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Letter From Dr. Thomas: For The Signal Of Liberty

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SciioOLcRAKTjApril :3Oth, 1810. As a mcmber of tlio ÍMRcial Committeo öppöihtéd by tlic State Antislavery Society held at MáVahaíJi t becpmês iny duty, ni complianco with a rcquest recently made in tho Signa] of Liberty, togive my views in referenco to the adoption by llio Liberty pnrly of the reform movements that werc brouglit beiure that body by tho Executivo Cbramitlec's report, and a letter from Mr. Birney, whieh elicited such a warm discnssion at lliat time. I am highly gratified to lean) that the chairmnn ot that Comrnitteë has declined wríVíng :he address. Tliough í took no part in the dis cussion before llie Society, yol membeis of the committec may recullect that 1 then remtirked that iudividually I favored tho measures which liad boon undrr discussion, ns I lliougli the good ofthe country rëquire'd that they sfiould be nltimately carried out, and that 1 sliould favor their adoption by the LibcrU party if it could bo harmoniousiy cílccted. Thcv met wíth such deterniined opposition, and my knowledgo ofthe views cntertained by tho diíTercnt mejoabers of the partywas so limited in reference to somo of the qucstionssubmitted,!hat I fea red their adoption would produce a collision that would be disast rous : bul my greatcst op())stion Iny to fairig groundon theill questton, as upon tbat point I lelt con fidenl Hint a conflict of opinión must a rise wlio eonMitiitc the Liberty parly in contcquonce of its líávirig been so recently contoóted by t!ie twc old politica! parlies Trom which the greai mass of the Liberty men have so recenllv emerged, bearing with them slrong li.-ciings upon ihat quesliou in favor of the views entertáinéá by tlie respective partios from which thcy carne. Tliough I shonld be highly gratified to see l'rco Trndo principies prcvail, vet Í should doubt the pölicy of thcir adoptiori by the Li'oeriy party under exjsíing cifcuhistances. [ think greát cnution should be observcd in commitiing tlie Libertv partv to sucii questions as liavc been recently at issue bel ween the "W'Iiig and Democratie partios. Upon becoming farther acquainted with tho views of Liberty men in this vicinity, f find thot tliey are gencrnlly becoming [ jireparcd for the adoption of the principal part of tho reform questions ihat )iave been recently presented to them. If wc beconic satisfied tbal the good of the country demands a reform in government upon those great questions which are beginning to ngitaie the ptib'ic mind, and are in accqrdancê with the spirit of of the age, and that the different individuals cóñiposing the Liberty party are genorally in favor of such reform, and so far as my observation ex'ténds, I am not acquainted with an individual exception, in the West - I know of no good reason why wo should not adopt them as party measures-. The clcments of which the Liberty party is córhposed renders it more essentially a reform party than any other in exislcnce, and tnereforo it more properly belongs to it to tako up those measuresand cany them out in connection with tho prominent idea ihat we place at the head; and though those questions are subordínale queslions to the one upon which we have rnllied, vet they areofgreat importance, and ifconnected with it, and they should be carried through succcssfully, must bo of grpl benefit to manliïnd , and so far froin tho Liberly party sustainíhg injü'ry by the adoption of such a poliey, I think it would acccclcrate its omvard march to power. I, thcrefore, go for their adoption. N. M. THOMAS. Swedenborg says there is a rencwal of the marriage ties in heaven, between those who have been ihus unitod on earlh. Thia will be alarming intelligenco to many. From the Bankcr's Vcekly Circular, we lnrn thot tlie total number of Banks in the Ünitod States ia 049, wiih Capital to ihö a'rrúJmit oí $'204,1)97,900. Wew York alone lías lUübarlks. wiíh cupital uinounting to $42,845,428.