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i he Jnckson Patriot a zealous prosluvery paper, latcly arrnigneil a clergyman of ihat vilIogea3 a "wolf n sheep's cloiliing" be causo ht hnd spoken of the war wiih Mexico as "shnmeful nnd disgraceiul," and prayed ihat none of oui ciiizens might take part in it. The Detroit Fret Press copies iho anide, and callt for h is name. for the purpoee of holding him up to infamy, "as a Irui'or in lis hcari - a scoiniielin his pnnriplis." It oppears ihnt the gentleman referred to wasRev. G. L. Foster,of the Congrega (ionalChurch of Jackson. Tho Editora of the Frcc Press nnd of the Patriot wit! find themselvcs going loo last. Ministers hnve the same right to discuss War and othcr subject that Editors havo. It is a part o tlieir logiiimate business to test crery War by the doctrines of Christinniiy, and condemn t at "shameful and dipsgracoluT' and wicked, when ihey deern itscharacur to bo such. In the pres entente, thercare mony thou6ünda in this Smtt who deem this war imnccessary, ehamcful nnd disgraceful in the highest degiee, ilihoiigh, thro' the cowardicc of iho conduciors of the yreatei portion ot the Press, their opinión does not lind cxpress'on thrnngh tho public pnpers.