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The Late Pope

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As a maní nt greatly calumniated, lie was passionate, not much restrained by hls vows of chastity, and habitually adJicted to the intemperate use of intoxicating drinks. This last failing enabled the French Government to obtain favors at Rome, by semi-annual presents of Champaign ; and has been well hit off by a Pasquinade, the "Punch" of Rome. - During the sixteen years of his Pontificate, forty new bishopries have been created, sixtccn of which are in North America. As soon as his doath was announced to Riaro Sforz, the Cardinal Carmelinque, that functionary proceeded to the Quirnal palace, ond raising the white veil with which the face of the deceased PontilF had been covered, struck three blows on the forehead with a small silver mallet, calling him by his christian name after each blow. He then announced from the window, lH P(q)a e realmente morlo,y (the Pope is really dead) and broke the fisherman's ring and great seal of state while the tolling of the greut bcll at the capítol was echoed until night by all the bells in the city. The body was then embalmed, clothedin the pontifical robes of state and taken to the Sextine Chapel, on a litter borne by white male?, escorted by a long procession of soldiers, priests, choristers, and monks, carrying lighted candles. The next evening his heart was carried in a vase to the church of St. Vincent, and yeeterday the body was placed in the chapel of St. Sacrament,n the bascilica of St. Peter, lt isseated n a tbrone, with the feet projecting through a railing, so that the people, as thcy pass, can kis3 them. Tlie funeral ceremonies called Noven Diali have comncneed, at the expiration of nine days ihe corpse will be placed in a coffin and arried on ai bier to the en trance of the vaults, where he will remain until the iéath of another Pope furnishes an occuDant for the bier, and consierns him to