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&ediea! pólice. JLw..iuen.lw.11,iIir;;o;;;:i ;,;;,.r havu.g pr.cuocl WJW (r,,, j ,1,,. bi lUfelustiw . .i,uUns curuuinr.) nlrhTC5SS!ü"l C iiieJicinis ; ..-! h:.v. DLnaaas. hithertu incurable; aro no i radical hy !-,,- , Aftöïloiöol utcr.W.. ' &c. &c. !,,vt!.1...V-:i.'irl-.. ,..,. ..-..-...■ 1 ,. lltóav, ".-n... n.r, :-..-..-. noumlgui, bo. c .ius ,,.,,..,. ,„..,..„; bïillSïianiwrt'thhi.r. O"" ör bl.ick taligue. crmip, nfliMiiAwii.Mia ■ , f tin' rnnv Ik, lili I l"Vö ,. ■■. Stript -, torr.-rs by the thnoíy apitlicatiun of honixa iiie'üc.tint'iifs. . . . V, ■:...! fuethor ssny, Lile iimTewjrnw would hnveu-l. ihè.afflicl caica, whalhct Uwucfiopftiliy s whaiil cl in ü'r abt. . Ho wm.iW also etme hnt lip ha irnrm I Vetea9s,rta.e.,t... MKDiCA MKM , W J parte ll-rom DeipÜc,l .3 P bce,;wh l.e WiH „(to.Kl to kifl calis, and rutmaK"'nedïaiineril bo..k-. &c. a iho low'esi price Prom A ittentioo he la ?iv:u:r rh ihe sauVaction t ihosc who ntöy livor liiin vul tlioir paitonaiíá; ConiihuhicMion. p t ;mJ. from paiioma ai a (Estanca, will rcctivo proinr atipiition. T,, ,-,; wh i tnny. wisli tb !': ! '"es tny fll.r Rí? treatmeñt fyr ant clu-iiic .! . oljiwn lodsdnjfs at bylWC, or fii Places, at low lirices. V TIIÜS. BLACKOOO, M n. lloiure-ipitliist. ■„;... -:. y?. 15 5-n-iv "Wartlwcl! & öixon, IMPOLlTF.llá AN-n VYFiÖLfcSALE Di'Ai.ÍIARDWARe'aNI) CUTLELiy. ETNo 4 Ccil=r streer. 2 il..- ubo-.c I'cail st IVTew York. J. M. Waudv.lll CJoüRTtASD P. Diïo.s. Á f), pre reeeïviog fuíl ndi cncrnl ;1S of i:glfili and Americnp n port of tuble nn-J Pocket Cmlt-ry, Bjaieher1 R ixors, Piles, CbiaeU, Plañe frorisiiiïd jT'i.wö. Americiu Jinitjan.l Scirws, Anrea vele mui Siiadcs. Win. RWjund's Mili i';l -" CuvSawá, Uarris'. IJlooJs1. Dcniu iml lor's Scythes- whicli nro offered on lc - í;ivorabl tonns for c -ï or tix nibjidi .■(ht New v,.rk. i:,; :6, T Woo! Crroivers. "tXTE be? lenve lo mlorin uur pol (-r ■ W íriPii.ií--, tina v;c yluil bc imi);ucJ ior lia purchaic of IOOjOOO lbs. L,T a gcod clean mcrcbantable orlicle, as so-jii as tho iunsou tor seüing conmiciiccs, as we are connccied iih Enslern wool dealrrs. we shiijl be ablc to pay the f)igUE3t pricothc j:asïcr:i market will aiVord. Grc-.u cflmpiaint w.,s njufe I;i3; Beusüii anpngst the Eastfern Deahirs and Manufacturera, in "reftreiice to the poor ccndition ot Michi:in Woul- muc!i of il being in Imd urder and Q considflirable purtiua bcing urnen Ji-d. We v.-ould here tnks occisión o request llin: the utmost pains sliould be taken to have ilic ?heep well washed before shearins, that the Tag Loche bc cut olT. a:jl th;:t ench Fieuce ho carefülly lied up with proper wooi iwinc, (cos; ío"5 ets per lb. } hstrjj) twinc is the best: it will be found greatly to advantage of Wool Grow ers to put up tiieir wool in lliis raaiiner. Uu ■washed wool js not merchnntüLK and will bc rejecu-'d by moi( ntall of the Wool buyers. it bcing dilticalt 10 rle:m. J. HOLMES & Co. SVuOwwakd Atekde, arenas Biock. Detroit, Mnreh 20, 1546. 2 7-tf CLOTH! CLOTHÜ rniE undersigned woald infurin thu public jL that they continue lo manufacture FULLED CLOTH ANO FLANNELS, ai their manufjciory, twu and a half miles wesi oí Aun Arbor, on the Hurón Itiver, uear i'u ilailroad. The priceof manufacturins W1ute Flannrl wili be 20 ceuta, Fulied Cloih 'Ml cents and C;:s3i mere 44 cents per yard, or half the cloih ïhf Wool will niake. Wc wil! a!so exchange Cloih for Wool reasonable teims. TViecolors will be gray, black orlirown. The Wool beloBgifig to Cara individual will h worked by itself when tliere is enougli ut oih qualiiy tb niake 80 yards of cloth: wlicn thia not the case, soveral pnr:e!s of ihe snme quñtíty will be worked together, rmd the cloth divi leri among the several osvners. Wool sent by R-iil road, marked S. W. Foatcr &. Co.. Aun Albor, witlvdirections, will be attcndei to in the sntminanneraa if the ovrncr were to come wiili it. - The Woo! will be rriarmlaclurotl n turn as ii comes in, as near as in iy bs consistent with the difíerent qu:.luies of Wool. We have been engaged n tliis business seve "weyears. and trom the very general satisíaction th have given to our nuir.erous custqmeri for laa last two years, ve are tnáuced to isk .' rge ghafeof patronage with conruience thai w Bhali meet the j'igt expectations ot customors. Letters should be addrcised to S. W. Fostcr A,'Cu.. Scio. S. W. FOSTER cS: CÖ. Scio, April G. 1846. 260-Iy "Sleaiaa Foundry." TUE. undergiírried fíáfíñg hoiiyht the entirr interest of II. & B Paftriagé and Gep, F Kent in the i;Steüin Foundry," Aim Arbor will manufacturo all kinds of Castiogs to order, and willbe happy tó funiish any kind ofCasrmge Co tiie-old custo:iiers ol f larris, Párírídgé & ('■■ H. Sc R. PariridgeJ & Co., :md Partridgp, Ken & Co., nnd to all others who may favor thcri) witli a caí!. II. V,. MARRIS. E. T. WÍLLI S.M?. Ann Arbor, Dec. 26, ÏBJG '2-lMf ' COVIVTY ORDERS. rrííIE hifrhestpricepnid rn cashby G. F. Lew J_ if, Exchange Broker, opposite the Insu-rnnce Iink, Detroit, for orders on (iiiy of the countï".s in the State of Michigan; siso Ibl S3curities of all kiudsand uncurrentfunds C.iJ amlscc „ ... , Dec 1. lfl-15. g4l-tf To SportsmcsB. AQENEB.jJL-aKiaflient oí Ciisteel and I n Barrel Jiii!es, doublé nnd sinyle barrel Shot Guns, Pist.)