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Tliis week vo cliccrfully givo up scvcral columns to the Communications of Messrs Treadwell and Hallock, the only rnembors of the Select Committce nppointed by the Siato Society to oddress Liberty men ngainst the views of Mr. Birney and others.who have not already roported. It will be scen that while tlie conclusions of the writers are widelv dissimilar, both articlcs present the same frank ncss of rhanner and cordiality of feeling which h;ivc ever existed in the Liberty party, and whicli wo are confident will continue to be exhibitcd by its members. One word in reference to the courso of the Signal. Our readers are well aware that it is our custom to givo both sides of every important question, when reqtiested so to do. On this question of the "oiher intereste," we at first ntended to nublïsh all the answors to our Circular,for and ngainst it ; but cxpecting this Committee and pérhaps other gentlemen ofour own State would go over the wliole ground of the negative.we publislied only a ïexv of these responses, nnd laid by the remainder for futuro use ; and they are now so numerous and lengthy ihat wc could not well insert ihem all. But ns Bro. Treadwell is the only one in our State who has yet taken up on the negative, nnd as many of our readers huve no rrienns of knowing the views of othcr Liberty papers except through the Signal, we proposé to pubïish from them several of the replies to our Circular. This we purpose to do in two or throe numbers following, unless we shnll be fürnïshed with other arguments on that sitie by Liberty men of Michigan. Wc Vish our Liberty friends lo examine the whoh field deliberntely and carefully, view t!ic subjoct in all its hearings, make up tlioii minds fully,"and then co ahead !