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The Oakland Gazette (Whig) has the folltwing on Slaverjr: "Let the Southern people clear away the lust which has been raised before their eyes y the stir of Northern Abolitionism, and :hey must g'ne up the pretended institution ihat degrades and impoverishes them. And we would entreatevery Northern man to be at least reasonnbly prudent m his course upon the subject, and not by his violence and threats prevent the good which may be done by the enlightened minds iu the South itself. Aboveall, there ehould be no polUical organization haring forits fundamental object the destruction of Slavery in the South. Yet tbe Northern press and people should speak freely and soberly on the subject. Wc know that Slavery ia an evil, and we wish in a mos fraternal manner to wam the South ngains it. True we would counsel a manly resistauce to the enchroachments of the 6pirit o ! despotiam which this unholy in6titution necesBarily createe. We would stand by our own rights, but not encroach upon and anathema tize othere." By this extract it will be oeen thai thre things look important to the Whig cyes o the Gazette, each rising above tho other i imDortancc:1. The Southern people should clear away Abolition dust from theireyes. 2. Every Northern man should be "rcasonably prudent" on this subject. This ie very important. But 3. t'Above all, there should be no polilical organizaron having for its fundamental object the destructipn of Slavory." O no ! The Gazetto wants no Liberty party ! Did not the Gazette, about eix monthe ago, fully and cordinlly endorse the aclion of the YVhigs of Jackson County, making Abolition a IFhig principie? Doos it now mean to retract?