!. Gun Looks, Gome Ba9 Shot Pouchej, Ft wder Flasks, forsaie by WM. It. NOYES, 218-1 y 7t5, Woodward Avenue, Detroit. MICHIGAN LAND ANO TAX AGENCY.' II. J). POST, Masón, Ing kam Coiinty, Michigan. WILL at'.cnd to tho payment of Taxes, ex amination ot Titles, purchaBe and oale of LandB, &lc. &,z. Any busines3entrusteJ tohim wjll be transneted with prornpuiess and accuracy- Addreso by mail. Reerences, (Inj permission. ) C. Hurlbut, Detroit, J. C. fleartt, Brother & Co. l T Wilder c Snow, J T J' Wu.!in;v. Avery .fc. Co. ) v y , K.G. W.íliamí, T iJrL-J7 SABBATH SCHOOI. BOOKS fr VFAIHY'Ü UUOKHTORF.. Doe. 83. 211- ttI :. L-- -- -fANNERY.. p LEATHËII! .LEATIiEH? 1JEATHER! ELDRED.& LT0. N.ii23, Jeffersgh "K& iirêa'ê Bfóck ÖèïrbiT, lafec tliis (.inoríunity lo üfomi iheir customers ffnd tlie pubüc "cueraüy, íbtt't ihey stül coiitïniic lo !:c.'[) un hand i lull aasOrtndnt of Sp:in,-ii S-Ij I-Miiln'r, LflS's nudVcis, Curriers' ToolS,v&c, Sl-iiit:liit-u.l i! Ilií .iml Colhir Lo;ul:cr, UciüKick umi: d i'i:r L-cn:l:cr, Purtleyan 4v ( . .. ■ ■ Moíocüo Slang, l'ict.cli n-.lM 1 ( ';i' SUir.S. 'il 1 l).i!; u::-l I ! cinK I; ihhncd i: íl.mi I!inl:ii.:, [u-n:!. ck wnnod liarjiess aVid Biidlo Ld.iher, Dctr uííd I.iuh (lo OaK v' ". " Wliitc ;id Coloicd Lur.ngs. I 'l'op l.i'illicr, PrinleJ 1d Skiriing. Plnhúíuijwm nny Ohïb; Shoe Trim lius-cut. do iiiiug, arulKit ül ;íU kinds. As the Subácribers are tíow manuthcturin thcir own Leather, thcy íue jreparcd ! to sell :is lew .-isc.-m be piuch(rsed n ibis uiarket. Mertffont and mamiRícturera wül ftód it lo th'éir advanlagc to cali and examino ou 'stock ficford plirfchasing c!eu-!icn OnrCitsh and Lcuthtr excliangüd lor Ilides and Skins. ELDRHD CO. DíMioil, Jan. 18-10. i H-ly ..'-I . , ,., II....I ■!-■.,■ I!" .11 'I' '-'" ■ ■ I IITMrty Thousaad Persons ANNl'ALLY fajl victima ii CortautniU;?iM the United States. Theeinüe of ihc evil 6 generaily overlookcd. A short dry co gh, or nelected 'cold, is thu precursor. These are delmed unimportaui. Piuu in ihe side, liectic [ fevor, and ninii' swea1;? fullow, and dcalli ends L ihe boei.e. Wuuld ymiili.da in ;udy ron -iu?. 1 Ilerc it is. The exnerience OÍ thati 20 ycars in private praciicc has proved iis èfiicacy-, sud since its niroduc-.iou to public noriue. nhlu it h is now been óflereá b::t a few monihs. its sn!e (iss been unprecedented, nnd iis sueces-s be vond uestiou. greni - sa much bo, thai ii is ciared to bo ifao gica;est rciuedy in flié world. ASTHMA, too. ïhat fearfi;1. nnd ditoee?ihg nn.brly. which renders lile during it? COOtinU.ancc, issubducd without uitHcuIty by thisgreal ren.. , and the sufil-rcr is cnablcd i.y its use jfo oltaui quiet irposc ; the shortness of breath is oyer coiiio. tlie cou-jh is illayed, and benlüi and vip-r take ihe place if c$ppndenc'y ;.;d elificfióg. iJr. Folgcr's OLOSAO.XIAN, or. Am. IIeahg B.m.sam, is the rerncdy hu-l. hos been so ernincnily encecssful in allevi andcurine: the above coir.pliihis ; atiáh has beeñ ; used by the fust nbyVrcians in ihe cuy, whp dvclare ít t; bc utrrivafieïii fiaimucli a's u dueinor disturb the bow-!s ín ihe lenst by pröducin'g coslivcnees. v.'hile ail otlier temediee rèöpmmen'ded for ihe above disensos invarinbly slim up !-,ve!?, ihü reiidèring it neccsáify to ics.-n to j gative medicine. ][,-: ihc follirwïno cn?cs. wliieFi tieved :iinl ctfièd wi fiin = few weeks : DAVID HF.NpERSOi iO Ltiight -: [ook a sevc-re cold on the -i h $oj p1 Ju!y. and was bvo'iirhi very löw I.y which rcsuUed in frequent atiacke 01 bj rrom the Iung9.. AlthuULiii le iried nvery thing in the rf reiucdies whicli could be füimi]. vu; be w;. rioj eñefittejj, nnd by thë mouui uf 'pcipbarvfas'ébuiuch reiiuccd by Tiyhil hut be dwpaired of life. Öné bottlé oi j Olosaoninn reslorul lnn-. tu i uli'.i. UiKW. BüliNTTT, bf Newnrk, N:' J . b s suflercd ander ihe effects of a fór more thau a yenr. He waa redurcd to the brink of the grave alnni&t. by InscougUand p áweats. He cooimêriced raising Wö'od iü momh of Octobcr last. He conimenrtd uBing the Olosnoman, and by d e-i-ii(!ile of -v. . iie woa so fr.r reStnfcil that bc lefi lor Piltèburgli with cvery prospect el rocbVefihg lila lieulih. Irs 15EL1,, ihe wiic oi Jlobu '. P. Befl, ol Morristown, N. J-. was rircndlully afilicied wii!i As'.hma (pi many ycars. Ii p!iyfici-,nis liad .lespaiKii of relieving her.; One boule oj i ■■ Olosaonian ao fr restpred iu-r hal sbe was able to gei out oí her lied and dresá herself, which öhèhad nol dono before in monihs. aüd ihe s now in a lair woy to bo reheved. .Mr. I LAÜAN. '■ Pike t-trtet, was so bad with "asihnia hot he.had riot elep in hifi bed for ten weeks, whon )ie comnicriced die use ot this "rcat rcinedy. One botiic cured hiin, and he has not Inc3 a reuirn of Lis coniplaint now i;:ore five nw'jiÚiB. , Mrs. McGAN.N, 2.0 W a'ker sirecf. was al?o curtd of Bcvew a=i!i:na by the O!.:s:io.nai!. and stav iicver knew niedicfnc givc tuch , iniit:CfJiu(c and permanent relict. GCORGi: VV. Il A VS. oHhis city, wasgiven up by lus pHysiciñii aa inciirilJfe. Jiis dièèose was c.ins'.ip:ji!ioii nn! wlicn hecd.inijTéncod using the Olajaonian. was bo ■ ■ could nol walk without beinír násistexl by a fríeiul. By strict attenlion be vrna so.