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Detroit, Marcli 11, 1846. Frieni Fostkk,- Whcn writing a few days the absemo of any o Ricial reiurns.J ventured the opinión that thc questixn oí Liccnse or No License was carrel by a vote of 4 to 1 in faor oí ihe Intier. - Th'jotHcinl returns have since been publithed, showing 'hat even llial statement, surprising as it niight appear, wos below ihe truili, ihe vote for lócense being230- No Liccnse 1070 ! !- aliijoii 5 to 1 agninst Liccnse. The question ainong onr Prienda abroad in view of 6uch a re sult, would naturally be. how wnsit accomplishud ? As it ctnnot be possiblo that tho wsrk ol Tempcrnncc reform lina been po thorough in ÍHís City, as to be fnirly indicnted by such a vote Including ihe nieinbers of the Catholic Teinpernnee Society in our City, (which are very nuncrous) we hnvc j)robally from 7 to 800 voters. )lcdgcd Tempéranos men. These, of course, wiih all iheir influencc. would go for ' No Liecusc." Inaddition to these, wc have reason tp know that quite a number of those practially opposed to Temperancc, and nunicrous grog sull ers ihcniselvcs, voted " No Licenee." As fnr as the latter was concerned, they doubtle58 votediinder the iniprcssion ihat the low could not bc austained, nnd ihat they would thereby secure the privilege of sclling without being compelled to pny for a Licensc Time nnd the energy ol Tcmpernncc men in our City, will ohow whether they have not " reckoned without their host." We are aware of the fact that to enforce the law, may beattended with difiiculty, nnd in sotne cases by the aid of legal quil'bles, possibly prove a failure, hut we are also confident thnt by prop er faithfulness on tíie part of ita friends, the present yenr will test its efficiency, and if lound unseaworthy. or too casily evaded to eficci it object, the same power which sought and secur ed this law will be found again knocking at the door of our Legislature, and demanding or.e ihat will protect us froin these streains of doath, in the case of every community which declare? by a majority of its citizens that they do not wish lo tolérate them. The triumph of the friends of Tcmpcrancc at the late elección m our city, was not simply in the fact of securing such an overwhelming voie for " No Licersc," but also in the defeat candidatos for office. Afier il bccame evidentTrom tlie interest excited upon the subject, that ihe No License ticket wonld prevail, Us ; nent8, niannging adroiily, and using Uie i ocratic pnrly, securcd the noniination of í grog I sclling candidatos for Aldcrmen, out of (5- (the ( whole number to be clected) of the 5 nminatcd, 4: were dcfeoicd (although our election for Aldermen ie by wards, and 2 of them were ruiihing in wards which usually have n democratie majority of 50 to 60,) and the 5ih ticil by his opponent. Thi8 Waierloo defent of the grogselling interesis and the signal rebuke it administered to those wlio sought to place in power the very men whose aun andinterests would be to dcfeat thcwill of the ïnajoriiy, was truly gratifying to the friends of Tcmpcrancc and good order in our city. It is not the first time that Modern (or os Mr. Birney would say, cütankous, skin decp,) Democracy hasrequired its supporters to engage n dirty work, and support men and measures. as n partij, which the conscience was bettcr judgment of many of its members would utterly repudíate. Could 1 attairi the enr of an iniluential Democrat, and would do a service to his pnrly,. I would whisper to him the fact (becoming of late somewhnt notorious in certain places,) that onc of the greatest difficulties wilh which Liberty men have to contend in securing support to their candidates is this, that the chnracter of somc of the candidates of his party sink so far below even the ordinary level that great desire is often feit to del'eat them 8mply upon that ground, and not from any particular favor towards their immediatc opponents.A yon nre doubtlcss awarc, the House, by n very dccisivc vote, (H5 to 7) rcfused to concur ' witli ihe Señale in the repeal of the Liccnsc law, ' and it s now well understood that the Senate will rcccde (rom their position and thu? save ihe law - its frienda th ercforc may fcel no onxiety upon ' ihai scorc, but presa íurward to do their duty under it. The bilí for the sale of the Central Railroad is drawing its slow iength ihrough thc Senate. meeting wiih spirited opposition from several oí its memberg, although it isbelieved bythe friends of thc Bill that it will pass ihat body in substnnce as it carne from thc House by the conslitutional mnjority of two-thirds. Effurts have rcccntly been made by the friends of thc sailor nniong the different Evangelical Socictics to cstablish a Bethel in our city. A society has been organizcd for that purpose, and arrangements are being made to cbtain a saitablc place, and procure the services of a minister who is to devoto hts enlire time to thc spiritual íntereste of that worthy and rrt'jch neglected class upon our Inland Seas. Tho arrangements will doubtleEs be fully perfected and a house oponed Ibr their accommodation in a short time. Spring ie gradually opening upon us ; the weather for thc past 8 or 10 days has been unus íally fine for the season,and as the river ia neaily free of ce, we shall soon hear thc note of navigation olong our wharves, and thc busy hum of spring business through the city. Yours truly.