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Mr. Maffit's Lecture

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Tuebday evening we attended ihc kcture ol Rev. J. N. Mí.ffii before the Young Men's Soci e:y. Mr. M ha3 atínined quite a noioriety ihro' ihe ünitcd States os an elo(}uent preacher and leciurer. He is of" the medium s:zc, and possess es a favorable temperament íor litcrary cffort. - Uismanner of speaking and address is calcula ted ratbor lo picosa üian lo arouse nnd s'irup tht thinking faculties in tlioir deep foundations. - His lecturc ptoduewd the samu effect on usthat a musical performance woald- ti pleasednnd inicrcs'ed while ii hsted: but produced no permanent fff-cion thamitul. To us, a plain Wohcrine. Mr. M's. mantier of pronouncing his words seomed offected, allhough it may be common enougli in "ihc higher circleí." His auhjcci was the origtn, beatuy and power of the Englisti Language. JIo r'ghtiy recoin mended tho use ol ths Anglo Saxonpait of the language. toaorc-ai an ejetent aa posatble, by those who would cxcfil in nihoá nnd forcé. As ueunl on euch occasions, he recornincnded to the students thc untiquated and filthy produciions oí tho oíd hcaiheri poets, as cantoining deep treasures of eloquence. anJ as patterns of excellcnco. Hls giyle is órnate, puüshcd. refined and fl j-.vcry to en rxccissivedegree, sj that his tuoughia are loadod down with omaninnt. and iiiá wbole discourse d'éplay ed Comporisun, lndivjduality nd ídtality larga. Mr. Maffii's lecture prtnrnied no traces of radci.lÍ3n in fe. luí L,monjls; or mtnd, and whilo he picases ífae cunservaiive classr, would have batlillle influenecon those oiiginat tbinkerfi nnd riiiergeiic iaborers who ere tug-ing wiih inighiy e 3brts for tho renovdtion of society, and the advancetüent of mnn.