&r réstonwili a few weeks BS to be able ld ;iurstiü hii buaiiii?8. JAMES A. CIlO.MIilE, . streel ; J. J. Parseüs, 11 Te:oih strect ; C. S Bcnt-on. ) Weeckcr streel : James Dflvis, 58 Grcenc street ; and Mrs. .Mailen, ■) .Moriun sirci.t ; üaye all experiencd t!:e ggodfii üsof ibeOlósaonían in poughfl of long s'.atiding nt.d ;:1Fjc:íoiis of the lungSj'and pronounce it, wilh oneáceórd. tobe thogrea'esr retnedy. nnd ihe moet pte.Ay and eilcctual, ihat tbey havn. Reader, aio you euiïcriug frqiu ihe aboiadjsease ? 'ïry th'id rètncrly. Yon wíil noi, perhnpa, regret it. It rnóy örfi'si ' 1 1 thoso diwil able symptomn which sirike suoh leiror tn ihe mind, and prolo'n your days. Forsaleat 100 Nnsaau st, onc door abnvc Ann. and at Mrs U.iys, I'SÖ Fultpn s'.. BrookJyii Agenta for Ann Arbor. W. S. XHsW. Mnynard; E. Sampaon, Ypsilanii: IX C. Whitwood, Dexter; Piekford & Craiir. Saline: Smiih Ac , rol. Clinton; f. Bbwori Manchester; P. Farlick Sc-Co., Plymouih; D. Gregory and A. Gram, Vorthvüle. 214-Gmo FEATHER'S nnd PAPER HANGINGS mny be fonndat all times at the Manhattan Svi.rti:, Úeijoit, W. A. RAYMOND. Dnc. 26, IS'1-1. 244- 6n Dfi-iHECTFP MAPS.- An ímírpsúvé an-1 amusïng arnlo for tltn ybnha". ■' ■'■" ■" PE&RY'S BOOKSTOIU:. Dèb. ÚS. 2-íbtf I.1. HOLMES & i .. WIO!.i;s.U.K AND ft ETA IL DK.Vl.EKS IN STAl'i,! A.'iD KANCY DRY GO O DS, JDrtf Errocérii'.s Cïnrpcthtg; tr.Hfí pjtper fangiags, jYo. C3 Woodicard Avenue, JjariiCiTs Bíock, Detroit. j. lí'ji.Mi.s. York. } S M. HOLMKS, D.liüil. WK mko thistncihód óTinfqrrairigorir fricridí anJ ri,.iuiiu.i s lijioiiyhout thé State, ihai siül pyrauing liie even tenor ofñur wi.ys, eriflcávormg to do ot:r Iiiin'i!t?s3 upon (.ir und' ]].iior)ble principies. M'e would also tender our acknowíedguient8 for the patronage extended to us liy our custorrféra, nnd would leg leavo to cali the attention ol the public to a very well selected nstortir.eiu oí' sicsonahlc Gotds, wliich are oí'ered at wholceale or retail at very Iohf. priecs. Our l:ici!itícE for r.'.icluicitifí Goods iré unsurpasi-ed by any concern in tlm State - One of tlio Ihih, DSt. J. tldmta resides iirthe cuy of New York, and from liis long c.perenoe m tho Jolibíng ti.ii!.'; in thát ci'y. ;nu! íroni liis iliorough. knu !(';.'■ ol" thfl m.-iiket, lie i rv.nLlc.'l to aviii! lijn;stlf o.t.Ue ouciions r.nJ uny Incline in price?. WoaSü purchose t' üic íniporicis. Miüiuhaiurur's AutiHt--. and ñum (lie au.c{ÍQDS, by tlic [Vnckage, the san-e as N. Y. J:il!ier5 -puréhaéc, tiiiís saving tlieir pío fits. - Wi:h tiieo (rünics wc cnu s;t!v,ly s:y that oui Goodore söidcHEAP fot t. evidenco of %. hich svc invite the atlêntion öf tfic jiübfie loou; stock. od to tl. e great caidiun! princijjle oí {'the rrrc.ntcst good lo ihe. iclr I. vinal: r." eo il yoól wantto bnv Uoods chcaj), ond buy a lurge quaníiíij for a liltlc moiitij give us a triol. Our stock is as extensive as any in the city. and sve are eotrsí.'mtiy recoiving new and fresh Goods i'rom Nevv Yoil:. .. 50,000 lï. 'í?i. Wnñtcdj ilie_above quinitity oí good rriírclintital) I o W0.1I for uiiicli thc híghést murket price will be puid. J. hÓLMES & CO. Dctro.:, MájrSfr, 1--2'. g14-tfl itl'aiihntian. Stoav. . of 'jeffersón 'Ar'cnne úüd Bates slrcei, :t. I TF. ture nnd viail tliu Iniihaiinii Slpr.o wlien i JL3 íjtc Jiiaking piírchaBéi, Tlíe gcodu uliicl. I you will í)uA fhero aja eieoiU ni m (u.iluy anü liüíiilo 111 ince. W'c htvvo . ci:'tis5, Alapndns, Dtrí'tibCs, JMiiiini.-, Tudtinjzs, ' pclaipc8, . C: Iiníerc3 ui'1 w'.ütc Flapáclp, (':iiu.--. ikju'íi, Vt-ils, PullGluths, '-í;ci ..ere.-', Húsiery, BroaUclpíUs, GStiigrhinrií, SÍjaw'ls, Ribbons, Lincii Ca!::Liio iliikis. Lnces. &n. &c. &c Hatring, Cotton Yatn; Y,":i-iiv'. Wliltc Carpet WariJ. Colore' do. do.. S.ttaw Tiokin. Bleaclied CotLtírft of all qiviliiipsi Fine unbleacli èdCüttohs. Barred Mnclins. iVe. &c. Also, FEATJHJÈRS 'r.d l'Al'Eit IIA-XO INGS. Bordering, 'iodov pnper, Firt board papers'. Trnvcling fiaaUets. Firs'. n.tcTKA and QOEFEE, &c. &c. And ótlier nriicles ;ot nüinérous to rnention. Farmers conrrot fuil findrríg tlie Manhattan St'ire a dchirable place todo.their trading. No ivijl be spared iri watling 011 cuttoincrs nnd :ill are invitt-d to r;:!I and exuinine our goods be fore making tlieir luichíis's. While %vc are ! confnicnt that ;ill v.ho e.xnniinc our stock will buVi y'et we will take no oíleruo, it' a.tcr showiii" our jroodá. peüple c.lipjnee to írndf eltif. l-ere. W. A. RAYMO.ND. Detroit. Ücc. 25, 1815. '24-!- (ha V ÍIOLESALE & RETAIL. A. M'FABREN, BQOKSELLER ANO STATIOMER. SMART'S JiLOCK, 1S7 JEFFKRSON AVU.NUE, V F. T R O I T. KEPS confltnntíy fors:ilea complete assortrneni of.M: cu llñneoiú, tícLooi and Clnssic'ni nóok's, Ictiol and Cap Pn'pc'r. plójn and rul od, (iuiüï, Ink. ycnliii Wíi.v, CJtlrry. V'.'rapping í'aper, l'Iñüug Paper? oí ;jI sízcs; nnd [)■'.:. Ncwí an ! ' ■.utuisfcr Ink. ofvarions kinds. BLANK Ü0QJSS, ful! and hall bo'.ind, of everv vaiicty öf Uulii;;,r, Meiuoiaiuluia Bpokp, &c. To MerchóniSj T.e'nchera, and oihcrs, buying in 4'ianiiiits. a lare discount ruai!.'. Sabbuih School and Jíj ble Society Depsitor. Ü47-if WHOF.VKfl wishes to tmy iheir goods to gopd advantnce. nnisr not think of making -luir purclií'S'-s tul íhey havo Iqoked o-v thc ' enoja and míuée ai th3 Masji.mtan FTtokk, .,it. W. A. R VVMO.XD. Dec.5.". 