilxoui H,ny bcncfií. when u few boxes of the Oirítrnéut ciucd thcui. . Peojile nced never be trouWed wiih )!icm if they will use it. As a FAMILY MEDICINE, no mnn con measurc iis v:! v go lonix aq tlio si.irs rol i alony ovurthe ÍJenven? - ü; long ns utan' trcn'ls the cnrth. sciijf.'',!. to nll tlie intirmities of the flash - so long os diseaso and sickness is known just so loniïwill tbiR Ointment be uscd and csteeiued. When ïivm ceaflea froni oil' tiio earth, thefi the deniaiid willceas'e, and not uil thcü. To allay all iinprchensiotif: on account of it$ inarcdienls. In posscssinfisuch powerftil proporties, we wil! state that it is co-nposed of soinc. ol the most coiumoii aud hannlcf-s heii's in cxisience Thrrr is no mcicury in 'ü. ás can l se'en from the fr.iu that it does not injurié tho r-!inorte partiële, while it will pnss ilirnuL;h and tihysicibe bowels. JAMES Mt Al.ISTER & CO. 1C8 South fcticct. jV. York. Solo propricior of' i!ic abovc Medicine, to whom ail communicntions fnü'èi bc nddiessed (post pnid). Priee 25 cents nnd f0 cents. OITCAUTION.T] As the All-üealing Ointment hns heen grcatly coiuiterieitcd, wc have gïyep 'liis cnutjon to the public, thnt sino Ointmont v.ül bc jjérnïïnë unless ihc nnmcs of Jomes McANsicr. or Jamos McA!isier& Co., are writton v.ith a pen upon evcry l.ibcl." 7'li; Inbul is a síeel enravinfr. witli the figuro of ''insensible Peispiration" on i lic ('cc. Now we licrcby offer a rcward of $."P0. lo Bè pnid on conviction. n nny of tlie constiuitcd courts o! ilio United Stiltes, of any individual CQUlvterffiiilnc our name and Ointnicnt. M.WNARD'S. Ann Arbór, WnoJesalú AiT'n's; St:ii:li & Tyrdl. Clinton: Kt-tthuni & Smith, TPeciirtVáóh: )). O. Whituood. Dexter: II. BoweTj Maiicliêwerj John Owen Ai Co.. Detroit; llarman 5t. Cook. Brpoklyn. Dec. 18, Í845. ' L'!I- ly CLOTH! CLOÏHÏ! rriHE subscribera will continue to manufaci tuio Fillcd Clotta, for "7A ets. per yard. and v.!ite fíaiincl for 2; cent? per yard; or they will innnufactnic ili: wool lor hall the rlolh it -.vill Tlioir Padtory is 2 milts.AVest of Ann Arbor, on the ) uron River. Wool willalso bc reccivinl nt Scio. WJjt-nsent by Il;;Üroad it will be af.cndcd to in iheéinié mnnaèr as i tneówTierè weVo tocóme n'ith it. Wool will bc mnmifacturpd in turn ns t comes in as ïiearly ns it can bc done with relermee fy lbo different qualitiesof wool. WOOL CARD1NG, vill bedonc at Scio, by Thomas Iloskins. S. W. FUSTERA: CO. Scio, May 1, 1845. ÍÍ10DETYTITRY. , E. G. BURGER, Dentist, HAS removed liisoílice to Grane A. Jewctt's I{!or:k, first room on tho S.econd Floor, whcre beins wcll prcpared lo altend to evcry branch of his profession. would respcctfully say to nll who liavc not liarl tliosa ncccss;uy orjians. T.JJB TKETII. properlv nitcndcd to. deln'y no louter, but cali upon liim and experience the ease and durabiüty of his opcratiens. Tkhms accominodating andcliargos inno case unreasonablc. Aun Ardor, Mare!) H. 18-15. 17-tf SABBAT11 SCHOOI. JiOOKS lor nlo o( PEIIRY'S BOOKSTORK. Dcc. 23. 244- tiTry- Try- -Try Again. A FTER yoii have tried onetlioufearid und ono t. 'kinds óf Pilis tlion try Dn Ilalatcad's Brisk Filis iid you wiiJ be tuliy Eaütticd iliat they ere n iiucli" pioicial'lf to every ollier kind os the tun' ight ah'i'iicót is ptclertiblc. to bring foiwaid end -romole a healihy firov.-tb in vegetables to ibot i-lucli tmariaas iiuin ilie mooi). They nrejust what is wamcd ín ihis country -a jiii that (jiáfék, tliflrröugh i.nd cui.y', urryintr ii 11 i m punt u;; with tlnnij Icöving tl.e tornncli nnd bowcls clccn and elf ar. Av,;n wijh -our SLOW PILLS. tliat act LLOAV_ckri,.o 3[iOW, and lcao ihesyKicm in n t-'LOW staic. 