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The Liberty Party: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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Mu. Editor: - As many people nre cxprcscing thcir opinions ubout ihe Liberty Party, J have thought I would sny smcthing na followe: l( thc Libcriy party does rot t'tsiyn to obiain the requisite power and govcrn the nolion, t ie not expedicnt to continuo a tiational org.ini'mion. lfthc Liberty party does not aim at nationul power, it can do nothing diirectly. It can ontstond as a epeclator, and look al ;lie oiher partics without even a hope of ever supplanting ihcni, and wlin it is uiulerstood by the o:her porties that the Liberty party doos nol hppe lo control tlio Govemment of the nation by its own d:rect acticn, but lil'Ie infliienco will be excriet] on llio otlier p.mie3 by its exisience; for it will thon have virtually said (hal iis object is to cmbody votea without any diatíncf view of tlic nianaer in which tíiey nro to be applicd to the accomplishmcnt oí any particular objeut. This plan of embodying votes without bringing theni t( bear and without Bny hope of bripgtng ihcni to bear directly at a future day, upon tlie object?, of national ieyielation, is in rcality thc withdrawing of so much polilical inflitcnco from cíTcctua' otion upon the interests of ihc communiiy. nnd lcaving thc fritnds and abettois oí Slovery to go on in thcir own way, with lcss fear írom thc poliiical iniluence of mi slavcry men in this poition than in any oiher poaition in which t;ey could ploce ihcnistivoí, uniese ilicy wcrc to leíuse to vote nt all. Aek any sensible man ol wlial use it w:ll bo tor the Liberty party to be' come vory numerous while they determine to do DOtbing, and he will tell you it is of no uso at al!, and ho will not jnjn it. If thc Liberty paríy is dií-posed lo give up the hope ofacquiring national power, and depend or its political necees upon its indirect Influencc upon otlier parties, the object can bo pocfttnnlished beller xcithiut a nntion! organlzntion than with it. The anti slavery men of each county, congressional district or mate can vote with cither pany, or not vote ai al!, or voto for part of onc iteket and part of the other. ao that ihc vote which i&given ond ihc voic which is wiihhuld. ehall be used in that manner which shnll be inobt beneficial to the shve. The mcinbers of thc Jibert v party would be prepareJ to do this busi ness in an independent manner. after havinr been abused by boih of the o'her parties or a number of years in succession. Now Mr. Editor, 1 am not iu favor of the diss-jlution of the Liberty party. 1 want the Liberty pnrty to adopt a system of mtional 1cgielation apon all important siihjc-cts which musí necessarily be octed upon by the nntional governmeni; such a system ns the inierests oí thc country require. I believe this would bc the mcans of speeilily augmonting its humbers (with members who would sustain it. and not such a would cal it up, as might have been three ycars ugo) 8ufficiently to give peneral confidcnce io ite final Biiccess; nnd confiJence in its sucecsswould be the mcans oi its success. But, 1 do not expect the Liberty Party wül ndopt ihis system. I expect thcy will decide agaiust it, and timt euch decisión will prove equivalent to u de cisión to disorganize tho Party, it is not e.xpe dient for tho pony to divide on thia question unlcss a majority be in favor ol adopting a gcfral e.ys:em of national lgislation. A sn:all minority of the party ïn'ighi have succeedcd in this enter prise if it had been commeneed iwo yoars ngo, bui it could not now. There Í3 so mach antitilavcry feeling in the country that, wlicn it sliall move pulitically it will require a broad road tü walk in; broader iban can be prepare by a small minority of the Liberty party without the requiufa ItniA