1ÍÍÓ. y.14- Cm SIIAVVÍS. üress stufFs of all kind Laces Veil, Crav.its. Ribbon', fcc. &c. At the Mvmiat:as Sioitn, Detroit. W. A. HAYMOND. Pee. 25. 1 -,- 244- 6m WlLLliOinKrÑ0YlEs7 JK, 0LALER IN FOREIGN ANO DOMESTIC Hardivarc and Cntlcry, Nails, ■■opcr'w and Biacksfnitíi'fj 'V'híU. ' Alo, M.riu:'ariiifjr of Gopner, Tin Vú,c. ÍSÍo. 7ö, Woodward Avume, De;roit. 2'ld-ly IO& HAND AMAIjXJ 5?oí rinili'. SuBscribóriiftdTjosi S--_ . JL reeeived, (and 8 con_y?C '-ÉyJ sl;illl'-v retjfeiving) frdw p SNfw Yiiikan clagdiiY at d (Ul tj $i3K) vvt" öc'LOll;d isiuriiiuiii Bcwelry, Clocks, WnU'hes, :, v. tr.fn internis i ssJI ui l(w DS .11 ;n. i oilit'r establishment ilns tsttie ol Bullido foi rauiij i wii' oiity ;iuik:il' wiiicli uiriy ly fauad ih&luHüw .1 nood :ts8}! tnuiii ; üuld b'nígí r Itings, ( inlil Ii'renaj piiiöj c-i.,1.1 ;in'l liéj'8. ,Silyi Spöórïs, . . .- :,;ili SjUcrTuQ nul Tablü SjIOOUS (fllSI (n;i]iiv.) Silvcr aud C!( rmaii dii Totigs. ÜlltOr S.lil. M'iM.ilil illd CliMin B)U)Uns. l m t! cr Ivnivt s. Sitvor Peni il 1 'es, Silvcr and ütrtrtliiori .-. i Silver üpi-ciac!rs, (ii r:i tin .1 ik I Strd do. tí 'ileí.'Cloilies. II air anti ToMtli, l,.iii,n (rushes, Hnznrs an1 Puekei Knivés'. Fiuo S;umi unil Siuasora, Kmvrs .uk! Forlta. Iï.-jn;i fiiitn Té 1 Pota -i": l toètöifel FTrfö ; 1 itcd do Miilliliia nml I5r.i.-s CandlcMItks, . ina !"■' s !ul 13 ('!i ipii m'-. Pus' ílífy.OI Stn p. C;,I;iiü! Mnroccn la. ilkronil Qpitoo ruirses, iolms and . 'i.iün au! buts i"! StriiiCT, Fjulofij Í KiiVs. Clafiftneii. A"ccoñít:rtiii Muii.i Si-,!-. Stvd l'cii. .nu! Tui ■.-.' i;-. I'i-ii imm .-,. Smili'.-nir 'PobHcfen íixé?, [viir'y prcMiiij; Coitib'a. Sijlc ■nu 15 icfi rm:l l'uclu'i ( unl.t--. 1, 9) Stèkf'Wei, U';im liim, T.iy W.iu-lu s. a ijTai yarciy pi Dofls. in slic'il !?ic gicniiisi v 1 1 1 . 1 y nf toya ei broiiglu (o iliis mni'keji ■ !.■ jr woil; In.. dl en's ' .''■' &e liitir ( ils. Pniellino Sall.s. nn 1'laM'ci ."l't-n Hdl. 'I'Imm muiiteï-ts. (Jurinan I'ipcs. (.hiliiu u's W'uil; 1! -'. ie? SI '-l s .... ! PoHcHa. W...hI Pencils. ÜUA'S AM: WOOI) CLOCKS. &c" in !';ut lmosj bó?j lliini; t.i ilr;tsc llic t'ancy. LndlCS nul Gclltlem'cn, wil and cxnmine fr ynuix.lw s. Cinc!;::. Waíchos nïVil .Uwi-lrv rrpnirnl ar.t warrniKHl on slaut n.iiito. Shnp at Wis olc a-iniul. oppósiic II. Icc,kcr'8 brïék Store. C U.YIN HiJS. pt. 15. - Cnsli pniti fftrold !u!ii .V, Silvor. Ana Ail ;;. iaï5. 'J:i7-i Select Selaooï. 'jVfiS J. 15. Smitii. DBMSied 'by ."'I - S ! 1.tJL FiKt.i, nniDiint os tu liic (iiiKIic thai sl;c i; prepared tv) n-cine yonnn ladieá into lit 1 sclio in iho.bnsi'incnt roo n o I the Epiaiopni Qliurch TkkMS. - Vut ip.inrior t 'i wti''í. For !'i: isl lrancl'.(s trom ñ'J.Id '; Frcncjl and Lalili uacl .■?:! oxirn ii u sued logeijvcr wiili ;lio Enijlial studici, or Beparatcly, eitulii The Btfjioo will be furniiuil wuli a PJlJIüSop.llical nppnniitis; nndoceasioiial leöiürëa givéh uh'lltê Nö'l SciOiCv'í. ÍMrs. [iuphs will jívo nsirucii'Hi to aü wl.. ilcsirê 1. 11 Jlusic. Dinwiiig. Painni{g'ahd Nee dU'Aolk. Miss Sniiili refefs ti) ido followiti." üt-n'ii-ir.oi: Prof:"=.snrs Wiilinins, Ten F.roök, nml Whcuilon iii'ilic UiMViiM'ty; Ucv. W . S; Cnüi.--. Hoy ír. Siriiáhs, Rév. G. C. T;:ylor, Hou. E. iMuu dy, V.'m. S.M.ivnnrü Efqi vAnn AjU.u Apul 20, 1:6. 2C2-if CVN'Ï BËBEAT ! nnilK sijliscribcrs would infonn il;e Publii;. tlin X thcy coiiiinue tu a'üpply ibe State uf Michiguii willi L, B. WALKER'S PATENT JfS U T 71 RCI&l WE . The largu n urn pers ol iticse Maclunes tfiat havi been soid. and the bteadily i'ñcrensiiig demand i"u tliuiii. is the best evidencc ot" ilieir renl valuc anÜ of their estimntion wiih (hose who have be come familiar wiih Öfoir morits. ; VValke's Snuit Machine is superior to other in the f'olluwing paniculnis: I. As it combines ilic lieuting. Srounvr. nm ' Blpuing Principies, it cleane the smuuiesii ; ürnin in ihe best nianner, retaining all tin; liic tioi; or the wheat, and öisciihtgin the snuit am dust ns liist 06 fccpnran ti Ironi the wlieni. ; 2. It is siapir in cb'nstntetiou, nnd is t'.icre ' Ibre leei liabfe to Ixeomo dwaiigcd,iinJ oosts les for repairs. 3. Jt runs l'ght. and is pcrft-ctly secur frojn f:ro. 1 4. It is as durable as any ot!:or Mncliine i uso. 5. Ic coits considerably than othor kinds 1 These tniDOitant points o ditierence have giv ■ en ihis Machine the preferente with ihose wh ; have fairiy tried it. Amon? a largo number c -' Gentlemen 111 the Milling Busiiuss who inil 1 be narned, the fbllcwixig have ued ihe M.ichinci an-1 cértiiied to their exeellency andsupCriority: II. N. IIoaaiui. Pontioc. Mich. K. F. CuoK. Hochester, do E. B. Danfohtu. Masón, do iM, F. Fhink, Branch, do 11. II. Cti.MsrncK. Comsrock. (o p Ilcferenccs may ulso be hjd to J011.N B.VCO.V, Auburn, Mich. V. ;os, do do I). C Via-.r.ANi. Rock, do .Iuü.n l'jt ns, Monroe, do I!. Dou5mn, do do ' A. Ukacji. Waiorloo. do 1 Gi.d. Kicrciii'.M. Marshall, do. J N. fJi:Mi:NWAV. ()ak!and, do All orders for Machines will be prOnptly a tended to. Address i:. O. & A. CR1TTF..TON, Aun Albor. (ïiower Town) Wash. Co. Miei A ufi. 24, 184522G-]y "Crockery at "Wholesale." FREDKRICK WETMOHE. bafl on hand, the lanrest rock ín ihe West ol I Cracker, China, Glassware, Look Classes and Piales, Brit aun ia % IVnre Trajs, Lamps and Wick, ing, Plu