3li"ous inattei and oihcr iruj ( diimnij? culkci vc. v ;;ipid in ïlio yfirm whon once ihcy Lc{jin ie icciiniulalc- andwill ihc-rccsc as fiiPt ns È!cw Pilis will icniovc tlicni. Jt ia rieptssofy tin ici'oio have u brifk opewupn- iliai vill ai-.i vit: ah nk org'ans Trom iMeir TorpiÖ fintc. pivc omw npcius to ilin blood niid i-t-creiiciis. Thui lood ill dijitsi - the ft-.omacji yuüi strengt! - ilic ts m tlüng- ihc bkin rkar-the iipiHéiliC! ?('f', ui you are wcll- wIkw your t-U ú,;(b u(,uL eepyou üngering al)ii íí for monihii6iidjlieM jerhaps you vill Finí! lor n Docior. ,nrd what Illifldol He will (;ive yc.u a powcrJul.cajnrtic - one iboj JVÜ' l!' yongoiiie pood, Nnw be youi own (1 cioiy, ind t;;k IJi:lbird's 'cgetfible Brink l'ills. ::fi gradúate iheni 10 snit 1C paiirnt. Tó wcak pntieii'ls give ntiall flocs- nU-o to cluUlrcn. Tlicy are liüiniless nnif an bufiivin to tb mo,st (ïtlicotc - I.ut ilitn they ivè lifc ntricl matton to ihe öyst'cm DISKASii in a bIow ü.otbid fifticn. clt pping p i!l the sinall vtbseis- mu! Calis aloud ior ii eiiM'dy tliat will arouse ilitm inio ectiou lelore ley becoinc too weak to be kept n i:oiion. - 'eople die for the vant of action - nn! knrini icy shall öb'inftl ; healiby. nction - Sey refer (akiHa a slow medicine - rlint ihcy niay octor sli'lv tor yens - nnd tir lust dio wiih a low, liiiicr ng (!ise:se- the na'utal effect of taK n; bIow -Awny tl-.rn wiih tljis tlxory. - f nniuie wirlies 10 purify the nii. clio uills tip in liniiv a tlTincer showr, and wu'u it [iei 1 : gin- ninjrs (nir piiyBÏi N to purify, clciirifc. tir.d.giyé'o ir;r, r it.n to the ntmosplipre. rid a!l is well. he does pot li,'.-l)ten srently the ycnr naind to noduce tliit nioiion. 'J'hen iollow natuie.w hen -OU nioout of hc-ihli - have a bad t.vic in yonr nion'.h - inilifrosiioii - eostiveness - Hi-vrr- colk hillf; - fevei and h'pnftö - uvsprpsin - pfin in bacd or - taken cold - or in fnct out of order in my wiiy - relieve yonrtrlt i imnedintcly by takiiitr b'e'Brisk Piüp. Try them o)r uncí you wilruse no otlu-r. 28 I'ü's fnr 25'cents. So'd Nvholosnlo nnd refriil ly J. Owon iV Co., Detroit; C Kheibnch. S. Bi Jcwctt. l.wd &, McCoiluni. Ann Arbor. 237-Gm "sicKNEPS IN nilLDKI mpAND ihc suiTering uhidi the undcrgo from "woiims" of'ieii temí 10 a laial tcimniaiinn, wliile tlic c.u;ss s, uover snpt';ted. Üfiensivo l!c!:tn. i;kkiiií fit ihe nnt-p. 'linding iho tciMli (l'.iri)i:1. &Tc8p. ÊlaVtirf ui slecji uiili Criülit nml scrennriníf. 1 1 cuiLIes' me fout;h. and l'cvt'iiíhncss. are ainong sonie oi' lite ProminnU Symjtims o( ilic prcbciice oi v.-ornus. A liuicly u&c of SUi'JRMAVS WÜILM LÜZENGES Will imrnedintoly remove ni! ihese unplea.-aii.t Hj-niptoiiia. iind restore 10 perfect hcníili. Sistnr l.ii. iis. Superior f tho Catliulic Half Orphan Ah1iiii Iiíis wldeil iét ios!ii:iony in (heir írivor. 10 ilie íhousonJs wliicli have gono beloíe: She sialt.s ilüit tlx'ie íiio uvtr (0l fliüilron i tho Asfüm'i 'i'nl 'li'ii tli lmvc been in ilié hatiïl f üsiiiï Slicririfiu's L'-zonPS. mul she lins alwHVs fúíi'nd thcüt 10 lío Stfb'ndtití with tlie mo.-t benolicj 1 ''Ik'.v havubcen proved tü be inftillible in over Í00,000 entes. consumptio: Iníluenzi. Coughs, Coldd, Wliooping Cougli, TighinfFs oi ihc f-m;sor Cliest inay be curtid. Rev. Dalias Anthony wns vny lojv jronj ConsiimM:i. .iWötfiari Hownrcfj ihe colcbrátcd leinpeianco lectuier, %vas reducrd lo iho verjje'of the rrrnvc Iy raisin;: !'(d(I. 