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To Country iïlcrchanls. TUE Subscriter had constanily lor sa Icu good nesortment of heavy WOOLEN CLOTÍIS, well adnptcd to t!ic country ninrkct wltich he will aell at wliolesale or reiail, veky i.ow. Cali and see thctn. W. A. RAYMOND. 275-if Detroit. ISLA ! ! PaafU ! ! ! THE following nssortinent of Bunks. ncat]y printed on good paper, is conaianily for ale at tliis office, on reasonable tcrms: Warrunty Deed?, Quitclaim Deed-1, Mort ga ge Deeds, Chnttel Mórtgigèif, Justice'a Exueutiona, ;' Summons. " Subpoenaa, " Atinchmen's. Marringe Certifícalas, Land Leas es. All kinda of Blnnks printnd to order wiih aceurncv and dcapatch. ZiOOSL HEittïU I iIIE Subscriber offers lo sell Forty Acreö of JL good Land in the Coiuity of Livingston - The land is timberod, and wilfaïn two miles of of where a steam Saw mili is crecting. Ten acres nre cleared, and there are ten ocres more rendy for losging. Theie is a good log house nnd soine fruit treea on the premises. Tlie terms will bc liberal, and pcyment mny be made in carpenter'a work, lumber or n good team. Apply to the subecriber in Ann Arbor. S. D. NOBf.E Ann Arbor, July 1?, 1S1G. 274 12w AIVT AKÍ5OR TH hl underfcignc-d having purclinscd ilie interes!8oflus partner in he Marh'.o B'isim-ss. wouid infonn ihe inhr.biinn's of thisnnd r.djoiüinp rnuniies, thnt he coniimies the business ut liifold stnnd in Upper Tuwn. near ihft I'refbyteriai1 '".burch. whnre hf will n-nnurnc:uve ir rrflïr, JSlonuments, Grive Sloncs Paint Stone, Tablcts, ffc. #c. Those wisliing to obtain ony artide in bis lino f business will (ind by calliníj thnt he lias nn nssortinent of VVhite nnd Vnriyaied Marble fron the Eastern Mnrble (Jiiirrips. wluch will br wrought in Modern siyb'. nnd sn!d at enstern prl oen, adiling traiiáporiation only. Cnll and ge' lioprnof. J. M. ROCKWELL. Ann Arbor. Ju!y 8, 1840. 272 I y CLOCKS ANDWATCHES f f ê5 rYlHE Subscriber has jusi lv " v -L receivi-d, (and is con Éf "'Ci'v' stnnt'y receiving) fion mf, W New Vork nn elejimu nr c Va T ln3K wt" sc't'ctet' asiortmom Jewela'y, Clocks, Watchcs, e &c. wiiicli bo intetuis lo Bt'll as loto ,is nt any otlier cstablishinem this side oi Buffulo for rcatlij pay tínly aniong which may be f'ound ihelollow in: a ."iod assoriinent oí Gold Finger Rings. Gold lírcos! pins.Wristlct Guard Chains and Keys. Silver Spoons, Gemían Süver Tea nid T=b!e pnons (firsi quality. ) Silver and Germnn do ugnr Tongs. Sitver Snlt.Mustard rin;i Crrnm Bp'oons. 13utter Knives, Gold und Silver Pcncil Cases G.ld Pens, il ' Pencüs, Silver and Germán Pihcr Tlnniblos. Silver Spectncles, Germán and Steel rlo. Goggles, Clothes, Hair and Tooth HrHsbe?, Lalher Brushc?, Rrizorsand pocket Knives, Fine Shears and Scis'sors. Knivos and Forks. BrittnnniaTea Potsand CaBlors. Platcd, Brass. and Brittania Cnndlesticks, Snuffers & Trays, Shavinc box'es nnd Sonps, ■'Clnpmnn'8 Best Razor Strop, Calfr.nd Morocco Wallets. Silk and Cotion purses. Violins and Bows, Violin , and Bnee VioF Strfngp, FJutes, Fn'es. Clül"ior;et8, Accordeons- Music Bock? for the same. Motto Senls, Bteel Pens and Tweezers, Pen cases. Snuffond Tobacco bexep. [vnry Dressing. Combp. Sirle and Bnck ond Pock et Combo, Needie casi's. Stelcttoes, Water Paints and B:uahes, Tov Wal pires, a cieat variety o) Dolls. in short ;hc greatest variety of toys ever brought to this' inarket, Faney r work boxes, children's tea setts. Cologne Hair Oils, melling Salts. Court Piaster. Ten Beflsi Tfaermometere. Germán Pipe?. Wood PenciU. RBASS AND WOOD CLÜCK'S, &.C. in fnct ahnost evcry thing to piense the fmcy. L.adirs and Gontlemeii, cnll and examine for yoursclvee. Ciocks. Watchcs and Jewelry repnired and warranted on short Shop at his old stand, opposito II. Becker's brick Siorc. CALVJN BLISS. N. B.- Cash pairl for Md Gold &-, Silver. A Lio Perras Book Store in the same room. 1 Ann Arbor, July Ist, 1816. 27l-Iy