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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Female Suffrage

Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Female Suffrage image
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The letters puhlishéd in thé Signál rom 15. F. C. anl the extract frorri the en of MrSL Cliilj have encouraged liio i sen'd a íew HiTesj ÍÍ aflbrds us th reatest satisfaction tö observe the rapid rogrcss of Liberty principies nnd we do ncerely rejoice that the subject of wolans riglilo has found iis way into our jëgisiatürt!. The public mind is geno ally so slow to coinprchend that woraen lave any jílIi's ;it all, that wc liad suposed it would bc many yéara Béfbré our rHcriiinent would nolice the subject. - ut wo no happiiy disappointod The ubject ís ü'irly introduccd, and wc trust hal it. will ïiot bc suffercd to rest until vonten and nëgrocs êraatgcipatéd; - And then, how unréasonaÍíle foï an Hoiioröble Lëgisltitör toobjet-t lu any measires bejng (aken lo extend the right of sufTrage to us, bacausc we have not asked it. Ilenry Clay suys tliat bis slaves have not a".k'd t belibéfafed ; affects to infer jroni thence, that they do not desire it. - Hut who does not know that it is adding the grossést insult lo the most irreparable injuryi Wc have certain rightswhich our Goveroment cannot in justice withhold from us, lliough wc do not come forward and humbly ask theni. Rcason, Equify, and lluuiunily (Iciuand them, aml that should hIVh -'.'Mil. Whcndid Üie men of this etrtfc nk üie rigliilö govtírn thnmselves ? , IN over. They assuined, and tliat rightly . ! too, ihat it was an inKercnt right,given.ïcin bv the Almiglity Rulor of the Uu i er 9. Huf il' ve reooive it at all, it must ie a special gifi fróm ihcm, and that, not ithout atkirig. Noble Lords of Creaon! A bcauliful cxample of consistency is o tnanöer in which we are callcd upon o ;i(f ín all reformations. The assump. n is, 'that althou'gh we cannot vole, ur influencc is immense," anti we can acconiplitih alinostany llüng, ïf we set about it with zeal and energy. Butiffeinalc infitience is so bcneficial why cur(;iil it? lfinjurious, why invoke it? - f5ut the ingratiludc of rcpublics has altvaya been proverbial. TJic most conspicv.bis érfniples of ancient republics oh record are Grecce ard Ilotnc : and they, incited by envy, jèalousy or batred, usually disposed of thelr" best meu. by dealh or banishmnt. But times are changed, if human nature is hot, and besides, women are such "necesGary evils" that that they cannot very well do without iis,so they tie our hands, and c(4Ï" rui i's tfi labor, saying we are "the bettcr part of ("rfafion" and such ridiculous Stuff. And flien they term us';tho sofler to.,;' and Í suppose we are; büt I know of nothing sollnr than the thrice sublimatcd nonpcnse wliich is ol'tea poured into our ears by Creations ftfönaréhs, and lest wo shóiitd vyithé'r Öié voung (i tender sflrigs ul'iu'bility, we are obliged to conceal mr diegus and ijipcarlo be pleased, ór al least nol tobe displeased, and theii (hry take our nppcarancc for próof, that "all womèü loi'e flaltery," and, "thejré is no flaUcty too giv.s for a woman" and' olliersücb joulisli ;uul insuHiiig niaxims, ficm C'!c.;l'uiiclJ r soibó other unpririci-" plcd villi.m.lint. I stippocc $c ouglit nol to conïpl af n i f" wc are govcrnèd h hv.vs made Widjout our consent: thry oro in nmny tender oïour iuterests, and ifthey do disïjihci'it us from the prporty whieh wo have IkIj'i i! our husbaiuls to accuniulato; il musj lc lor llie Ik-oI, as wc might spenjü it in ihê gmbliag house ot grogshop. Aml Uien ihcy allow us the use of onc thinl vyhile wc live, and f we have fliililivn, ii goos 1') our lu-irs. And what ii:licy iakö ii Prom ou'rcaró and lace it in the of TuiBleffi? It nn::t be be.iii . lliy havo more interot in the wclfui óf biir childrên tliari wccan havo. Uu mi beprovvd tha' ilie ri;lit ul'sclfgoveínrai ut i - Urneïeit ín man, and pot ui WMiiitii, In Ihr Lord of' Üje Whisker.s !i,u ii. in ï'l.i'-k and winto, and in bohaJf óTViur Amencan sislerhóod', l now d.'iii.ui'l ii. Il i.t.iui!"! beJsó provcd, we sh.ill ccrlaiiuv ask the next LegUature Car our riirhts.