Led f Va re, China Toys, 8fCf c$r. Hia stock ncludes all the vurieties of Urocl u ery nnd China, fr'Örn ilie finest China DinrTi and Tea Selis to the most coinmon and lo' pricetl ware - fróin the richfst cut f;lass ' 'h '■ 'plainest alass ware. Hritannia Cnstors of ever " kind. Biiiannia Tea Setis. Coflee Pols, Tt o Pote. Lamps. Cantilcsticks. iS. e. d Solau Lahu LAMTsof every de9cription froi ;" the mnsi cosily cut Purlor Lamp to the cheapei ' títore tortip. " All the above anieles are importad byhimse '- directly from the mnnufneiurcrs aiid will bc eo! -■ at Wholesale, as lovv as at any Wliolesaic lioust expendes íiom scobonrd addcd only. A iibcriirdisco'.int givèn lor cash. Ak'icli:ints and otlwra are invited to cali an examine tho pbove aitclia al ihe oíd stand, Ño K5, Jcíferson Avenue (Eldied's Blf-U.) Dt ' troit. 24i-ly L BEtTS ATVD SMOES, AT WHOLESALE. . A. C. M'GRAW & CO., l" vnor.i:si.i-: a.mj rktail dkaleks í.n - BOOTS, SHOES, LEATHER AND FINOÍNGS Cuni.r of JrJJ'crson and Wvudwaul .'hrn,ic Detroit. ,' C. MT.IIA'.V & CA), wo'ild respectruil X"jL nform ihe Mércharil s of Miélifgoh', thi 'J tbtey hnra ópenud n WHOLESALE BOO' . A.i) SllüH 111 tho rooms over thei Retail Store, Smart's ïlieir lopg ai qii'iiniitncc wiih the SliO business, and ihe kind 0 of shoes thet ?irc needed in thin State, will enn ., ble them to liirnih mcrchaiils willi ïach shoc , is lli"' nced. tjn bptter u-niis than iliey enn bu in the New York nuuiict. as all ihcir gcods ar l)mij;ht l'rotn frst hnnds, nnd particular uttentioi is p'iid 10 the selection oi sizes. Detroit, lüiü. 248ilv CLOVER MACHINES. THRASHING MACHINES and Sepcroton made' and sold by thoBu!)scrü)cr8,at iheirMc chine Shop, ncar the Pnper Mili, Lower Town Ann Arbor, KNAPP & HAVILAND, Jon. 19, 1846. 247 tf K G. BURGER, JDentist, riRST kOom ovkr c. m. 9c t. w. root'h BTOBJS, CKA.N'E & .IEWKTT's ÍIL0CK. 261-tf ANN ARBOR.'JFÍiís excellent :.. :; for aalé bytüe roiricioi'a Agsnil. JMAYNRDS. Willsoirs Ctti'h Wliïlj {MöWngIiLs Vutcnt.) The sub.-i -r.lxii Ui.ul.l hi'irhy sa y u llio pul lic. tíni liVis liow pfeptifcd i IWiiiah "ii sh.ii nolree, thusé v. ho wih. a pin:iilc milt, cstyiible of grinitiivy 'ü lu;-hcl.s oj wirs of born ; r hour, 01 riiid fu.iiM' ifani Ioj foodj-'ir íhfe'luíPcí (witli n !i:h.ï rnl out cluviT sföd; &C. (SfcC iNiücii .1. L. Mrlvmj;lns palen'. i'OMl ei lu-licr and clovoi rïilitrcr, 4 b; 'J'ln: aUllcril)LT S alsn p! op.'liod 1) Stil tOWIl and coun'y nixliiö (o m;ihI pntehl Ou liberal i müh. The iiiticliinc wui ;s li Ut' ;i cliiinn, applicahlc ;o iioisi-. . ,.iii', nr b!taiii power: onc Ixtrso, Biifteient to periorm the necessnry jriidiHg-fo'j aiiy fnrin or oiher e81alJislnieiii l'ft lidihc comsu:iipiioii. h'.n ïioTö power i ncessary ld ilu :.:stom Viith lo ;i i!d!,i . Thegufoeribci has ov o opjCTation in liis shop ap liiá 'í'onipoirKKi' House, in Jnckaon, ii IWollOftU !iy Ilit l. N', t!l ll.r tilli.lut mie liorse (oii!y ;ii . cicir.) he (Jüyee, sniJ nmc.iine. Tlic ,'ilvnntacs of fiiêJitie cnrn ind cl;l in ïliis ;iy is i,OW loo well iiixJeisiix ii in ia tel reliénreijig. SuUk-f ii ip s;i. ilial tö.ilie soutfi. whcre t ! 1 y i ii-c ÍSírii i isy, irnd u-oiili tiIi.ij..IDccii'.s pur bushcl, iliy iliiuk it :jii óbjiicl o '■f:oiitn!j i.' iliiid ii e.üru; coi ii niiu cobjri .nul llüit I(,o u her; iliey giy Irmn ! tö lor for i;riii(!üii,' eülicr fur -r disjijlaton. One, rwo dr thrèe bóTfnbeiè'ni toiebni a wnnli.'fl ! sell nuUtS to ï inacliinf in .!■ . :mi] Oiiio, nr.d lo sell iiulus lo Tnoinkin'í niorticing -iiiiic'iiiic i ii th ib State; the hot now in uso. J.T. VIi.I.?O. .I.ukson, .M;,rc!i 2, 181(5. 2?)-ïnn IVoiïcc. GD. fiflJÉ -ould ri-spccifiiTy in'oyni ilio , ciuzciLs nfAnn Aihur ai.d yitiniiy rtjai the iinn ui G. ]). Uill & ('o.. liavi"ng dissolvetf, lit' uill cn.'iiimic ihe buii.ness u the nlcJ Stund m Hnwlujis' Block. on liiu ti'.-.ï ;inl 5èiab1iified nrin(pipíes of the hpuaa '-y.w.i. 'ptmrifa .si PuóJifT ï'iv." he ftrill b.c ;il)!u i iit"'r lu li:s cuütu:ncis on , r niiotiï the SÖt'li !;■' 6f Máy, A SPLENOID ASSORTMEIMT'cF SPRING GOOOS :ii tlic joweitt porêiWo ratea fot Ca?lí, VVlioat, W'i.í.I. ;i!id all örhor kiniTë oí pruiiure. A!l perpóns wantiiiij u imy goode ivill f:n] ; to iln.-ir idv;ii.:."rc ;.i hpVrf on tl.tir (Hu Ui es, until iliu nntneJ pssíhtitíeñt ïa JCüived, os tlie.y witl lic sold at vei v Ipw g. The Subsariber will ola pav he niuliesi m;irkèt orice for 100.UU0 I'OUKDS OF (;oL. G. D. 1III.K. Ai;n Arhor. Muy II. [-SK!. 23-1-if ËXCHANGË HOTËL TE3TIPERAiEIi IKOHSE. (Directhj ojyosite the Cularact Hotel.) BY CYRÜS F. SMITÍI, MAG AHA FAI.LS, N. Y. Thiri llonsc is not of the l'nrgért clans, i-iit s we!1, ki'pt. ucoii theRine.plni) ihut i; h;s le? n foi scvcrnl yo:irs )i.3 ;ind iiifqrda imple uiid ver1. conilortiih'e accominccliuiojss for iIiüíü stopping nt the F-. lis. Tliia Hotel is eituoied in the lenyinje.ét pnn of the VíHrEfJ on Miiin Stit-p i. irfid Imi i few rnini'uqa walk frum the Cutaraci. ( Iskind oi iliu1 Ferry, :. i ,j;u,: Pnilj, L84Cr' 2(r?