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Poetry: Wait A Little Longer

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Tlicro'a a good lime coming, boye, A good lime coming ; Wo inny not livo to seo the day, Uut cartli shiill gliston in :lio rny, Of the good limo coming. Ciiniuw ImIIr may oíd lh6 truili, Rut Thuuglu'a a wenpon sttonger ; Wo'll wrh our battlo by its aid ; Wait a litl'e longcr. Theru's a good time coming, boys, A good time coming: Tho pon símil supersede ilio sword, And riglit, not miht shall b tlie lord, f ti the good t:me coming. Wortli. not birih shall role mankind, And be tu knowlcdgcd strönger; The procr impulse luis been given; Wait a littlc longer. Tnero's n good liin.? coming, boys, A good limo coming : Wiir in all meri'fl ejrci hall be A monster o( iñiquhy, In tho good lime coming, iii'iii tíli;ill nut qunrrcl then, To prove whicb is tho stronjer, N'ir slaughter men for glory's sake : Vaita lili!c longcr Thore's a good time coming, boys, A good limo coming ; fl vcfn! riv;drics of' croeil Shall not makc thcir mor (yrs blced, Jn tliu good timo coming: Religión sli;ill bc shorn ofprido, And flourish all tho strongef; And t'liarny shall tiim her lani() ; Wail a li t tío lunger. Tlicrc's a good time coming, boy?, A good timo coming : And tho poor iiian'a fanViiy Shnll not be his misery In tho good limo coming. Every clnldsh.ill lie i help, To uiako his right nrm stronger, The happier he, tho moro he bas : Wait a titilo Jongt-r. Tbere'e n giod time coming, boya, A good time coming : Littlc childn-n shall itot tuil Under. or aboye, the soil, In ihe good lime coiniug, Bul shnll pluy in hunltliful ñclds, Till Hmbi and minds grow stiongci ; And every one shall rcad and vrrile : Wait a linle longer. Thorc'ö a good time coming, boya, A good unie coming: The pcople shall be (cinpernie, And ehall love instend oí halo, In the good time coming. Thcy shall use and uot abuso, Ajid make all virtue Btrongcí ; The rcíormation h;is begun: Wait a linio longor. Thero's n good time coming, boys, A good time coming: Let uu .iid t all wo cun, Every woman, every tumi, The good time coming. Smnllost helps, if rightly given, Mako the impulse strotigor ; 'Twill be strong citóugll ono day : Wait a H i tío longcr.A boy some four years oíd, son of Donald Camoran, dyer in Lancaster milis, Clintonville, Mass. was caught by llie coupling of the shafting, which runs horizontally ten inches from the ground, making ono hundred and íifty turns per minute. He must have made some twelve or fifteen hundred revolutions, tearihg up the hard gravel to the depth oí six inches, wifli liis body and limbs. Ilis father, assoon as he discovered hiui, wilh great presence of mind held him as closelyas possiblo to thoshapt, whileti workman ran nearly the length of the mili, which is upward of six hundred feet, to shut off the water. So immense is the height of the wheel and shafting, when put in motion, they revolvo some minutes after the water is shut o(T. The boy is in a convalescont state, and will