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Anx Aitnoit, May 1, 1846. There is but little düing in Wheat.- Priccs have fallen to 70 cents, with n downward tendency. The growing VVheat in this vicinity looks well, and is quite as forward as ia desirnble. Our exchanges in this and olher States concur in representing the appearance of the erop to be fine. The spring has been rather dry here till two or threedays past, in which we have had a plentiful rain, and vegetation at once has assumed moro forwardness, and a livelier and fresher green. The Buflhlo PiJot says thei'e is quito a movement of specie going cast, and t learns that Mr. James L. Lyell, of Detroit, is engaged in drawing heavily from the Ohio banks ; on account, as it is informed, of some private transaction, and not as a matter of specülation. We find nothing in the papers respecting the probable price j(of Woöl. From present appearances,we judge tho market will open rather dull.A Lake Combinaiion has again beon formed. Cabin passage from Buffaloto Detroit $6,00 : steerage, $3,00. The Banks havo extended their issues according to Ilunt's Merchants Magazine, sixhj dollars on a httndrcd, since 1842. A Bill has passed the Senato to repeal theSt. ClairBank. The tendency oí the Flour market is downward. In Buflalo, April 28, good brands wero ofiered without sale at $4,12 to 4,25. ín New York, Apfil 25, Pot Ashes were selling at $3,87 è, áhd Pearls for $4,18.?. The news by the Caledonia depressed the Flour market, and reduced the price of Western from $5,44 to