-fi;n it-iü. wstfkins &■ ESisecSfi, im FOR W A R l ) I N G A N D COfil M ISS 0K DE'üiÜlT. Agénts for ,'Iic 'Troi; anti JïrLe Line. l''or Freight hik! JPasSage, ápp7ito A?A (J. TliKr'T, . . N. Cmm.:kki.iv, rSC " ' 2i)Cociiti(s Slí; N. Y. Idk, Corr & Co., Tro . Ki.iinr.nLY, 1'kase &; Co., '? n ,r i O. DjlULI-AJll), Mark Pckge "Tioy nm] Eno Line." Slii D.ii'y, (h'imduys eveepu il.) tVniii Coenlics Sli}), ÍS'. Y., Uy Troy and Erie Iruu Tu L'.l ()in ValiuibSe "Walei Power ii Sale T[1E suli.soribcr will acll orront bis interen the W'.iiiT Power in the villngo ui' Delhi 5 triïles'Wééi ól Aim Arhor. on llié llurcui Uivci cpDsistillg of a 8liop suilablc for tl icksinitiiing furiiácti or scythe focto'ry, with twp fo.rges n 'hrt'c trip h.imtnors. 'J'hc Winiér l'ov.-er i.s I" ioches undcr nenrly nine (eet henil. A 10, 't VV;i ter l'owcr in s:iid vfll.'iö sufBcieht to piopelfou run pjf stone. A cl wei íintr hoííBe will also b sald with tlic f.bovc, ifdesjred. For further par ticnláreenquirc on the pn-ini.-' ■ oi JACOÜ DOIIEMCS. Moy 18, 18-10. 2(U-tf Bïssoltifiosi. THUK co-p;u tiicrehip b.erufore exiöüng uude the finn óf LunJ Ot McCollum', is this diij 'dissolvod by inutunl consent - all noteríírid ncC'iiints due syid irm paid to l). 'V. Mc Colluni wbo dduly QDthorized lósenle th'é taine J. II. L.UND. 1). T. AIcCULLUM. Dated, A nu Arhor. May 20, lelo. The bu6Ïii"ss will hoiTafier he conductod b J. HU Lund . Co., v.liu uru now rccetying l;rgc and ox;;nsivo as.?oi tmeiu of Goods, consistmii uf I)ry Gooda, Grociirios. CioeUory nnt Ghipswaic, Boots ;inii Sillico. BvjióctQ, Paini and Oils, Druis snd Mfcdicinei, !fcc. Th )u1jIic ttu imi'.ed to c;tll and examina qaaiil; and prices. J II. LUND & C(). Daiéd; Aun Aihor, May $0 1846. ü6 3n TO THE PUBLIC Til II subscriber vi--hrs to inlbrui tin; pliölic that bc lüib oorupleld bis ncw IJuck Huilil in in tbc Vtllai'é of f IpwclL and hos fiyéd tup foethcr vvjili Ti trns nnd niher oul Uuildíngs fora perni:i iM-ii í T.vcr.'i s;.tnd. lic hna liyvi oponed llie same for tbc accb;nmpdutiqn of tlu public, nnd wil! cntfoQVor to inid;e hishnu.son quict rcsiiii placa i the uuvcüor. 'l'lio House will bc ltept upotj btnc;ly 'i',:n; oran'ce priuciples it ciiaríe8 fthtcli mli óonipáré wth ili; rtioá ronsDiiaih;, ''though it sjh.ou.ld deipand somc pccuninry èrtcrifice to s:i:,iain t." To the iriends of' liberty and cqunf rijiht, tlic " Imiisk" s now olli'icd vcu with the motto: 'lLi!tcrl.i c Ton juran cc." E. F. GAY. Uowcü, Liv. Co. Aprü ?0, 1S4Ü. 26 -tl' í)0 Keírs. ot Euster" Ñails, jüst received WÍLLIAM R. NOVKS, Jr. 76, Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Dec. 12, 1344. 242 TEMPETRANCE HOUSE. PB. RII'LEY would say to nis friemle and the irienda of Tcinpert nee, ihat bc bus taken thá Tompiíranci; Höuiê, lutoly kept by Wm. G. WJicaton, whoro lia wuuid bu glad to umi; ■ . llay .... ! ' ': nd .Sai.'blnir te acconirnnrlnto fcams. Detroit, Juiuiíiry 1,1. [S, -i i5tfKeady Madi? ClotiiíngJ! IIALLOÜK & 11AYM0ND, WOULl) respocifully culi the attontion of iliuir friendo mul ilio citizcns of tho Stnie gei erally to tlioirfrcsh & extensivo nasorliueniot Itcady Made Clolhiiig? jus! iiKiuiifnctiircd in tlie lalcat styles, oud best t wwiiile fnartner, cóhiüting in pari ol superSne c oloin D'rées mul Frock Coa, Fino Tweed, f Gas! morene, Crotón Cnssimcre Suinmer Cloth and .Ii;riru. lioinlur.-.uie, Clmlly. Wouistcd nnd i Moraóillea Veel, Blue, lJlack and Funey Cassi e nutre", 'l'wcii!. I)i .ip do ia, Merino. WobVsierj 1 nul DntliiiL' Puntidonna. toetlier willi n very t lm e M.u k l' Linen, Drilling, Cötlón Sack ofitl t vvcod Coot8, Slimmer 'I'.intaloons and Vesta. t Shirts, tíuokt-. llandkeiehief. Stocks. Sc. iScc. I A.W a ve:y lame supply ofresh Uroadclotlis, íosshrtoix'fl nnd YestniL's. wliich ly ilic nid ol .u lieiiccd ciiirtrs and liit inte woikmen they i ro ptepnred tu manufacturo n i!ie laiest siyle and t H3i possiblc numiur. Tliey ara prepnred 10 s.ll ' huí ii WholesijJu or Uetíiil at priees wliieh ( miiiiri fnil to give salisfnciioMj and would re-i ily soHcit n t-.ill fVnin thnsc vlíÍHlig tlio oír y 1 i ...Mof lU-.niy MndcCJpthinjejor'en1eel g,ór1 leTlt! !'! to uder. DI llieir ' iiiiiJ V i 'lntli.ns r.i::p))iíiii" corner of Jetllrson and i A'dixhv.rd Avciuas, Deiluil. Mfiy Vi. IH1. 2(i5-:?in Hats and Caps, INT all tlieir va'rictios, alo dum.a, Si'lk and GitíjKhrtlíi Vutn; '-. Si:'( ■!!! r--. m-li SiiU .:.. L.iicn hnd K'il Glo.ves, . vitli every .'i !!!; n ilwn íipo ciin be n-id ■!■ fh'u , riers ;ui:í '. ;ii ; mu ;e.l ln s'.tit iy cndili1.' V'JI" vÍ.-Íhh by i'lüT ■ ' . Woud , vmJ .vi'.i;i. 3 tíóora nor'Ui 1 fJoiy'fi Ailction onin. Detroit. j N. I. iiiii:.;i'i ■ nnd Libpriy t)en aúpplied : t .n Sníall íñíváii'c I ■ ■ ■ ' ■ !:. üii ,S.' .)V Fi; .ND TriF, Subcnber S'ífóra fo'r'éntc :i Faïni, in ih-' ( Imi ni J)(.M.r. qf ii; utítcK :!jui 8() cu - iiiprovoo1. A'so ii Bflrrn t lite nuuth ol llm'Qy 'Crlttk n Si . '.'.:,.:'.-. Iroñi tliië iüng6 , ' ! .I ... - -. i . ■! : , ■ . Al.-" :i l'ai til ui-j (nÜe froin lilis ollíu) ere, 10) icic--. níproví !. !'. ittli '. ■ - tly loc:; ('t [i i ■.-!. i -m.-fí; 1. ne íí.iÍ juiUlinir mul nre til! well wwcred. A!-o iv, li-.velliuj bouses an I tú ni this vil 200 viljoge tote'; 24,oui lutsol nbput onc oefe cndi, in ihi: iiíinicdíalo viciíntv uflliis villuge, - 10 ncres límbored land. r.nd Ö ) íicrtb" improved :{ o!';i mije írom vi I lage. Ala 5 :'.■; ín ilie l'rt slryieri.m mco'ítígfi.niiso. Ary( ! tlu) tiieutiouBd phper.ty uiil be ',Ul ii t fait p;uMs miel .m :i ciedit ol . olihe purehn?" rft)ttey - 7V,: ]'■, rt. ISVíiafCí?