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The Washington correspondent of the Comncrcial Advcrliser says: - "A grand nttack on the army may be eipcctcd in the shnpe of a report from Mr. Black of Geor jia, cliairmaii of the commiltes on the militia.- Fíe wishes to repudíate the army ns a: present con-titutcd. os being very expensivc to the government and inefficiënt for all practical piirposïs. Ho propose9 to reduce their pay and their numbers and organizo tho mili;ia in their placo n the case of an emergency. Thcrc is much plausibility in this, as the small army of the United States costs at present fivc hundrud dollurs per aiinum on an avernge for the support of each man, includinp soldicrs and oflicers. If wc are to have war, Mr. Black argües, we cannot rely on five or aevcn thousand men, and if we do not they nre useless." The IIou3C of Rcpresentativcs having oxpcllod the reportera of the N. Y. Tribune, the wholo country is wide awake to le.irn the ciunc. A our rcadcra may partakc of this laudable curiosrty W'C S'vc l Passage in ono of the lettere wbiclj was decined worthy of such condign punialiment.' But tlierc is onc still more rcmarkahlo thnn thcothcre, and thalis the Hun. Mr. Sawyer, of Ohio. Though his name would ndicate as much, yct lic is nut a wood-sawyer ; ho 8, I believe, a blackstniih. not that I consider the trado would disgrncc him. The reputation of ihc tradc is probably the greatest suüercr. All occupations ure honorable tor hafd-wofking, honesi men. It isonly disgraceful to live on the toil of another. But I digreèi froin Mr. Sawyer. As Zoology iu nn important partot knowlcdire,! procecd togive you some account of the crUter's habita, as thnt may assist you in clnssing him under the proper ïeadin the system ofaniniated nature. "Every day about two o'clock hc feeds. - About that hour lie is scon Icaving his seat and tokÍDg n position in the window. back of tho Speaker ; 8 cliair to the left. He unfokia a greasy [)a[)er, in which is coniaincd a chunk of bread and snusage, or some unctious substanco. This hc dispoèca of quite rapidly, wipes his hnnds with the greasy paper for a napkin, nnd then thr-iws it out of the window. What littlc greaso is lelt on hi.s hnnds he wipes on his almost bnld hond. which snvesan otla for pomnturn. J lía mouth ícrñetíincs scivs asa linger jjlass, his coat slecve-i and pautnloons bcing called into rcquiaition an napkin. JIo uses a jacknite for a tootlipickj and tlien lie goes on the Hoor again. ami abuses the Whiga os the lirilisli party, nnd claims the whole of Orejón ns neecssary for tlio spread of civilizhtion. I helievé hc gocai, liko Chipman, against all ihe seduciivc artb of education."in i'iriUing tliccnmnlnint. Mr. Sawyor distinctly acknowlèilged ihe innnncr of feeding, as mlaied, was correct, bul intïma'cd thiit if tho ofIbnce was repente d. lic sliould inko it upefa mmsdl'lo inflict pers'uwl chnsusemont. Therc is noiliihg of mierest cJoing in eithcr ilon.'C. rJ'he S(?nnte OCCoaipnoÖy discnss Dié órogon iiucstinnn linio: inl tlu1 House hnvc had ■ ip the ápprúprióttóh tí X 1 lor Kivers and Horiiors. In ilio TI misc, n mcniTia! wne presented rronj thé 'Nniiiohai llolorm Asociiiion in the Ufittotl 8'atcs. n relniion to tlic Pul)iic Innds. Tho rfvoinönnlisis defiiro thnt riic public lands bc hold as tlwy no nrc. by tlio wlmlc pcoplc; and thnt my person who bas no Innüs bo allowcd to lili ú small fjuantiiy. and possess tbc rigbt to sell nt any time bis improvements; bnt, in no instante, to scll to any person possèésing any other land, ibcrcby crcniin n great Innded avistocracy. - Tlie memorial was referrcJ to tbc Cominittco dn the Public Lmds ; büt tbc House refused to print it.