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Letter to the Editor
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Mkssrs. Eiutors : - Fecling sonic cncagedness in the antislavtry cause, and au uncasinesson account of its elow progrrss, and a desire for its completo triumph, [ will give in y opinión concerning the conree to bo pursued to speed its success and triumpli. Novv, the Libcriy party has been orgnmzcd long enougli 10 have accomplished-its desires, il the best course has been pursued, becauso the doctrine is emphaticnlly and altogethcr Democratie ; and tlicrc are g-jod, sensible, and philanthropic voiers enougli in otir land, rcady to etn buik in the cause, when they con be salisfied thej will nol be throwing ihcir votes away by voling the Liberty ticket. In the firêt place, wc want cvciy good citizen to take án èhtnncipaiïon paper. And wliy aro thero no more who can be induced to take oñe 7 Bccauae, thcy eay, there is nothing in them but ' iJiennc idea." Now, il' the 'Signal,' for instanco, should cont.iin the génerai news of the day , and the party ehould publish its Bcntimcnts on uil subjects of National and State policy, such as curtu-.ling expenses - reducmg salaries - aboliehing offices, not ubsolutely nccessary - revisingand eimplifying the laws, kc. Stíi) I believe i could induce inostof my neiiihbors to tokeit. And th8, perhaps, is ïnuch tho case with other manumission papers. Hut this, 1 approluiul, :s itnpeding the jirugressof tho cause, notwith8tanding tho opinious, to the coiurary, of wisur heads than mine. Have the Liberty party tio jüst ideas of Náticmal and Slata policy ? Jf not, h will not be considered worthy of progress. lf so, let them bc published. that the world may know them. I have here given my opinión, on the subject moic compendiously than 1 intended when 1 bu,,';in t write, bccause the propriety of iho course scems to me 60 plain. Yours in bonds of Philnnthropy,