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The Democracy Improving!

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Wc sel ic down to the credit of tho Democrnt ie party of tliis State, thnt only one pnper o tfiat pnn?, éö for as wo havo noticcd, Iris ninni fested is ro'tcnness !y □ttemp'üng to frnmenn nr gument ngaínstthc extensión of suflrngc to col ored citizene. All otlitru have shown, if not n senseof docency, nt a remn&m of ehame', bykeep"ihc lence on this rickiittwjttdgod vio!;i ton of thöir oWti principies, 'fhc Pomiac Jackeoninn, óf tvhich W. Li Iiancroft purports to c editor, has art argument of three colü-nns on the ftubject, which makes it as clcar as mud. Lcsi wo should do injustico to the author we will givo tho opening of his nrguineiu in his owu wordi :"We cohcéive (liis project of universal suíTragc - ihie atiempt (o unite races whose physieal conformaiions. tasics, Jiabiis and ntuilions nrc nsopposite as Uiiiir color, ae bcintj nolliing lcss llia.i nn nltempt to tliwnrt the inianiiona of an allwiao Crcator; bcüee poütcal e.ju.ility, if once eilablishcd as the law of tho land añil sanctioncd by a vitiated public opinión, implica and would pcrinit social equnhty, whicl wuuld inveitybly faroduce a unión of orders of creatioh nsdissimilar in thcir evory nttributea, as any that exisis betvreen thoso of luwer grades; nnd whicli uu ion would bo as unnaturol and rcpuirnant tor.y unperverted 6ense 01 propricty, ds tliat of o dovo wiih a pnlmiped sea fow, a clcnnly, 8mooth haircd doo with a odi'crous, ehiigoy-beardud gödt, ür Of n girmralkin with a poleeat." The exiraordinary "taites'' and "seiuc of profrictij," displnyed by the writcr, precludo all comment on tlns pnesagc. Üaviny nssumed ihc falso position, that social equality would neccssarily follow ihc porticipalion df eqtíal pólitical righls, Mr. Bancroit goes on to cliów tliát ;'t Í3 heecseary that a latent rcpilglance to ene li othcr elioüld eiiet botwecn llio two mees"; and speaks of au "innutc antipathy" eotubliehed by the Creötdl1. Vcry well: if this be 80, let the Crealor'e work nlonc: what ncod of legiilating for the prcservaüon of tliia "innatc antipathy " :-' But depri vation of the right of suflrage 3 no preaervative of this 'untipothy" nor preventative ol malgamation: fói the writer woll knows, i( he knovs any Üiin, that where the colorcd pcoplc are held a3 élayc, inovcry part oftheearth, amalgamation ia general: whercae in Vormont nnd Massachusetts,wncre an uave uaü oqual nghis tor lialf o century, it ia vcry rare. A ma like che slaceholdar, UicJiard M. Johnson, a notorious and inmoral amalgamajor, could not auain to political cminonce in those States. Yet tho Democracy votod him intö the Vict Preaidency üf tho Uni'.ec! States, and vto suspect that Mr, Bancroft may havo hclped 1 Hoving cstablidhod (o lus eatisfactiort that "i ie unnatua!, f not èinliii (! !) thus to blend the racoa iri politica! and coneequent social cquality," the writof pröcceds lo meei the objection which Baye that all men are bom frec andcqual. "Ab stractly couoicícrctl" he admilc thís tü be truc; but then Jcflüraon and Iiis compairiots held elavfe; and thoy proclainied the existonco of theao [naiural] rights for tho üancfit of the whole World: but thcy eought to cslablisk them only forthcgreatcr happincss of tuemselves nnj their posterity!" Ilonco Mr. Bancroft conclu los (hat il the blacks Ceel nggrieved or dissatiafieii,they have a natural right to eBtablish o governinent of their any part of tho world, provided thcy don't interfere with "institutions we have establisïicd for our goud"! What a liberal, Democratie spirit is ibis 1 Uut wemu8t not omit to extract the followmg epecinich of Democratie oratóry. ít s an appcal to the vilc yrojudice which filia the minde ofsome Persona, to tho e.icluaion of rcoson and common eenso:"Expungo tilo word 'tchita' from odr cdnstitulion, and yoii not only iuvcsi negroes now hcrc with the riglita and privileges of citizonship. bui you invite otln-rs to migrnte in ctouda froin ncighbonng s:ntC8 and Canuda - tho écmi-citizen, the rofugce, and the degradcd runnwoy, frèsli froni theplanlation of tho South, nnd gnorarit aükc of God and human luw- to wicld a vnst f nol controlling influence upon our clections; to fill I our jury boxes. nnd make thcnieelvcs feit in eve ry rafnificatioh o eociety; to clamor dr a diatributton of offices atnóng their number- for theU1I1IU.IUUII oí mr. ö aniño lor Supervisor, ol lote Gumbo, Esqiiirc, for Juetice of tho Feacc. aod othcr "geamen ob color" furoficce of grenter or minor mportance; or, 'o form theinsilves into adielinct community, and scnd iheir rcpresentatjves into the halls of the Lcgis'a.uio to help make laws for our observance." A singlo word is enough in rcply to tliis.- Colorcd mon have voted in Vermunt and Massa - chusetisorhalf a ccntu.-y; and yet the incrense of colorcd popula ti on tliere has been vcry tlow: Do exiraordinary emigraiion from the Slavel States, Cfanadn, or clsewhcre has taken plncc; nor can a single bad conseijueno of allowing Ihem to vote be rrientioned. Üüt wb have already spent too much time on this proii'uction.OU" The following are the proposais for publishing theÖtite Trintingof New York, ns opcnedby the Comptroller nnd SccreJary. The offtrs Were for tho first ond subeequcnt insertions. OffoTB. lat l„. Sulé B. Siblcy, RoeheBtcl-, J8 ets. 9 cta.W. Culley, Kingston, 14 8 W. E. Cramer, Albany, ]0 7 T II. ííyatt, Rocljcstcr, 8 5 H. J. Hastings, Aibany, 0 3 American Citizen, 2 2 Aibany Atlas ■ 1 j Aibany Argüe. 0 0 The Argu, oflering lo do thd work "Tor 1 ing and find it8cl," get3 the job. This, wc siispeci, á coilsiderably cheaper than the pneeof Stnte Printing in Michigan.O Ex-Gov. Scwr.rd, of Nw York, wns solicited by his friends lo accept a nomination for the Convention, but he positivcly refused tu accept of I any oílice whatever. I