- A SPAN Ol' (ÏOOD HORW ILf-í AM S. MAYXAIU). An.n Arbor. May !!. 1846. '2GJ-Gn HOUSE AND LOTS FOR ÜALE or EXCUAxa;. HOUSF. qnd ihree lois nnited, situnled :ü toda Ö. E. of tiu: Acadeiny. Solii Por Imll puydiVi, or!ui_'cd i'ur a Ivm ;;ood bnilidnijs; ubQi't'á nulo Frbin a villaje. bctwen lau -!D and i:' dvj.. i,i iw Engláiid, New York, r Michigan, wiifire n Iligli Sehool muy be ohtníned 3 or U innnihs, y.vnlv. EhQtiire úf lile o.wper H. U. Ciiiliin. Craliöhnry, Vi., nr ,u rain Mills. andR. Mooio. Ann Arbor. 'Jtí3-3in PRAÑKLlF CO LD V A T Ë Ii UO U 8 E ! B-.T::s Stuf.kt. otít door Norlh of Jefkkkm).n Avk.nuk, DETROIT; 2J5n-Iy tí. KJ.N'NEV. yi2oloa!c íJroiS'ies. rjMl) èsUüèi ííllBEU óífers ló Oouiitnj Ver JL i i;?;.--, il.e CoJIowing fcU cied btock, on ilie liíost luvoiulil'j fenns, and n t lio lonu:í mark ti pibes. 10;) ChcBls teas-rnoto; :.■! p i.rrcs, lü iilíds. suyors, Idí) bns cofieé, '22 hlids. inolíi8SO8, J0 bntrs pepjyjr, J.' do 8picef fi() brixcfl lüixTccO] l."!) do raisms. !5') du lual, 100 do fi'pea, l'20 do luir ponp, íillO d. lierring, I") !mnc!s sfiér'in oi!, '.5 Mili, inaekerfl. 50 qiiinuds ci ( fisb, f ueices rice, 4f) ke_'-; gingí i . ;!." l.ags mus - aoorted. - ALSO- 300 barrels dye woud, ' cuséè indien, lí D ii 4 la caniphor. JO barrels epsom s;dis, 2ÍJ du tiínddcr, :(iu krg5 wjifee 1 ;:ul. 40 bnrrcls linaeed 01 1, 15 do spiíits rnrpéntinjB. TI1KO. 11. MATÓN, VVfióléiiilé DriigiüÍHt :nid örócor, Storep, I8);uid l'JO Joílerson Avenue. May 25, ls-íti. M7 REW COOKIIVCÏ TOTE, - ■ And Stovcs of all kinds.. 'l'li.: .sul)30iiber would cali llie Qttention o( ilie pïiblic to Woolson's Hot Air Cooking Which ho enn eoniidently íecoininrnd nc beina 'li'cidedlv biiperior to nnv Ctíoltin Sicvc in un. For piniplicity ín opcrütipn- econorny ni íuel. nnd lor untrcniulU'd Jjakinu and Roaminc, quoüily. tt ís unrivallcii, Tliu inv.v nnd imporiíint improvcmoni introduceil in iis consimction beiiig such ns to inijxro'gfeat itdyuutagCQ overall other kinds of Cooittng títoves. WILLÍAM R. NOYESy Jr. 7( 'iVooíiward A.venuu, De roit. Dee. 15; 18-15. ii i THE Portnerehip ünder jhonnrñe qnd finn o (í. D. Hitl & Co. having díssolvéd by lím iia:un. alt persons indabled to tlie concern by note or account, aro no:ified tliat nnlesa tliey cali and ).iy or seillo tlie snrne witli G. D. Jlil! pre vious lo tlie lótli dny of June nexi. ;hoy wil! )nd trié s:id notes nnd accounts in the hands ufa JuálicG of the Peace for colloction. G. D. 1JILL & Co. Ann Arbor, My II 1846. 2&l-'f BIIOAD CLOTIIS, Cassimercs, Vestings, Síitinetts, Gents. Crovats. &c. &c. cheap at ihc Maniiattam Stokk, Detroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dcc. -25, 1845. 244- 6m Chattel Iflorf gages, JUST printo'líirid far bqIo al this óHoè in any qmrttity. m h:i, IS'JG.THRfiSmNC} MACHINES. THE undersugned woukl infurin the public ihnt lio niaiHitiic.tiircs Uorse Power and! riirtj.sliin Machines at Scio, of u superior kind nveincil hy hiniself. The? PoWon and M icluncs aro particulurly idaptcd to tlio uso of Furmérs who wish. to ueo hem lor (hreshing their úwri gnun. Tho pow;r, threalierand fixtures can all bc loadod into n ïOfninon sizcd wagon box and drawn With on'e mir of horees. Tjiey nre dosignod to be uscd A'iili four liorses. and are abundaiuly strOiig for ritu nuniber, nnd may bo sal'cly usod witli sfx or dght norses wiih proper care. Thoy work wiili ese streni;ili of horáca urcording to the aniount of usiness dono ihaii any ther po'wer, and will ihresh geiteralty ubout tJOO bushela hat [)er Iny wnli four horre. In ono inaumcé 158 bushrls whoat weru thicslied in tinco hours with four horses. Tliis Power and Machino contain all tlio advarnnges neoessare to niako thein proliioble to tbc iMiiclnser. They aro slrong and durable They are ehsily iifovcd fiom onu placo to anoth■r. 'i'ho work of the loises is easy on these i ow'018 in coniparióon to o;hcrs, and the price ia LOWER tliau uiy otlier povVor and machine liave ever been uid in the State) BCcordin'g to tho hm' vofilc. Tl c icnn.s rff pnymcnt will bo liberal for nuics ihnï aio known to bc absolutcly good. 1 havo a nuinbcr of Powcrs and Machines nów rendy fpr sale and persons wishing to buy ;iio i n vit cd to cali soon. 'CLEANHUS. I oxpect to he preparcJ vvjihin a fow dnys (o rank ó Clörirïe'rS for (tfÖ9e who may want theni. 'Vu iitiluy nul advantngea of this Power and Machine iil appear evident, to all on examining iné recoinmendátiolis Lclow. All Oís tos aio c-niitioiied against nialting ilfeee Ppwerj and Maclhe; the undersigned linV-ïng adoptcd tho nbcessary mcosurea for bcouring Ir.uers pa'.eiu for the same within the úmo rtciuircd by luw. S. W. FOSTER. Scio, Washtenaw Co., Mich.. Jane 18, 1316. RKCOMMKNDATIONS. Daiin;: ut; yi'.ir ld !". encJi oF :liu undersigned [iii;bhp6eil :'ijd ustd either iiuliviiiually or jointly wuii u'i i u. oi:c of S. V. Fos!er' nowiy iuvented fforso l'owcis and ihreshing n;ichincs, and lul.cvu iliey ari) batrér adapicd 10 the usu of jvho. want l'uwcrs and Machines fur thuir o'.vn ue iliui nny oihcr pc)ver and ihrcshet wiihin (mr kñowledgo. They nre calculatcd !,.!..: ueed wiili iour horses and aro oí ampie sik nyili lor tiiat nuiuLer. They nppoar lo bo rücted in ik.Ii o mariner a.s to rtii'lor thent vi'iv dur.i!)