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Health And Its Attendant Blessings

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nitention lo the symptoins of discaso as ihey uccur, anl which, if left unaiiended lo. resuli in the mos', fatal consequcnces. IIow often is t the case thnt a neclected cough tcrniinates in consumption, when a few of's Cough Lozenges, gtven in time, would have provented the evil. And worms, too, those destróyer of the rising generatioH, tre permitted to pursuo their ravages, when a box of Sherman's Worm Lozenges would havo banisheJ tliem entirely, and rendered the sufierer hearty and happy. And how frequently we see many around us bowed down under a drendful headache, or hear thcm complaining of faintness or palpitation, when if ihey only knew how q ïick Sherman's Camphor Lijzenges would relieve them, they would sufTe: no moio. Dr. Sherman's remedies are no hunibug, nor is there any quackery about them. - Try ihem nnd you will be saiiaflcd. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 103 Nassau st. N. Y. W. S. & J. W. MAYXARD, Agerfls for Ann Arbor.