'í(ev. Mr. Dimlnir, DÍ'Ntw York. ;!;; Htv. Mr. EJe-Forett. ÍLytÍDg4í ,si ii ii oi' iiiis slníe. Fíov. So.wi. (f !'.i'.-ton. llif v.';'iM)fOr:iíiiius Dibble. Esq. n Monravia. und iiundrcds oích(is, i' ivo bcoii relicvcü uad cuied by a projior -v SJIËRMAN'S COUCn LOZKC-y. And no nicmcinc has ever buen more efféctnni in fhe' íelief tí Itíó'sc ('isenses, or wl:ic!i enn le recüiiin-emied wiih more eui.fiJoncr. They al !ny nll 'chine or irritnjion.. reuder ihe cduiíIi c.i(■}■, promoíc expectorution, roinovc t!ic cause, nnd pV'öuucè ;he most hbppy and !ns;ing tflVeta. I1:.DACHE. Pnlpitn'ion of the IJe.irt. É'ou'OWS of Spirits, Seu sicUncss, Dcspondcno', Eniniixs Cbolic SiiasiiiH. C,'rti;ns ol' liio ítoiunc!i. Stimmcr or [ioolCoriiplointè, also M ihe djstiCEsing syruploms arlsifig fr.'in (reo i ny. or a hiylil ofdíSr si; ilion nrc ciuickly aid cntirely relicvtd by tisin"SHERMAN'JS LOZEiXGF.S. Thcy. act speedily and relieve in n vcry short spnce of time. living lone and vigor to the sysicin. aii'i oi)l)!t! n person üsrag thom to undergo grcat mental orbodiiy fatigue. RNEIWIATISM, Wcoí; I'ack. pain and wéoliness in t!ie Brcasf. Bnck. Ijiiv.hs and oihcr prirls of the body nro speedüy and eliVctnnlly relievcd by SHERMAN'S I'OOR MAN'S PLASTF.l!. which coslsonly 1; cent!, and is wiihin the rcach of áll. So grent har. beeómo the reputation of this utir!(! ilint diif inillion will noi bpin to supply tlic iinnual dcuiniid. Jf is ncknowledged to be the bcststioiigtiiening Plnsier in theworld. ÜKW.vJli: OF IMPOS1TIOJV. Dr. Shemian's l'oor Man's PJ.jster lus liisnnmo witk direciiniis piinuii on ihe back oí the Piaster, mul a svni'cjü of tlic Doctcr's wriitcn name undcr the directions. None others are genuino, or to be relied on. ])r Sliermnn's No. IUfc iVrf?au 8t. New York. W. S. & J. W. MAYA'AhD, Agenta for Ahn Arbor. 246 ]. ([ANCF.RY- FIKST CÍRCÜIT. JoFcnh V,nrk. Compljihant rs. Peter McGirnoy, Diilondnnt. BY vinue cfa dccirtal orrlt-r issued out of tlio Court of Clianccry. ot' the State ol Michigan. I shnll exposé to pnle 'o the highost bidder, nt tlic Coi;rt Honso. in ihe villnge o Ann Ariior. Wnshionaw Cuiiniy. MicJiiann, on the 24 th dayof F.liruary no.xt, at one o'cloek in ilie afnn oi thrit d:v. tfie follnwing de3cribed pirmist-s, to wil: ';The norlhonst qunrter of Scclión lliirty. towrisliij) nnmber one fouiI). uf Range tJirce cast." GKO. I)A:FORTli Masler in Chancery. Doiior.Ass ó Wi.i'KKri, Comp'3 Sof rs; Daad Januarv (J:h, 184T, 24C- 7w Theabove sale is posiponed ntil the tenth day oi Marcii ne.t, at the same time .uid piare. GKO. ÜANFORTII, Masier in Chanccry. Datcd, Fch. 24ih, 18-1G. Flax Scccï ! npiIE suliscribtir vvislics to buy a qunntity of 3 Vi.: iir.vAi, orwhich he vvill pay the highest niarki t price, in Gpous or Csh, delivercJ at liis Miliai Móunl Piqasaiu, Gèncesëe Connty, MichïgHhj five miles norih ol Fenronvillc. D. L. ],a TOÜHKTTE. Dcu. J:. ie!5. 243- 5tn Live&eese Feathers fc2 OOO I'BS purc Ijlive Geeso Feathers lor )yJ-fyJ s;,l0 ,y (10 b,d'j or single pound, at 1S Jeffcrsoti Avenue. Detroit, by BEECHER .Vr. ABI30T. Jan. 23. 1S46. 243-3mo SHAWLS., Drcás stuíls of all kinds, Lnco Veils. CrnvatV. Rihboiu, &c. &c. At thO AlittBArrAN Stoub, Detroit. W. A. RAYMOÏÏD. Doe. 25. 1S45. 244- Cm XpEATIIKRS and PAPER HANG1NGS Jj mny be found at all times at the Manhattah Stork.' Detroit. VV. A. RAYMON'D. Dcc. 25. 1844. 244- Cm WAÏTJED. TWO ypyn'g men aboutiS or 19 ycarsof age, as npprentices to the Knsli and Blind niaking biiPincss. Also, onc JOURNEYMAN, at tlic abovu but-iticES. rr. gregory Ann Arbor. Lowcr-Town. Dcc. 4, 1845.