!; wiili li'tlc liability of goU,n out of ordor. 'Jhcyjiro cisily inrivo.1 fruto one placo io .iii.iihi'r. Thcy cnu hc v.'nrki d wnh any nutnbcr ol'h-i.idd frum foui; to cjgnt, and will ihresh aboi'i 2'ii) bushei ivheii -r tluj'. .1. A. lulJlLAiUS. Scio, Washtcnaw cu. C. BCöpD. - '; T. PvlC!IAr.nSf)N, H SA.Mt l.L I'KAJ.Y, m ?. p. FOSTr:it, ' i N-. A. RHKIiPS, " " ADAM SMITII, ' ;- .!. M. BOWKK 1-n.wi. ' W-Mj WAJbKER, WcUsiei, " THOS WARREN-, D. BJHALLEY, J.odi, " I ilivtshed last fall vnd witjior with onc of S, V. Fosier's horso puweis. inore inan Hftuen tli(tis;iiul l)ü:-!ir!s gram. The repairs hrstowed tip. ui ido' power iiiioiinted to only 6 contá. and u Was in jood örtter when I had done threshing, 1 invaiiubly uted six lioryca. AA KON YOUNGLOVE. Mari.on, Juno C, IS !'i. I purcKneed une of S. W. FósfeV'a horeo poweis lnst Ihil (trui hnve useil it lor jobbing. Í liave u?ed inany difi'eicnt kinils of powcts and bel eve (tiia la iho btst running power J have D. S. BEN.XET. Ihiinbuig. June, 131G. "We purchneed ouo of S. W. Fostcr's [Jor.'-e p,.vcrs l;8t lal!, arftd havo usod it and hink it ia a thst iale Powe:. JESSE IIAIJ., 1.N1EL S. HALL, IlF.LiJVIN S. HAI.I,. Hnmbtirgj Jm;c. 181Ö. ÜG9 tY SICiCNESS IN (II1LD1CI-:Ñ A NU tlio mi nering' v.hich tiifj iimiergo' fion 'vvoBMs" ii temí to a (a lal tcrnjinaliWi wlnle the CAVsv. is ncvor euptcled. Oifbiififi bieaih. )icking at the noaq, griudirig il e teeii during sleep, starting in sleep with fnaht ond sercaniing. troublesome cough, and fr veriehntss, nro among somt of the Prominent Syinjtom.i of ihc jiie&ence of wornis. A tinitly use nf SHEllMAN'S WORM LOZENGES Will mhi'èdnflely remove all these unplcnant syiiipioms. nnd restore to perlect lienlili. Sister rmtiUfl, Siipi-rmr of the Caiholie liulf Orphati Aèyliun hrrs addcd her tesiimoiiy in ihcir iavnr, to Jie ilróüPi.nds which have gone before. She sialea ihnt there aro over 11)0 chiidrrti in Ihe A3)luin. and 'hal ihcy have heen in the liabit of naing Slicrrrtan's Lozengc8.-0nd she has alwy iDiind theiu to be nttended wiili the most efluct. They have been proved to be tnfalüble in oei 400.000 cases. CONSUMPTÍON, Iniliipiiz-i. CoiigliK, C'oldö-, Whooping Cough, TighjRc&e ol ihe Luiijiöor Chest may becured. Ui-v. Darius Anthony was vt-iy low Iroin Con'imipiicn. Jonathan JJoward, the eclebrattd K'inper.iiice Icciiner, as, rcduccd io the vergeof the grave byj-aisüíg lióofl. J{v. Mr. Dunbar, ót New Yorlc, the ilev. Mr. De Forcët. Evangelist in the Western part of tliis state. Uev. Shfls'ian Strceter, óf Bomoj), the wifeof Orniiiifts Dibblë, Esq. in Monraviü. and hundreds oí otho!H. have been relieveu nnd cured by a proper Á SIIEIIMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. And lic medicine has ever been more cílectuali n ihe relief of those disoascs, or which can be recommended wn!i more corfidence. They al lay all iching or irriiation, render thecough ea(jy, promoie expectoration, remove cause, and produce the most happy and lasting cöbeta. IIKADACHE. Polpitaiion of ihe Heari, Lowness of Spirits, Sëa alcknees, Do8pondt'hc7, Faintiiéea C'holic ripasms. O' ra ril pa of the Stomaeh, Sununer or liowc! ('oniplniiiih. also all ihe dtatrcssuig b) xúpiiiins n í ii i-ï trom Iree living, or a nighi of . I sipotion aré quickly and cntirely rcJiwved by shi:;:m : campiior LÖZPVöt:. Thoy ïTt peedily and relieve in o vpry short 1 in. í:vii' lone and viiior to ihe sy!(.in. andeiiolilua porson using ihetn to Jïidorgo gxeat iticntal oí bodily fatigue. RH KI. M ATI SM, Wpüv Enck, phin nnd wcnkiieas in the Breosf,iJ.icl.. Linih.s and olric'r partsofihe body ar? !.!v and -ilot-t unlly rolieved by .SIIEfv'MANS POOH. MAN'S 1'LASTElC, which costsoply V2h ceno, and is within ihe reach of all. tío great has beeonio ihe rspütdiion of thier ;nticic iliat one million will not begin to suppl? tho ünnual domuntl; Jt is auknowlcdgcd to be iho Ijoststrengihening Piaster in the world. BEWARE OF IMPOS1TION. Dr. Shermrni's Poor Tan's Phisier has his name with direcrions ptmu d n ihe back of the PMster, and a ÏÏ-J'J'i'c ïiinitej_ ol the Doaior's writtéri imnie niKier the direc;ions. None' otlier are L'enuiue, or tn bu relied on. Dr Sheinian'a Warenotise is No. 100 Nrssmi st. Now York. W: R. As J. W. MAYNAitD, Agente for Ann Arhor. 24ö Cheap Hardware Store. Tl IK tíubácribcr takes ilns meihod io inform his old customors and the public genorally thnt hc atill coiiiinues io keep a largeand general assortment of Fpréígn ond Üomestic HARDWARE, CÜTLERY, &c. Also, Spike, Wroiight, Cu.t and Horte Shoe Nails, Glass, Shert Iron, Hoop Iron, Sheet nnd Bar Lead, Zync, Bright and Anenlod Wire, Molasscs Gates and Pataetls, Mili Saws. Cross Cut Sawa, Hand nnd Wood Sawe, Back and Kry Hole Saws, Anvils, Vicoe, BellowH.Adzes.Cooper's rJ ooh , prawing Knivcs, típoke Shavcs, Tap Borers, iJoet Steel Augure, Conunon Augurs, Augur Hitte, Hollow Augurs, Steel nnd Iron Squares, Ground Piaster, Water Lime, Grind Stones, Potosli,Caldron and Sugar Kcttlci, Cable, Lop, Trace ond Halter Chains, Broad, Hand and Narrow Axce, Spirit and Pluinb Levels, together with n peneral nesortment of HolIcw Ware, whicli will be sold low for Cash or approved e-redit at J'3, Jtikn-on Aventie. Eldr'd'sBlock. K. MARVIN. Detroit, Jan. iCtli, 1340. 24B-ly