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A Young Jewess Of Tangier

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W'o lind art inlorcsting article on the Jews in the Mi.ssionary Chronicle copied from an "Appeal for the Jcwish Nation," l.v E: Li Mitfórd, Ksq. It appear.s lliat nothing more is rèquired to mako a Christian, or a Jcw a Mahomelan, by thcir law, tlian tho tfcpositions of two witnessesof thcirhaving pronounced tlic words, "Thcre is no God bul God, aml Mahomcl is thjs Apollo of God." - Against tlnsie.stirnony the proie3taüoE of the Jews are vain, and tho [irnalty of rc'antation is bttrning at the slako. Thcre is a young jTöwèas óf respectalile family residing in Tangier, ümrnöncdbelbre theCadiby two Moorj, whp dcposed tohcr haviye; pronounced liicir proféssioii offaith. Tliisshe utterly denied, bui in vain, and Ihc Cadi dc'crccd her eon(onniiy to IsVamistn on pain of dcaÜi. - ! But the allair bcc.iiinc pviblic. and reuched , úw. rarsofMulia Abdcraahman, to whom it w;iö rofered; "Whatever ïniglit have influenced her u i .-is, thcré could bc no doubt uf the niMiives of tho Sultan in enibrcing the doeree, which was toobtain anolher plaything for his harem; ra fact, so well known was bis characlor in this respect, tha dom lh(! moment of her bcingordcréd to Uis picsciici', no onc expectetl any othc i-fsult - for few possibly iiïiagined, tioi die the Sultan himself, tliat shc would have the courage to brave the alternativo raili er thau abandon the farth of her fathers Sucn, howèvef, was the case. She wa iir:.;t sent tothc Serail, where everv mean were cmploved to shake her constaiu yilireats, blandishments, and the most brillianl pröftttsCS we re trictl by Uirns, and wcre oipially unsucccssful. Even her relations were allowed to sec lier, to endeavor by tlieir persuasions to divert her i'iom her rcsolution ; but with a firmness whk-h against such assaults could have been the eil'ect only of the decpesl conviction, tliis young aud noble crcalure held fast her integrity, and cahnly chose a horrible though honorable death, rather than the enjoynient of an ignominious existence of shame and infamy. "The Jcws carne forward wilh offers of immense sumsof money to save her, but her fate was irrevocably decidcd, and the only merey the bailled lyrant could ailbrd bis young and innocent victim uas loall.v of her bcing belioadod in:lcnl of hrr Icing liiirnt alive. 1 had an accuunt i.fiiwïclosing scène by an eyc-witness who was onc of the guards at the e.xccution, and altlx'iigh, as a body, there is novhere a more dissolute set of irregular s.ildiery than the Morocco Moors, yet ho confesscd to me that many ofhis vicohardened companions could not restrain fcom ihblr; Riors, and that bc himself could not look with dry eyes on a siglit of such cold bloodod atrocity. TÜiis beautiful young creature was led out to wherc a pile rcady lor liring wai raised for her last couch ; her long darl;hïrir ílowing díshévéléd on her shóuïd&rej she lookód rötind in vain fór a heart and hand lliat coulil succor, iltough so many ,.y(N )ilinl her : lor the last time she was ollereil - wilh the exreutioner aii.l pyrc in ;ill thoir terror hcfore her - lier lile, on coiKÜtion of being fal-e to lier God 5 she ■nly askcd íbl a lew minutes for. prayer jfter which her throat was cut by the oxceulioner, accoVilíng io tflë b.ulmrou ; (ii.toiii of the country, and her body conBuihed on the fue.'